Can Blue Light Glasses Protect Us from Computer Vision Problems?

Can Blue Light Glasses Protect Us from Computer Vision Problems?

We all accept the fact that we live in a high tech world. Many of us are in front of a computer screen for hours at a time, both for business and for recreation. But, what we don’t consider is that our new habits aren’t so great for our eyes. One problem that arises comes from how close we are to the screen.

Eye Strain is a Serious Problem

Can Blue Light Glasses Protect Us from Computer Vision Problems?Eye strain has become a serious work-related issue. Staring at a computer screen for hours at a time is going to cause red eyes and eye twitching on occasion. Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is another common problem. Strain and RSI can result in not only being physically tired but can also cause a number of mistakes to be made.

Proper lighting and anti-glare screens are one solution to combat Computer Vision Syndrome. However, there can still be difficulties with eye strain. Some people recommend the use of blue light glasses. They are considered a means of reducing computer-related eye problems. Most people aren’t even aware that the blue light emitted by computer screens can be harmful to the eyes.

But, just because some people endorse them does not mean blue eye glasses are the best means of reducing eye strain. In fact, these could be little more than accessories for appearance than real help.

Looking Closely at the Facts

These are not cheap sunglasses and your company’s vision insurance may or may not cover them. Lacking insurance coverage, you can be faced with a pretty sizeable expense. However, you shouldn’t assume your only alternative is a pair of blue light glasses.

The first thing you should do is find ways to cut down on glare. That can be done with anti-glare computer screens. The light in the room also has to be optimized.

You can also rearrange the location of your computer. Start by putting the monitor just a bit below your eye level. You are not straining your eyes so much with the monitor in this position. You can further make your computer more vision-friendly by adjusting brightness, text size, and even the color temperature.

If you are feeling spasms around your eyes or have a slight headache, you may be suffering from eye strain. There are a number of ways to deal with it which do not require having special lenses. One is to remember that you are not on an assembly line but in front of the computer. If you take a visual break it is not going to be disruptive.

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Use Computer Apps

Before you invest in blue light glasses take a look at some possible computer apps to help:

  • Awareness is one that reminds you to break during the work day.
  • Time Out dims the computer and announces the length of time you’re going to be taking a small break.

Try Creative Vision Breaks

Focusing for too long on a screen will definitely lead to strained eyes. You need to break up computer time by stepping away for a few minutes or, at least, looking away from the screen every now and then. By looking at something else, your eyes are not straining to focus, giving your eyes a much needed little break.

Try the RYV 10-10-10 Rule.

Easing the Eyes

Eye strain relief can happen as quickly as the blink of an eye. Many people who work with computers have a habit of staring at the screen. They can forget to blink, believe it or not, and this can cause eye irritation. Simply remembering to blink occasionally is a way of relieving optical stress.

A light massage of the muscles around the eyes can be extremely relaxing. You can also rub your hands until they are warm and cup the palms over your eyes when they are closed. This is a soothing way of resting the pupils after a period of screen watching.

Vitamins are nature’s way of dealing with all sorts of health problems. You can help your eyes by taking the right kind of vitamins on a regular basis. Vitamins, A, E, the B complex, and zinc have antioxidants to maintain eye health and offset problems caused by eye strain.

You can do your eyes a favor by using natural remedies. These can include cucumber slices and cool tea bags placed over your eyes after work. A short nap can give the eyes a chance to unwind and you need a little downtime after a long day, anyway. You should also take a break from the computer when you are at home and stay off the machine as much as possible.

Get an Eye Exam

Something definitely worth doing if you believe you are getting eye strain is to have an eye examination. The doctor can tell you if there is a serious problem, and provide some suggestions on how to deal with eye strain. The advice may or may not include getting blue light glasses. As noted above there are a number of very worthwhile alternatives to a pair of spectacles.

You should remember that there are other ways to solving eye strain problems. Using simple common sense with your computer and some easy exercises can be even more effective than running out and buying a pair of glasses. Perhaps the biggest means of avoiding eye strain is not to be so dependent on your computer.

Computers are going to be with us for the rest of our lives. They are a great convenience but there are some challenges in using them. Instead of trying to find a quick fix, some natural ways of dealing with the problem prove to be just as effective. Try using them and discover how well the alternatives solve the problem.

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3 responses to “Can Blue Light Glasses Protect Us from Computer Vision Problems?”

  1. Avatar for Anthony Zahm Anthony Zahm says:

    Hi Tyler,
    I totally agree that eye vitamins and limiting our exposure to screens is the best way to fight stress and strain on the eyes.
    When the eyes are prepared for exposure, then our eyes perform wonderfully.
    However, there are people who work at their computers all day long and want to seek refuge from all of the continuous strain on their eyes.
    If that is the case, then I would suggest to that person to wear the blue filtering glasses a few hours before bedtime along with doing computer work. I do have to warn that fatigue is delayed when staring at a screen, you could literally work all night as long as you stay hydrated, but that is not the purpose of the glasses.
    Since you shouldn’t wear the blue filtering glasses if you are planning a circadian rythm pattern of sleeping, I would suggest wearing polycarbonate safety glasses while staring at screens when you don’t plan on sleeping.
    The reduction in phosphenes are noticeable when you wear either of the two glasses, and I suspect that is part of the problem and solution…

    Thank You Tyler for the great content as always!


  2. Avatar for Luke Smith Luke Smith says:

    I like your suggestion to get an eye exam if you’re experiencing eye strain. I didn’t even realize there were options out there for glasses that could filter blue light! I imagine this solution would be particularly useful for someone who already wears glasses, as they could probably obtain a pair that would clip onto their regular lenses.

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