New Contact Lens Could Combat Digital Eye Strain

New Contact Lens Could Combat Digital Eye Strain

If you’re a citizen of Earth, there’s no doubt that you’ve used a digital device. Actually, you have to be using some type of digital device to be accessing this article in the first place. That means you could potentially suffer from digital eye strain.

Millennials are among the most affected by digital eye strain. After all, millennials are the digital generation. They were born with technology and grew up with it.

But unlike their childhood dog, technology won’t be going to live on a farm in the country. Technology is here to stay. Though this is great news, because technology has connected the world in ways that nothing ever could before, this could also mean bad news for our eyes.

However, it’s not all bad thanks to CooperVision, who has begun the early testing stages of a contact lens that could fight digital eye strain and all the pain and anguish that comes with it.

New Contact Lens Could Combat Digital Eye StrainDigital Eye Strain and Millennials

It’s no secret that millennials use digital devices for everything. Digital devices can be used for accessing social media, keeping appointments, tracking your health, playing games, and of course, work.

It used to be that digital eye strain was only a condition that affected office workers and those who relied heavily on computers for work. Digital eye strain is also called computer vision syndrome (CVS) because computers were really the only digital devices being used for hours on end.

As technology evolved so did our terminology. We all know that laptop and desktop computers aren’t the only digital devices out there. There are smartphones, tablets, laptop/tablet hybrids, eReaders, etc. Computer vision syndrome quickly evolved into digital eye strain.

Work and social media aren’t the only two things causing more and more millennials to experience digital eye strain. Endless homework and late nights sitting in front of a computer screen is also to blame.

Nowadays, most educational resources, even textbooks, are available online. That means millennials in school aren’t just spending hours reading off their screens, but also writing papers and taking mock tests on their digital devices. This means more screen use and less breaks for the eyes.

What a lot of millennials don’t understand is just how important a break can be. Not just a break for your brain, but a break for your eyes too. The eyes need time to defocus to be able to work properly. Otherwise, you’ll likely develop eye fatigue and other symptoms of digital eye strain.

Combat Digital Eye Strain with Contact Lenses

In the past, the only way to combat digital eye strain was to adhere to a bunch of rules. Take a break every 10 minutes, dim your screen, place your screen at the proper angle, blink more. While these rules are still good to keep in the back of your mind, sometimes you have so much on your plate that you forget about them.

For those busy days, CooperVision is in the midst of developing a contact lens to help alleviate the pain and eye fatigue that accompanies digital eye strain.

These new lenses have been designed with the digital generation in mind. Made for everyday digital device use, these contacts are designed to reduce blurred vision due to screens, irritation in the eye and dry eyes.

CooperVision has just finished a market test on millennials aged 18-34 in Chicago. Though no one can yet speak to the effectiveness of the lens, it does look promising especially for those who rely heavily on their digital devices.

Only time will tell whether these contact lenses really make a difference or not in our digital lifestyle.

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How the Contact Lens Works

Looking from your screen to real life, then back to your screen is hard on your eyes. You may not feel it right away, but the constant shifting and adjustments needed will tire your eyes out quicker than you’d imagine.

These lenses use special Aquaform Technology to facilitate the transition between screen and real life. Some features of this special technology include high breathability of the lens, natural wettability and reduced conjunctival interaction meaning there will be less rubbing of your eyelids on the contact. Ouch.

These contact lenses have the potential to revolutionize the way we use our digital devices. They are said to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain. However, it’s important to continue be wary of what can cause digital eye strain.

Additional Tips

If you want to lose weight, you’d have to change your diet and exercise regimen. If you want to eliminate your risk of digital eye strain, you can’t just rely on a seemingly magical contact lens. You’d also have to put the work in to make sure there’s absolutely no chance of experiencing it.

Here are some quick tips to help:

  • Blink more often to avoid dry eyes.
  • Install a blue light filter to reduce eye strain.
  • Dim the screen brightness.
  • Position your screen below eye level and keep it 20 inches away from your face.
  • 10-10-10 rule (every 10 minutes look at something 10 feet away for 10 seconds).

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