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Kids Need to Stay in Shape Too for Healthy Vision

As obesity rates soar in the US and other countries, childhood obesity rates soar right alongside them. Numbers have largely leveled out in North America, but that doesn’t make them any less grim, as more than one-third of 6 to 11 year-olds were considered overweight or obese in 2012. This is far from a quiet […]

Why Are Women More Affected by Vision Loss?

The battle of the sexes has some handicaps when it comes to vision loss. A variety of reasons tend to leave women high and dry when it comes to visual disorders and many common eye diseases are much, much more likely to strike women than men. The numbers don’t lie on this one: when examining […]

Watch Your Weight for Healthy Eyes

It’s a long-known problem: obesity has reached epidemic rates in many countries. Despite recent programs and educational initiatives, obesity remains stubbornly sky-high. According to the CDC, over a third of American adults are currently classified as obese. Not only is it widespread, but obesity also has devastating health effects. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and […]

Foods to Avoid in the Hunt for Healthier Eyes

If you’ve been through a few other articles on this site, you’re probably familiar with a few eye nutrition facts. Green, leafy vegetables can help protect your eyes from excess UV light, omega-3 acids help stimulate tear production, and so on. Unfortunately, that particular knife cuts both ways; a healthy diet can do wonders for […]

What Risks Can Diabetes Pose to Eye Health?

We’re not exactly going out on a limb when we call diabetes a serious, surprisingly common problem. Recent estimates have pegged the number of Americans with the disease at around 29 million, meaning that, if you’re reading this article from within the US, there’s a roughly nine percent chance that you’re currently dealing with diabetes […]

Drinking Coffee May Protect Your Vision

You may have heard before that drinking coffee is bad for you, mainly because of the caffeine that it contains. You may have even told your teenage kids they couldn’t drink coffee because it would stunt their growth, which is something most parents probably say. But recent studies show that drinking coffee can actually have […]

Men’s Unique Vision Issues

General fluctuations and changes in the male body chemistry can adversely affect eyesight at different stages of life. In fact, vision problems will occur due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, insufficient or increased hormone levels may be the underlying cause leading to these eyesight problems. The chemicals that are in your body […]

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