Eye Drops That Dissolve Cataracts

Eye Drops That Dissolve Cataracts

The future is truly now. Technology is advancing at speeds we can hardly keep up with. With a new iPhone being released every six months, and three-dimensional printers being used in hospitals to print body parts and organs, it isn’t hard to imagine that a new cure for cataracts is on the horizon in the form of eye drops.

Until now, the only cure for fully developed cataracts was dangerous and risky cataract removal surgery. With these new eye drops in development, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that they will soon be available and will soon make surgery obsolete.

What Are Cataracts?

We have a full length article informing you on all you need to know about cataracts on our blog (actually, we have many), but we’ll go over the main bullet points here.

A cataract is a cloudy or gray deposit that occurs on the lens of the eye. By 2020, it’s expected that 30 million people worldwide will have cataracts.

Scientists and doctors have been baffled. To this day, no one truly knows what the exact cause, or causes, of cataracts are. There are theories, of course; one of which is that cataracts are a result of a crystalline protein build up in the eye. As the eye produces more protein, it pushes the old protein down, which then becomes gray or cloudy.

When the protein has built up and formed a cataract, it prevents light from entering through the normally clear lens. The cataract will continue to grow if not treated. Cataracts normally affect your central vision the most. If allowed to form even more, it could begin to affect your peripheral vision as well.

The only current cure for cataracts is to surgically remove them. The entire lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. The surgery is non-invasive, but none the less has risks. There is concern over cataract surgery destroying the patient’s stem cells and causing long-term eye conditions. Some patients have reported new cataracts forming on their artificial lens after surgery.

How Do the Eye Drops Work?

Eye Drops That Dissolve CataractsIt probably didn’t go over your head that scientists have but a cloudy (pardon the pun) idea when it comes to cataracts. How can an eye drop be in development if scientists don’t even know what the problem is? The answer to that is simple; a group of scientists found a thread, pulled at it, and something amazing was at the other end.

It all started with two small children in China who had inherited congenital cataracts from their parents who did not have congenital cataracts. Upon a closer examination, the researchers found that the siblings shared a mutation that stopped the production of a natural steroid called lanosterol.

Using some surprisingly simple logic, the researchers thought if the parents could produce lanosterol and not get cataracts, but the children couldn’t produce lanosterol and did get cataracts, then there must be some sort of link between the two.

The researchers proposed the idea that the lanosterol in the body was stopping the crystalline protein buildup in non-congenital cataracts (adult cataracts). They then set out to find a way to get this naturally-produced steroid into the eye.

They have come up with a drug that is to be taken in the form of an eye drop. The lanosterol eye drop drug was first tested on human lenses (lenses not attached to any human body) and proved to be very successful. They found a decrease in cataract size in the human lens.

The next logical step was to test this eye drop on something living. Using 13 rabbits with cataracts, the researchers tested the eye drops. Are you ready for the results?

Eleven out of the 13 rabbits showed incredible improvement in their cataracts. Most of the rabbits started off with severe cataracts and ended with mild or no cataracts at all.

The same test was also done on dogs, whom are prone to develop cataracts as they age. The results were consistent with those found in the human lenses and the rabbits. The cataracts in the dogs shrunk to a minimal size and in some, the cataract disappeared completely. The natural next step in their research will be to conduct human trials to observe the short and long term effects of the eye drop.

Several other researchers have also been developing similar eye drops containing lutein, which have done well in animal trials. These lutein eye drops will also need to be tested on humans. It will still be some time before these eye drops hit the drugstore shelves. But the immediate takeaway is that there is hope for a cure that isn’t surgery.

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What Do These Eye Drops Mean for Vision Health?

Aside from being a strong contender against cataract removal surgery, these new eye drops will change the world of vision health because they will make vision health affordable.

For many in our own country and other countries without healthcare, affording surgery for something as seemingly minute as cataracts is almost laughable. Surgery for an impeding cataract is not even given a second thought if you have more pressing bills to pay.

