The Cause of Baggy Eyes and Treatment Methods

Do you find you’re starting out your day by looking in the mirror and noticing the huge dark circles under your eyes? No doubt it can spur you to throw out the mirror altogether. The fact is that the presence of these baggy, dark circles can actually ruin your day.

Nine out of 10 people actually suffer from these baggy eyes and dark circles, which is a clue that it may be more than just a case of not enough sleep.

In most cases, dark rings that are present around the eyes in young working individuals is usually a clear sign of much too many sleepless or late nights, or even being in smoky spaces. Often, simple lifestyle changes will be able to eradicate the problem of these dark circles and baggy eyes.

The Cause of Baggy Eyes and Treatment MethodsCauses of Baggy Eyes

There can be many different reasons that bags or dark circles may appear under your eyes. Some of the reasons include insomnia, stress, depression, lack of certain nutrients, fatigue or an unbalanced diet.

Additionally, progressive aging and underlying health conditions may also contribute to this condition. The issue of bags under your eyes may also result from your genes.

In these cases, the appearance of these bags is unavoidable. Prior to opting for surgery, you should look into alternative treatments for the bothersome bags.

Treatment Options for Baggy Eyes

One of the most crucial steps in eliminating the bags around your eyes is to have at least a few early nights. In the instances of sinus issues or your healing process, sleep is a key ingredient.

Another important step is to try to avoid all junk food and increase your intake of vitamins K and E. Also, eating a balanced diet is essential. Some other home remedies that you can use to cure the bags under your eyes include:

  • Drinking a minimum of eight to 10 glasses of water daily;
  • Applying potato or cucumber slices to the eyes each day;
  • A reduction in the amount of salt that you consume. Not only does salt contribute to the shadows and bags, it can also result in puffy eyes;
  • Cut down on your smoking or drinking, and give it up if possible.

Remember, it is said that your eyes are the windows to your soul and they reflect your state of mind. With bags and dark spots you have to wonder what yours are saying about you.

The Link Between Bags and Sleep

While professionals know that there is a link between bags under your eyes and lack of sleep, the reason is still not completely clear. The fact is that when you improve your sleeping habits you will see a noticeable difference in the bags that are under your eyes.

When you drink enough water your body will stay hydrated and it also works as a natural healing tonic for your eyes.

If you work with computers on a daily basis or watch TV all the time, your eyes will become tired and unable to relax. It is suggested that if you must participate in these activities that you take a break at least every 10 minutes. This will give your eyes a chance to relax and focus on something other than the television screen or computer monitor.

If you are at the point where nothing seems to work, you can use the tested and tried remedy of Preparation H hemorrhoid cream. This will work on puffiness, but bags may have to be cured with other methods. Some of the most popular methods, other than the ones listed above, to treat dark bags under your eyes include:

  • Treat symptoms of hay fever if they are present
  • Try the neti pot, which can alleviate fluid build-up
  • Change your sleeping position. If you find yourself sleeping on your stomach, chances are the under-eye bags will become permanent. It is a good idea to change this position before this occurs.

You should also try to eliminate activities such as rubbing your eyes all the time or going to bet without removing your makeup. This can cause fluid in your eyes to pool contributing to the bags that appear under your eyes.

The fact is that eye bags are a common occurrence in people of all ages. While they may or may not be related to your health, it is important to try the suggested lifestyle changes to alleviate the bags that occur.

If they do not seem to disappear with the suggested lifestyle changes you should consider talking to your doctor about kidney or thyroid problems which may cause fluid retention under the eyes, which lead to the bags that you see in the mirror.

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