Women’s Eye Health

Vision can change quite a bit as a woman ages. There are certain things that women have to deal with, eye conditions and problems they are more at risk of, compared to men. These articles talk about women’s unique eye care needs and how to watch out for and prevent vision damage.

Eye Health Risks to Watch out for in Aging Women

Getting older is something everyone faces every day. Unfortunately for aging women, developing a vision condition or disease is not uncommon in old age. The hard truth is that many more women than men will lose their sight as a result of aging and the various vision conditions they are likely to develop. But there […]

5 Eye Care Tips for Expecting Moms

Finding out that you’re about to be a new mom is one of the most exciting things in a person’s life. The excitement is normally translated into buying a bunch of pregnancy books, telling friends and family, planning a baby shower, picking out cribs and regularly going to the doctor to make sure that the […]

How Your Eyesight Can Change While You’re Pregnant

Our lifestyles and certain events in life can affect our eyesight. Lack of sleep can cause sensitivity to light, pollution can cause dry eyes, staring at a screen all day can cause eye strain. It only makes sense that something as life changing as pregnancy, which already alters so much of a woman’s body, would also […]

Why Are Women More Affected by Vision Loss?

The battle of the sexes has some handicaps when it comes to vision loss. A variety of reasons tend to leave women high and dry when it comes to visual disorders and many common eye diseases are much, much more likely to strike women than men. The numbers don’t lie on this one: when examining […]

The Connection Between Dry Eyes and Menopause

Dry eyes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about menopause. With all of the other changes that menopause brings, eye discomfort seems like a pretty insignificant detail. But we’re talking about your sight here – even apparently minor issues should be treated seriously, and eye dryness is no […]

Are Women More Likely to Lose Sight?

Women have always had kind of a one-up on men because it’s said that women live longer than men. But it turns out that living longer than men may not be something worth cheering for so much because it also means women are much more likely to experience vision problems and even lose their sight […]

Women’s Unique Vision Issues

According to the National Eye Institute, twice as many women as men are diagnosed with vision-threatening diseases each year. Across the globe, women are more likely to suffer blindness and vision loss. Of the common eye diseases, dry eye syndrome is two to three times more common in women than in men at any age […]

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