Fun Vision Facts – Part 6

Fun Vision Facts – Part 6

It can’t be stressed enough how important your vision is and keeping your eyesight in the best possible condition is a huge part of enjoying your life to the max! Here are some vision related facts that you’ve probably never heard before. We’ll start with debunking a few of the more popular myths about vision that your mom used to tell you!

Sitting Too Close to the TV Will Turn Your Eyes Square!

Your eyes are oval shaped and no matter how close you sit to the TV you’ll never get square eyes. Moreover, there is also no evidence that say that sitting close to the TV is bad for your eyes. However, it might be a sign of nearsightedness that you should check out.

Reading in the Dark Will Make Your Eyesight Weaker

You might get a headache or eyestrain when reading in the dark, but it certainly won’t make your eyes weaker.

Girls Can’t Be Color Blind!

While color blindness is more prevalent in boys, it doesn’t mean that girls can’t get it. In fact, around 1% of girls worldwide are diagnosed as being color blind when compared to 8% of boys.

Facts About the Human Eye

  • Fun Vision Facts – Part 6About 39 million people in the world are blind and about 240 million people have some kind of vision problem. If you’re suffering from a vision problem, you can be assured that you are not alone!
  • New born babies can’t produce tears; it isn’t until they are at least a month or two old that they can start producing tears!
  • Your vision is so complex that it takes around half your brain capacity to process everything that you see!
  • In fact, your brain saves itself some work by not processing objects that you see every day. Unless, it recognizes something new, it will create the image by itself. This goes some way to explain why you sometimes can’t see something that is right under your nose!
  • Eyes are about 550 million years old! The first animal developed eyes over half a billion years ago!
  • An Ostrich’s brain is smaller than their eyes!
  • It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open! Have you ever seen anybody sneeze with their eyes open? Don’t try this at home, because there must be a reason for it, you don’t want your eyes to pop out of your head! (Also a myth by the way!)
  • Dolphins must be very worried about what’s hiding in the ocean because they sleep with one eye open!
  • Retina scans are safer than fingerprints. The iris has 256 unique characteristics compared to a mere 40 in your fingerprints!
  • Ever wondered why a goat will always see your coming? They have great peripheral vision due to their rectangular shaped pupils. (Perhaps they sit too close to the TV!)
  • Eyes aren’t just used for vision; snakes have two sets of eyes and they use one to see and the other set to detect heat.

While we can look at the lighter side of the issue, you should always take good care of your eyes because they are a necessary part of your life. Vision is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. There are many things you can do to help your eyes to stay in the best shape possible, like taking a daily eye vitamin. Just a small step to prevent vision problems in the future.

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