An eye drop that can dissolve cataracts will make vision care accessible to a lot of people. Seeing as cataracts mostly affect older people with many different illnesses that come with aging, taking a load off your medical bills’ plate is nothing but good news.

Scientists from all over the world have entered the race to find a safe eye drop that can dissolve cataracts. With human trials being conducted in the near future, we can all hope for a better solution to treating and curing cataracts.

Let’s put an end to risky treatments like surgery, which only work by removing the entire lens. Why not just remove the whole eye to avoid any other eye conditions? These eye drops will open the doors to a whole world of medicine that’ll help the body heal itself, instead of just taking bits and pieces out.

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38 responses to “Eye Drops That Dissolve Cataracts”

  1. Avatar for Louis Louis says:

    What is stopping lanostero drops from available to the entire world to dissolve cataracts without unnecessary surgery. Please reply these Ophthalmologist are costing the American tax payers billions of dollars .

  2. Avatar for CIEL mclellan CIEL mclellan says:

    that would be wnderful as i had surgery & hae vision rblems still

  3. Avatar for Liona Liona says:

    My old English bulldog has cataracts in both eyes I would like to know what these good drops are called so he can see again

  4. Avatar for Richard C. Richard C. says:

    I have thought about this ‘drops’ approach for a long time. My two question are; If the lens is covering the eye, then how do the drops penetrate the lens so that the solution can breakdown the protein crystals? and what will prevent the ‘residual broken down cataract remain from developing into ‘floaters’ etc.?
    Thanks! for all with a ‘crowdsolution’.

  5. Avatar for Sandie Sandie says:

    10/6/17 So far I haven’t been able to find out where this is in the testing/approval process. Anyone know?

  6. Avatar for Robert Robert says:

    I have cataracts in my right eye. Does anyone know where some clinical trials are. Thanks for your help. Don’t want to go through the risky surgery.

  7. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Thanks Sandie, I will go for a second evaluation tommorrow. Hope the drops will start testing. I read very good results with the test animals.

  8. Avatar for Dave Dave says:

    yes, I’d like to know how these drops penetrate the eye also. A doc said to me…if nobody can explain how the drops penetrate the outside of the eye to make cataracts dissolve then it’s probably a scam.

  9. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    I have read positive results on testing with animals where the lens have cleared up from these Lanosterol drops. When will they start testing on human lenses? These drops sound very promising and non evasive without the risk for surgery.

  10. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    its called Lanomax eyedrops everyone. But it’s costly.

  11. Avatar for sd sd says:

    These eye drops sound great!

  12. Avatar for Rs Rs says:

    Hope these eye drops are ready to use on my cataracts

  13. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Lanomax can be used for pets only at this stage because it has a sulphur buffer. It has been suggested that it be removed for human use. Successful trials on humans has already taken place. Google lanesterol trials, the US are running a few. Australia appears to have destroyed their records of their successful trial that they performed a few years ago in the Sydney Eye Hospital. This is at a guess they will lose a lot of money with everyone using drops rather than expensive surgery that is a risk with ongoing drops antibiotics etc that are needed after surgery for 6 weeks or so

  14. Avatar for Nora Nora says:

    Lanomax is only made for dogs, apparently if they remove the phosphate buffer it will be suitable for humans. Successful trials have already been performed that have dissolved cataracts and floaties, US is running trials if you google

  15. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Thanks everyone,my cataracts in my right eye needs to try these drops.I wish I could find out where I can participle in the trials.I agree the catarat surgery is very risky along with possible retina damage and tearing of the eye capsule and infection.. I have spoke with people who had the surgery with continue problems with the implant,dry scratchy eyes and needed to go through the surgery again.

  16. Avatar for Dr Max Whisson (MAX) Dr Max Whisson (MAX) says:

    If this stuff works it should not be difficult to infuse it into the lens through a fine cannula

  17. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    When will the trials of lanosterol start on humans? Have not been able to see any update information about testing yet .Hopefully the eye drops will be out soon.My cataracts are getting worse.Please help.

