Food For Your Eyes

A healthy diet isn’t only important to have a healthy body; what you eat also affects your vision. These articles delve into the eye health benefits and risks of our daily diets. From the foods highest in vision improving nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, to the eyesight-hindering highly processed foods that are so convenient, we talk about what you should and shouldn’t consume if you want to keep your eyes and vision healthy.

The Secret to Better Night Vision

Better Night Vision Image

Today I want to highlight some amazing information which could aid your vision and improve your night vision. As we age, the incidence of eye problems increases dramatically due to free-radical damage. Contributing factors include smoking, poor nutrition, and exposure to ultraviolet light. You may be wondering at this point what exactly free-radicals are. Oxidation […]

Beneficial Foods That Help Improve Eyesight

Beneficial Foods That Help Improve Eyesight Image

Wine anyone? For once one of our bad habits may actually be of benefit to our eyes. Red wine, taken in moderation, contains quercetin which is a strong antioxidant. You don’t drink? Apples, grapes, cherries, oranges, and onions also contain quercetin. Macular degeneration can be prevented or slowed by this extraordinary antioxidant. Consider adding a […]

6 Vision-Enhancing Superfoods for Your Eyes

Vision-Enhancing Superfoods for Your Eyes Image

Want to keep your eyes and vision strong without resorting to corrective lenses or surgery? Consider trying these six superfoods for your eyes. You’ll not only get the benefits of protecting your vision, you’ll also be able to add some variety to that healthy diet you said you were starting. Superfoods for Your Eyes: Goji […]

How to Know If Your Eye Vitamins Are Working

How to Know If Your Eye Vitamins Are Working Image

You are what you eat, goes the old saying. But what if you, like most of us, aren’t sure what foods are healthy for your eyes? What if, between getting the kids ready for school, getting yourself ready for work, and getting the dog walked, you have no time to plan a menu, let alone […]

3 Vegetables to Help Your Eyesight

Vegetables to Help Your Eyesight Image

Amazingly enough, carrots did not make it on this short list of vegetables to help your eyesight While it is true that carrots are full of vitamins that can help your eye sight, there are other vegetables that offer better sources. The three vegetables we want to discuss with you today are known for their […]

How Eye Vitamins Work

How Eye Vitamins Work Image

When we are children our parents start out telling us to take our vitamins. When asked why, they reply that they are good for us. However, most parents could not tell you exactly what vitamins do in our bodies, or more specifically, how eye vitamins work. As parents, we know that vitamins and minerals are […]

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