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Is Eyelash Tinting Safe? How Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Can Harm Your Vision

Eyebrows and eyelashes have become an art form in the world of beauty. Long gone are the days of quickly applying a layer of mascara and lightly filling in those brows. Now, it’s all about the dramatic look. But, is the dramatic look created by eyelash tinting safe?

Those who are into beauty, whether they’re a celebrity or a barista, sport dark lashes and dark eyebrows. At first glance, you may think it’s natural. But, a lot of work and makeup goes into achieving these looks, especially if someone’s got lighter hair.

For many, doing their eyelashes and eyebrows with makeup is too time consuming. Or, it just doesn’t give them the results they want. Instead, they turn to salons that offer eyelash and eyebrow tinting. It’s quick, convenient, and will last up to two months.

We can see how this is an appealing procedure for those who don’t have hours to spend on their makeup routine.

While hair dyeing is nothing new, dyeing facial hair is. Tinting isn’t the first new eye beauty-enhancing trend. But, it was picked up so quickly that no one seemed to stop and ask, “Is eyelash tinting safe for the eyes?” Truth be told, eyebrow and eyelash tinting can severely harm your vision.

No Stamp of Approval

You know you’re in for a rough time if the products you’re putting in or on your body are not FDA approved. The tints used in salons for eyebrows and eyelashes are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Their website states that they can cause serious eye injuries which makes eyebrow and eyelash tinting harmful.

How could it be that something so unsafe can still be used in salons across the country? As it turns out, there is a pretty big loophole. The FDA doesn’t actually regulate the use of the dye. States are in charge of regulating the use of non-FDA approved products in salons.

Some states, like New York, forbid the use of these tints for eyebrows and eyelashes because of the dangers they pose. However, if you have ever been to New York you’ll know that salons definitely offer tinting services.

The reason that these bans on dyes for brows and lashes are not enforced is because no one complains. No one walks into a salon and asks, “Is your eyelash tinting safe?” If a customer were to complain about an eye injury due to a tinting job, then the local government would be forced to launch an investigation. That would likely result in fining the salon accordingly.

Otherwise, tinting is largely practiced in many salons because people request it. Salons are businesses interested in offering a service that will rake in money. They’re not overly interested in protecting their clients’ eye health.

For this reason, it is important to be wary of products offered in a salon. Just because they can sell the products doesn’t mean that they are safe.

Is Eyebrow Tinting Harmful?

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe ImageEyebrow tinting has become very popular in the past few years because of celebrities and models rocking the thick, dark brow look. Naturally, brow tinting became mainstream and available to everyone, not just the rich and famous.

The thing about eyebrow tinting is that while it may not directly affect the eye, it can cause an allergic reaction. A person’s skin can react to the tint for several reasons. Cheaply made tint, overexposure to the tint, or an intolerance to the dye to name a few.

Due to the proximity of the eyebrow to the eye, an allergic reaction can cause redness and irritation on the eyelid and eye area. This can also lead to either extremely dry eyes or overly watery eyes. It can cause itchiness and dryness around the eyes, too. Reactions like these make you really consider if eyebrow tinting is safe and if you should get it.

Is Eyelash Tinting Harmful?

Eyelash tinting is a procedure that many people with lighter eyelashes choose to partake in. Dark lashes are all the rage and will make your eyes pop, there’s no doubt about it.

There’s also no doubt that it is extremely dangerous to have any type of dye that close to the eye. Because the eyelashes basically rest right on top of the eyeball, the tint can sometimes leak into the eye.

You can imagine what kind of irritations and pain this can cause. The chemicals in the dye can cause permanent damage to the eye and result in lost vision and complete blindness. To sum things up, the answer to “is eyelash tinting harmful?” is yes.

Your best bet is to stay clear of eyelash and eyebrow tinting completely.

Makeup Alternatives

Outdated makeup and improper use of eye makeup can cause vision damage. But, keeping your eyes safe and out of danger does not mean you can’t have the look you want to achieve. Knowing how to find eye-safe makeup is incredibly easy and doesn’t need to cost a fortune either!

Brow makeup is easy enough to find at any drug store or cosmetic store. When buying eyebrow makeup, stay away from powders. Powders can easily get into the eyes and the lungs.

Wax and pencil eyebrow makeup is generally safe. Apply it carefully and be sure not to poke your eye! Wax and pencil makeup will also stay on longer than powder. Buying natural is always best, but it can be expensive. If you opt for the cheaper stuff, replace it more often.

As for eyelash tint, this can be easily replaced with mascara. Lucky for you, all different colors of mascara exist: brown, dark brown, black, black with hints of blue. There’s no limit!

Mascara is a much safer alternative to eyelash tinting. However, it is important to thoroughly wash the makeup off your face every night. Otherwise, the makeup collects bacteria and can lead to eye and skin infections.

With eye makeup, including eyeliner, it’s safest to replace the products every three months. Sometimes even a little sooner for non-natural products (about every two months).

Next time you’re tempted to get your eyebrows or eyelashes tinted, check to see if it is allowed in your state. If it isn’t, chances are your esthetician can be heavily fined if they’re caught. Not to mention, you’re putting your eyes at risk for no real reason. Is eyebrow tinting safe? Is eyelash tinting safe? No to both.

Be safe and use makeup alternatives if you feel that you absolutely must have those thick, old Hollywood type of brows.

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