Fun Vision Facts Part 3

We talk so much on this blog about the serious implications of eye health that it’s time for something that will make you smile! Our first two Fun Vision Fact posts were so successful that a new one is long overdue. Some of these facts even surprised us. Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world of eyesight!

Under the Sea

Though these fun facts may seem a bit fishy at first, they’re all true! Let’s dive into the ocean of fishy facts:

  • Fun Vision Fact 3Fish don’t have to worry about dry eyes because they are always in the water. Eyelids keep our eyes moist, and since fish eyes are always moist, they don’t have eyelids!
  • Sharks’ corneas are so similar to humans’ corneas that they have even been used successfully in surgeries.
  • The Atlantic Giant Squid also has giant eyes—their eyes can be as wide as 16 inches.
  • Fish eyes are surprisingly similar to human eyes!

Baby Vision

Babies are seeing the world for the first time and not surprisingly, babies don’t see as well as we do from the moment they’re born. Their eyes and vision is still developing. We had to share these two interesting facts about our little ones’ little eyes:

  1. Babies who are less than 3 months old don’t produce tears when they cry! Believe it or not, babies may look and sound as though they are crying, but they aren’t. Any new parent, however, will agree that with or without tears their babies are still signaling that when it comes down to it – there isn’t a whole lot of difference between tearful and tearless crying.
  2. Babies see upside down! Well, babies see upside down for the first few hours of their lives. When humans are first born, the brain doesn’t yet know how to invert images so that they look right side up. Next time you meet a newborn, remember to stand on your head!

Random Facts

We’re always finding new and surprising ocular information. Here are a few eye facts we had to share with you!

  • Eyes are Busy – Eyes are a muscle and out of all the muscles in our body, they are the busiest. Think of it this way – you don’t walk or stand or even sit all day but when you’re awake, you’re probably using your eyes! Whew, they must be tired, huh?
  • Blind by Day, Sight by Night – Blind people who were born with normal vision can still see their dreamworlds. That’s right, folks born able to see properly dream in sight and see things in their dreams.
  • Battle of the SexesApparently, women blink TWICE as much as their male counterparts. Next time you’re bored at a party, compare how much a man blinks compared to a woman.

Did any of these fun eye facts surprise you? If you have a little-known eye fact up your sleeve, please comment with it below!


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    can istill improve my eyesight by following your instuctions even if have 20/200 vision? please reply as soon as possible Thank You! 🙂

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    Thank you for the fun vision fact posts, i wish to share my feelings that dirty water should be avoided,or what is your opinion to this?

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    i am having hi-myopia can get correct with eye exercises. I am having -7 vision in both the eyes. reply soon.

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    wow… interesting facts !! I’ve heard that Men are able to read fine print better than women… its kinda partiality with men 😛

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