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Did you know that if you are color blind you can’t be a commercial pilot? Or an electrician? This eye condition, which affects many people worldwide, can have many negative impacts on daily life, but there are ways to cope with it. The articles here take a closer look into color blindness and what you can do about it.

Test Your Color Vision

Test Your Color Vision

Bored? Here, try this color vision game. How’d it go? If it went poorly, don’t let the fact that you’re more mole than hawk get you down – this particular eye test isn’t exactly rigorously clinical. It’s also a better test of color sensitivity than it is of color vision. Still, it does put us […]

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Computer-based Color Vision Testing

Computer-based Color Vision Testing: New Method of Diagnosis

Eye health and computers continue to become better and better friends. It’s true, computers cause a lot of issues for the eyes – CVS is becoming a major problem in the digital era – but technology is evolving to help diagnose many common vision problems. One of the more recent developments: digital tests designed to screen for […]

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Vision Decline in Old Age Affects Ability to See Color

Vision Decline in Old Age Affects Ability to See Color

The loss of visual acuity as you age can be a difficult realization. This is something we all know we’ll have to deal with at some point. But, now research is showing that this isn’t the only age-related change in your vision. Studies have revealed that your ability to see color also declines in old age. […]

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Color Blindness

Explaining Color Blindness

Color Blindness, or as we call it… “Honey, does this shirt match my pants?” Summer is wrapping up here in the United States and this is the time of year we savor the scenery – a bright blue sky whiskered with milk-white clouds; the velvety red bloom of a rose, green lawns and trees. Or […]

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