Natural Vision Improvement Techniques Blog

The following is a list of articles that will answer many vision-related questions and give you tips on how to improve your vision naturally. No need to turn to corrective lenses (like eye glasses and contact lenses) or even resort to invasive surgeries. The Rebuild Your Vision blog is full of articles that provide you with natural alternatives to vision restoration.

Can Our Eyes Be Trained to Have Clear Underwater Vision?

Clear Underwater Vision Image

Did you ever play mermaid when you were a kid? And if you did, were you someone who refused to wear goggles because how many mermaids do you know wear goggles? The answer is none. No mermaid in the history of fiction has ever sported googles to see underwater. According to the legend, if you’re […]

Best Eye Supplements to Boost Your Vision Health

Best Eye Supplements Image

There are thousands upon thousands of eye supplements on the market. A simple Google search will bring up an extensive list. But how do you know which ones are best for you? How many nutrients do your eyes need? Chances are, you’re unsure of where to start to improve your eye health. Ensuring you get […]

Can Glaucoma Be Prevented?

Can Glaucoma Be Prevented Image

Macular degeneration takes the lead as the biggest cause of vision loss in America. However, Glaucoma is definitely in second place. While there is almost nothing that can be done about macular degeneration, there is hope for those suffering from glaucoma. And, for those at risk for developing glaucoma. Here are a few things you […]

How to Improve Your Vision Naturally… and Fast!

Improve Your Vision Naturally and Fast Image

Are you noticing a decline in your vision? Perhaps it’s getting harder to read road signs or restaurant menus. Maybe it gets even harder at night under low lighting. What’s going on? For most people, a slow decline in their vision is a normal sign of aging. Luckily, there are lots of things you can […]

How to Test Your Color Vision

Color Vision Image

Bored? Here, try this color vision game. How’d it go? If it went poorly, don’t let the fact that you’re more mole than hawk get you down. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re color blind. This particular eye test isn’t exactly rigorously clinical. It’s also a better test of color blindness and sensitivity than it is […]

Eye Can’t Believe It: Staggering Computer Vision Stats

Computer Vision Image

No doubt about it, we’re well into the digital age. More people than ever have computers, smartphones and tablets. And, because of that, more people than ever report having vision problems related to too much screen time, like computer vision. Nearly all are connected to the internet. In many ways, this is a positive development. […]

Eye Exercises 101: Do They Really Work?

Eye Exercises Image

Have you ever been told to exercise at least 30 minutes every day? Doctors recommend it for their patients; teachers enforce it with their students. Physical activity is important for the body’s muscles to stay strong and agile. And after every workout, you need to follow up with stretching. Well, just like your body, your […]

Everything You Need to Know About Eye Vitamins

Eye Vitamins Image

Our bodies need a specific blend of vitamins and nutrients to function optimally and last well into our elderly years. Most of those critical vitamins come from our diets. Did you know that over two billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient deficiencies? But it’s not only third-world countries that suffer from vitamin deficiencies. It’s common […]

Laser Eye Surgery Can Harm Your Night Vision

Laser Eye Surgery Can Harm Your Night Vision

Millions of people have laser eye surgery, like LASIK, performed to improve their vision every year. For some, the surgery is successful. Their vision improves to the point where they don’t have to wear corrective lenses any longer. For others, the surgery isn’t so successful. While maybe their vision improves slightly, it doesn’t improve enough […]

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