  18. Avatar for Standfast Ayebaerinyon Rupee Standfast Ayebaerinyon Rupee says:

    my daughter of approximately four months old have bilateral cataract. I need this eye drop if
    can be useful for infants too. I live in Nigeria, how do I get it? 08077636614, 08013778555, 08132763836

  19. Avatar for Robert Robert says:

    Any new news on lanosterol eye drops for the new year?

  20. Avatar for Duncan Duncan says:

    I would like to try the eye drops

  21. Avatar for ken mooi ken mooi says:

    has anyone, tried this on themselves yet ? my daughter has cataracts as well and will need to go for surgery. i would prefer to use non invasive methods before resorting to this

    thanks for info

  22. Avatar for Rob Rob says:

    Does anyone have information on Human Trials .My Cataracts are getting worse.Do not want to go through surgery with all the risks and possible a torn capsule or infection and a implant that may need to be re-operated again.

  23. Avatar for SaveTheLens SaveTheLens says:

    Lanosterol or other sterols, although able to clear simple cataracts, may not have much impact on cataracts where the lens crystallin proteins are shackled to AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products). But here is a paper from the University of Arkansas, in 2008, which almost proves for sure that an AGE-breaker eyedrop, on the other hand, will reverse even these types of cataracts due to glycated crystallin – and that means most senile cataracts. It is the most compelling evidence yet that cataracts can be cured worldwide without surgery:

    (not a clickable link, please paste into the address bar)

    Here, they used an AGE-breaker called “thiazolium bromide”.
    It was able to restore the chaperone activity of alpha-crystallin which had been lost due to glycation by AGEs, among them imidazolone, a brown pigment which when involved gives the cataractous lens a brunescent color. If the chaperone activity of alpha-crystallin were restored, the lens would go colorless and clear again. So this discovery could already have wiped senile cataract off the face of the earth. But needless to say, nothing has been done with it since 2008, neither by the University of Arkansas nor by the ophthalmology profession. Nor probably will anything ever be done with it, leaving cataract patients the usual ultimatum of having the surgery or losing their sight. No matter what wonderful discoveries are made, if they are not implemented, they are totally meaningless. It looks like this deceitful, cruel and inhumane betrayal of the trust invested in the eye profession by cataract patients will probably continue forever – unless someone, somewhere, does something to stop it.

  24. Avatar for Rs Rs says:

    Great Article. Still hope the eye drops that disolves the cataracts comes out soon . Does anyone have any ideas?.My Cataracts are not improving in my right eye. Almost blind.Please any help. THANKS every one..

  25. Avatar for Noreen Noreen says:

    Opthalmologists are crooks like all doctors and prefer to make money just like the cancer industry, regardless of the harm they cause people. I do not trust any doctors to do the best for patients. They make big bucks for eye surgery.

  26. Avatar for Rob Rob says:

    Hi has anyone herd any new information about the eye drops or human trials .thanks

  27. Avatar for Allyson Allyson says:

    Google it everyone, there are several ways to dissolve the cataracts!! Ebay sells the cheapest but there are others. Read the Uk’s ingredients and apply here in the states…”natural path cure for cataracts”, lanosterol drops for cataracts and all kinds of things come up!

  28. Avatar for Rob Rob says:

    Has anyone heard any new information about lanosterol and clinical testing on human eyes seems like all the information is just stopped. Thanks

  29. Avatar for jeff Mayo jeff Mayo says:

    My mum has cataracts so I’ve been looking around I heard of Lanosterol on 2015 three years down still the same msg about human trials or any extra progress, probably not in the best interests of eye doctors.

  30. Avatar for victor victor says:

    which is the best anticataract eye drop that dissolves cataracts till date. Kindly share.

  31. Avatar for Todd Todd says:

    There are only few studies on lanosterol. Most say it did not work even when the cataract lens taken out during the surgery was soaked in the lanosterol for days. It did not make a difference. It would be great if it did help but then the transport of this large molecule is very problematic as well. Some report injection into the lens with some effect.

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