The Prevention and Cure of CLD

The Prevention and Cure of CLD

Sometimes Contact Lens Discomfort (CLD) is one of the biggest reasons why people really dislike wearing them. In the first instance you should try to prevent contact lens discomfort, but sometimes whatever you do you might get some irritation from using them. If this happens, then you will need to treat this discomfort accordingly. Here, we’ll will first take a look at the different steps you can do to prevent contact lens discomfort and secondly what you can do to treat CLD.


One of the problems about prevention is that everybody’s eyes are different and that everybody uses different contact lenses. Discomfort can range from allergic reactions, bad cleaning habits, the duration that you wear them for and also whether they fit your eyes or not.

Probably the biggest reason for CLD in the first instance is that they don’t fit correctly. They might be too big or too small for your eyes and can make them feel uncomfortable. Ensure that you get lenses that cover the whole of your cornea and that they don’t move excessively with each blink.

Furthermore, some people suffer an allergic reaction to wearing contact lenses and there is very little that you can do about it. If you do suffer from an allergic reaction, you might want to give daily disposable lenses a try to see if that rectifies the problem.

When you buy cleaning solutions for your contact lenses, you might find that some cause irritation. Try a new solution if this is the case because it might be that the actual contact lens isn’t the problem, instead it might be the solution that you’re using to clean them. On top of this, if you have poor cleaning habits, i.e. you forget to clean them sometimes; this might also be a cause for CLD.

Finally, you only want to wear your lenses when you actually need to wear them. Give your eyes a rest sometimes and don’t wear them if you don’t need them. Under no circumstances should you wear them when you are sleeping and you should take them out regularly to give your eyes a break.


If you notice that you’re suffering from the effects of CLD then there are a few things that you can do to reduce the amount of discomfort.

If you’re a woman, try reducing the amount of eye make-up that you use. If you are using a lot of make-up around your eyes it can make wearing contact lenses very uncomfortable. The reason for this is that make-up can lead to a lot of build-up of debris around the eye. If you reduce this debris, then you might also reduce CLD at the same time.

The Prevention and Cure of CLDAlways ensure that you’re wearing your contact lenses properly. Sometimes you might inadvertently be wearing them inside out. When you hold the lens it should form a ‘U’ shape. If the ends are flared out, the lens is the wrong way round.

If the problem really persists then another option for you is to try a new pair. There are many different types and brands and you shouldn’t dismiss trying a new brand. If one brand really gives your eyes a hard time, you should try a new brand and see how you get on. If you are wearing the long-term type, then you might want to consider disposable. Try to find a brand or type that suits you the best.

Sometimes CLD is caused because your eyes are dry. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of using contact lenses is that your eyes will dry out quicker than if you weren’t wearing them. If this is happening to you, then you will really benefit from using eye drops because they will help to keep your eyes moist and prevent them from drying out and causing you irritation.

If you are buying eye drops, you want to ensure that you are buying the correct ones because not all eye drops are compatible with all types of contact lenses.

As stated above, the amount of time you wear lenses can also cause you issues. You don’t want to wear them every day, some days you will want to give your eyes a break and wear glasses instead. If there are times when you don’t need to wear contact lenses then don’t wear them.

If you can make do with glasses instead, then go for glasses. The same goes for your lenses, they need a break from your eyes too. If you’re not wearing them, ensure that you soak them in solution.

This brings us to the final point for treating CLD. You want to make sure that you clean and disinfect contact lenses regularly. It is recommended that you do clean and disinfect your contact lenses every day. Use the correct solution and clean the lenses with your fingers to remove any build-up of debris and dirt.

The manufacturer of your lenses will give you guidelines about how often and for how long you should soak your lenses. Make sure that you follow these guidelines to prevent any issues of CLD.

And remember, to take care of eye discomfort, there are a number of vision healthy vitamins, like the ones found in our Ocu-Plus Formula, to ease the pain and help you eliminate contacts forever. Your eyes need relaxation just like you!

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