Celebrate World Sight Day October 8th

Celebrate World Sight Day October 8th!

World Sight Day is celebrated every year on October 8th, and marks a day when eye health is highlighted by the media and various stakeholders through a series of interactive educational events and discussions. It is important for all of us to be aware of the need to take better care of our eyes and to add a few healthy habits to our lifestyles which will enable us to see better.

Statistics from around the world present an alarming picture; vision problems are plaguing the world’s population and bring forth the need to take steps on how to address them:

  • Celebrate World Sight Day October 8thAt present, over 285 million patients around the world are suffering from blindness and low vision problems
  • 90 percent of the sufferers belong to developing countries which do not have treatment options available
  • 19 million among those who are visually impaired are children
  • 80 percent of the aforementioned vision problems are curable and can therefore be reversed with the help of adequate treatment
  • The implementation of cost-effective, non-surgical methods will ensure that present levels of vision problems are tackled, and reoccurrences curbed

How You can Ensure Better Vision for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Some of the things you could do in order to avoid being one of many people to suffer from vision problems, include the following lifestyle changes:

  1. Understand the need for better eye care by assessing your own risk of contracting a vision related disease. You could do this by looking at your family’s history of eye problems, if any.
  2. Get regular eye checkups to make sure that your vision is clear. If your specialist detects a problem, you will then be given options to help treat it.
  3. Add healthy food to your diet to strengthen vision and help you see better; carrots and leafy green vegetables are among the healthiest and most popular food that are good for your eyes. Or try an eye vitamin supplement.
  4. Take steps to avoid straining your eyes; some of the most common mistakes include reading in poor or low light, and sitting in front of an unprotected computer screen for long periods without breaks.
  5. Since it is common for people to suffer from eye strain due to long work sessions in front of their computers, it is a good idea to invest in protective screens that reduce glare.
  6. Regardless of whether you are working in front of a computer or are involved with other work, it is pretty much guaranteed that your eyes will be in use. Be sure to take short breaks throughout the work day.
  7. It is important to get adequate sleep in order to give your eyes some much-needed rest. Too much strain and poor sleeping habits are recipes for disaster and can result in unclear vision and the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  8. If you have young children at home, it is important for you to teach them about the importance of eye care. Involve them in your eye exercise routine and ensure that they do not strain their eyes in front of the television or computer for too long. Restricting access is an effective way to reduce the strain on their eyes.
  9. Maintaining a healthy routine with regard to diet, rest, exercise, and keeping a few rules in mind relating to reducing eye strain will ensure that you will have the clearest vision and reduced risk of vision related illnesses.

Some Steps to Prevent Blindness

On World Sight Day, events and competitions are organized for the public, and work to send out three key messages:

  1. Educating the general public regarding the fact that vision problems and blindness are part of a growing Public Health issue and need to be handled with due respect to this reality is of the highest priority.
  2. Engaging with and influencing decision-makers and stakeholders on the need to push for or implement policies which will enable blindness prevention programs to be sustainable will facilitate greater mass-scale awareness on the issue.
  3. Informing people about the VISION 2020 initiative and generate support and participation will further enable action-based awareness and will help patients suffering from blindness and other issues to seek help from professionals.

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World Vision Day Puts the Needs of Visually-Challenged People First

Visually-challenged people require both awareness and solutions which will help them understand their issues and the various options they have when it comes to choosing remedies.

Natural remedies are highly recommended for both those who are suffering from vision problems as well as for people who are not; prevention is always better than cure.

Consistent and Natural Remedy-Based Programs Work Best to Solve the Problem

It is important for people to keep in mind that blindness and vision problems can in fact be prevented simply by adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

You can easily ensure that your vision and is maintained through the steps mentioned earlier, and you can take the message of awareness forward within your community or professional space by participating in events on World Sight Day.

Above all, it is important for you to be educated and updated regarding the various advancements in eye care technology and to keep in mind that you will most likely be affected by age-related vision problems. Being aware of the various remedies and solutions available will help you plan a course of action to protect your vision from age-related problems. A healthy approach to eye health will help you in leading a healthy and independent life with fewer complications when it comes to your vision.

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