Natural Vision Improvement Techniques Blog

The following is a list of articles that will answer many vision-related questions and give you tips on how to improve your vision naturally. No need to turn to corrective lenses (like eye glasses and contact lenses) or even resort to invasive surgeries. The Rebuild Your Vision blog is full of articles that provide you with natural alternatives to vision restoration.

The Many Ways Aging Can Impact Eyesight

Just as our bodies age, so do our eyes; the aging process impacts every single part of us, and unfortunately, our eyes are not immune to this. Our vision can worsen over time due to little other than the aging process. Year after year, we may need a stronger prescription and new glasses. As the busiest […]

The Lifetime Cost of Glasses & Eye Surgery

If you’ve been diagnosed with vision problems, you’re probably faced with two options: a lifetime of corrective lenses or LASIK eye surgery. Most likely, you’re not one of the lucky few out there who’ve been gifted with an incredible vision insurance plan. Inconvenience, fashion woes and complications aside, you may be wondering “how much is all […]

The Myth of Eyeglasses & How They Hinder Your Eyesight

Folks with less than perfect vision often need to visit the optometrist, get a prescription, and order their eyeglasses. A few weeks and a few hundred dollars later, they can “see again” with the help of their stylish new glasses. Many people even think they can see “as good as new” with the help of […]

Fun Vision Facts – Part 4

Regular readers of our blog will remember our Fun Vision Facts series and today it’s time for some more fun with optics! We’ve enjoyed putting together for you the wackiest, most surprising and wow-factor facts about all things eye-related. The eyes are truly an amazing muscle and though some of these facts are more silly than […]

Omega-3s: Fat That’s Good for Your Health & Eyes

Just like cars that need oil, our bodies are intricate machines that need fatty acids to run well. Yes, you heard me right, this is one fat that is not only good for your body, it is essential for your body to work the way it is supposed too. Omega-3s are one of these needed […]

Fun Vision Facts – Part 3

We talk so much on this blog about the serious implications of eye health that it’s time for something that will make you smile! Our first two Fun Vision Fact posts were so successful that a new one is long overdue. Some of these facts even surprised us. Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world […]

5 Vitamins a Day to Keep Macular Degeneration at Bay

Perhaps you are reading this because an aging parent currently suffering from macular degeneration has been urging you to look into eye vitamins that can help preserve vision, or maybe an optometrist has already diagnosed you with the signs that lead to advanced macular degeneration. Changing your diet and taking vitamins every day to remedy […]

LASIK Eye Surgery Risks & Complications

Ever since LASIK became a viable option for improving eyesight without glasses or contact lenses in 1992, it seems like more and more people are opting to get surgery on their eyes instead of first exploring natural alternatives such as improved nutrition and eye vitamins. We have become a world that is more concerned with […]

Don’t Overlook Vitamins & Minerals for Eye Health

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then think of vitamins and minerals as the frame that holds the glass panes in place for you. Without the proper support system that vitamins and minerals supply your eyes become empty boarded over opening. Vitamins and eye health go hand in hand, so if you […]

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