What Are Computer Glasses and Do They Work?

What Are Computer Glasses and Do They Work?

If you spend most of your day working on a computer, you may be experiencing symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms include burry vision, eye strain, eye redness, itchy or watery eyes, headaches, and even neck and back pain. These symptoms are caused by a combination of things such as not taking frequent breaks, not blinking enough, not having proper lighting in the room, glares on your monitor, and many other things.

One important thing you can do if you are experiencing any of these symptoms is to have an eye exam done to determine if there are any problems with your vision that can be corrected or to determine if your prescription has changed and you need new corrective lenses. If your prescription is off even just a little bit, it can lead to the development of some of the CVS symptoms. After you’ve had your eye exam, if you are still experiencing problems with CVS, you might want to consider buying a pair of computer glasses, which can help to reduce the symptoms.

What Are Computer Glasses?

What Are Computer Glasses and Do They Work?Computer glasses are specially designed for use specifically with computers. They are not appropriate to wear for driving or for doing things away from the computer. The lenses on computer glasses are more powerful than the lenses on other types of glasses and they are made to reduce glares and to provide you with a clearer and wider field of view, which cuts down on how hard you need to focus to see what is on your screen clearly. Wearing them also eliminates the need to sit at strange angles with bad posture in order to view the screen better.

There are different types of lenses for computer glasses such as single vision, occupational progressive, and bifocal and trifocal lenses. As with regular eye glasses, the different types of lenses function according to your specific eyewear needs. For instance, single vision lenses decrease blurry vision and eye strain that you will experience and they allow you to view your monitor without sitting with bad posture. They are the simplest type of computer glasses and can be worn by anyone who uses a computer.

Then there are computer glasses with occupational progressive lenses, which are multi-focal with no lines that work to improve intermediate vision, near vision, and even distance vision to a degree. The intermediate area of these glasses is larger than you will find on regular progressive lenses, which makes viewing the computer much easier on your eyes, but that means the area used for seeing into the distance is smaller and this is why you cannot use these glasses for driving or other activities in which you need distance vision.

Finally, there are bifocal and trifocal lenses, which are multi-focal with lines that have a larger area for both intermediate and near vision than you will find on regular bifocal and trifocal glasses. With these computer glasses, you can have the intermediate and near vision areas customized to fit your needs for viewing the computer comfortably.

Tints and Coatings

To eliminate the glares often associated with wearing regular glasses, computer glasses should always have a special coating on the lenses called anti-reflective coating or anti-glare treatment. This type of coating eliminates the light reflections on the lenses that can contribute to eye strain. To further reduce glares, you can have the lenses of your computer glasses tinted. This will help with glares caused by overhead lighting and the tinting will also cut down on the eye strain that is associated with the blue light that comes from computer monitors.

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Do They Work?

Not everyone needs to wear computer glasses. If you don’t already wear corrective lenses or if you aren’t experiencing symptoms of CVS, you probably don’t need to wear computer glasses. However, if you do need to wear them, they will help with the symptoms of CVS. You will notice after you have gotten used to wearing them that your eyes no longer feel strained the way they did before. This will leave you feeling less tired at the end of the day and reduce headaches and sore eyes.

In order for the computer glasses to work the best for you, you should schedule an eye exam to determine which type of computer glasses you need. It’s also a good idea before you go in to your exam that you measure the distance that is typically between you and your computer. To do this, you will sit where you are most comfortable and then measure from the bridge of your nose over to your computer screen.  Take that measurement with you to your exam so your eye doctor can prescribe computer glasses with the correct lens power.

Other Ways to Eliminate Eye Strain

Aside from wearing computer glasses to eliminate eye strain, you can also take frequent breaks and keep your eyes lubricated. Also, taking eye vitamins can improve certain vision problems such as astigmatisms, presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. You may find that eye vitamins like the RYV Ocu-Plus Formula will help to improve your vision considerably and will cut down on the amount of strain your eyes are put under on a daily basis.

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