How Common Household Items Can Harm Your Vision

How Common Household Items Can Harm Your Vision

We expect certain things to harm our vision. Things like too much sun exposure, playing sports without eye protection, opening our eyes in a chlorinated pool, etc. There are also certain places we don’t expect our eyes to come under fire, especially when it comes to our homes.

We don’t expect our everyday household items to harm us. There are regulations put in place by the government to make sure that products for home use are safe to be sold by companies. However, we often don’t consider what kind of common products may harm our eyes.

Home Chemicals

Chemicals are present in almost every household cleaning product. Even a bar of soap has chemicals in it. They may be less harmful than say a bottle of bleach, but it can still cause quite a bit of damage.

First, we need to talk about home cleaners such as bleach, oven cleaners, counter cleaners, and floor cleaners.

All these types of cleaners are essential to keeping our homes free of mold and other bacteria; they make our homes safe to live in. That is, of course, if you’re using the products properly.

Prolonged exposure to these products can cause problems for your eyes. The main issue is the bacteria that will grow on the eye when it’s exposed to chemicals. Not only will the fumes from the chemicals burn your eyes, but they will also leave them vulnerable to infection.

Pink eye is a common infection caused by chemical fume exposure. It is not a pretty infection, despite its name. Pink eye will cause swelling and redness in and around the eye. It can also be very itchy and irritated, but it’s important to not scratch. Symptoms usually go away within a few days.

Splashing chemicals also pose a danger to our eyes. Imagine getting even just a tiny drop of bleach in your eye? Chemicals that come into contact with our eyes can cause blindness. They are so strong and damaging that it wouldn’t take much to destroy our delicate eyes.

The solution: When using chemicals at home to clean, wear the proper eye protection. Goggles (either wrap-around or not) really do the trick. They’ll protect you from the chemical’s fumes and will protect you from the splash zone.

How Common Household Items Can Harm Your Vision

Cooking: Grease and Oils

We love cooking here at Rebuild Your Vision. Cooking and trying new recipes are the best ways to incorporate healthy foods into our diets to keep our eyes strong. However, that doesn’t mean that cooking can’t be dangerous.

When we cook with oils, we run the very high risk of it heating up and splashing right out of the pan. Nothing hurts worse than an oil burn on the skin. Ask anyone who’s worked at a fast food joint and had to clean the grease trap. Those are some nasty burns.

Now think of the damage that could do to your eyes. Your skin will heal; it may leave a tiny scar, but it will heal. Your eyes however, may not. You could develop cataracts or even go blind as a result of the injury.

We aren’t saying to cook without oil. How else are you going to make those homemade French fries golden and crisp? Instead, consider using a splatter cover. This handy contraption will not affect your cooking in any way. All it will do is stop any oil or grease from jumping out of the pan and onto you.

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Home Renovation Projects

If there’s one thing Home Depot does well it’s make people want to work on their own home renovations instead of hiring a professional. We’re all for DIY so you can personalize your home to fit your needs and your unique personality.

The trouble lies in the fact that you are not a professional contractor. Unless you are, in which case you may treat this section as a friendly reminder to wear your safety goggles.

However, if you are an amateur home renovator at best, there are some things you need to know. The first is just because it seems safe that doesn’t mean that it is.

Just because you’ve used a hammer before, that doesn’t mean you won’t accidentally hit your finger ever again. Accidents happen even when we’re being extra careful.

A nail, the back of the hammer, debris, and dust are all things that could enter the eye if you aren’t wearing the proper eye protection. For best protection, wear wrap-around goggles that cover the entire eye area. That way you don’t need to worry about foreign objects entering from the bottom or the top of the safety glasses.

If ever you do find yourself accidentally getting something in the eye, go to the emergency room. Don’t take it out and wait for an appointment with your eye doctor. Eye injuries are an emergency, so go to the hospital or clinic right away.

Curling Irons and Flat Irons

We get it. Changing your hairstyle is fun. Getting dolled up for a wedding by giving yourself those beach waves with a curling iron is all well and good until you singe yourself with the iron. On the skin, it will hurt. In the eye, it will send you to the emergency room.

Getting burnt on the skin by an iron will leave a boil and the same can happen in the eye. However, the eye is much more sensitive and risks splitting open if it gets burnt to the same degree.

Like a foreign object in the eye, a burn on the eye is an emergency. Head straight to the ER for immediate care.

Your home should be the place you feel the safest in. But you can’t rely on others for that. You need to make your home safe. To do that, you can start by taking the right precautions when it comes to eye care in the home.

Invest in a pair of goggles and be aware of when a trip to the hospital is in order and when a simple visit to your eye doctor will suffice.

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