Natural Ways to Lower Eye Pressure

Natural Ways to Lower Eye Pressure

If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma or high pressure in your eyes, you’re not alone; glaucoma is, unfortunately, a very common eye disease that affects the aging population. About three million Americans have glaucoma, but only half are aware of it.

Untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. In fact, glaucoma is the second leading cause of worldwide blindness.

It’s a condition that must be taken seriously, as it is progressive and worsens with age. Even if you haven’t yet been diagnosed with glaucoma, you should take the time to learn more about it. Especially if you are diabetic, have a family history of glaucoma or have pre-existing vision problems – all of these conditions make you more likely to develop glaucoma.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks with Your Eyesight!

As we age, we expect to have some difficulty with our vision. Many people don’t realize that the problems they are having with their vision are not simply a normal result of aging. Glaucoma can sneak up on people because some of the symptoms are difficult to spot. Even people who have never had a vision problem should begin to have regular eye exams after age 40. Make sure that you tell your eye doctor all the changes you may have noticed in your vision. They can only help if they know there is a problem.

There are a few steps you can take on your own to improve or prevent glaucoma.

What Is Glaucoma?

Natural Ways to Lower Eye PressureFirst things first: what causes Glaucoma?

In the same way we can have high blood pressure, we can have high intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is usually caused by elevated or high intraocular eye pressure. This high amount of pressure damages the optic nerves and leads to the main glaucoma symptoms, such as a loss of peripheral vision and blurry vision.

Folks Most at Risk of Developing Glaucoma Include:

  1. People who are over the age of 60: As we age, our eyes age as well. Glaucoma is most often diagnosed in people over the age of 60.
  2. People who have a family history of glaucoma: As with many other illnesses, if members of your immediate family suffer from glaucoma, there is a higher chance that you may also be at risk.
  3. Unfortunately, the symptoms associated with glaucoma hinder normal blood flow to the eye.
  4. People who already suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness: Existing vision problems can weaken the eyes making it more likely that you will have problems with glaucoma as you age.

A very common symptom of glaucoma, one that often goes unrecognized at first, is a loss of peripheral vision (this can be dangerous when driving). Blurred vision, seeing halos, eye pain, and headaches are also symptoms although they do vary from person to person.

It’s always wise to seek out medical counsel when you’re experiencing any new health issue. Talk to your eye doctor before starting any new treatments.

What Can You Do to Lower Eye Pressure?

Now that we know what causes glaucoma, what can we do about it? Although some of the risk factors above are unavoidable, it is possible to reduce your eye pressure naturally. These are simple suggestions that can make a big difference in the way your eyes age.

The first step on the path to lowering your eye pressure naturally is to lower your insulin levels. Insulin can cause your eye pressure to increase. So it’s wise to avoid sugary and carbohydrate-heavy foods such as sodas, starches, sweets, and bread. A change in your diet can make a big difference in not only your eye health, but in your overall health as well. Isn’t it worth giving up, or at least cutting back on, some of the foods you love in order to protect your vision?

Because exercise can help you lower eye pressure, it’s a good idea to start incorporating some low-impact exercise into your daily routine. Go for a walk, take a swim, or hop on your bike and do your eyes, and your heart, a good deed! If you don’t have the time or a safe place to walk, consider a treadmill machine either in your home or the local gym. Walking in the fresh air is, of course, the best option but it is not always possible for everyone.

Just as you reduce stress to reduce your blood pressure, you should try reducing stress in order to reduce your eye pressure as elevated levels of stress have been linked with elevated eye pressure. Physicians report that stress is a rising concern for people in all types of jobs. People fight stress in many different ways. Some proven methods are deep breathing exercises, yoga, walking, or even spending time with your family. Find the stress reliever that works the best with your lifestyle.

Nutrition for Lowering Eye Pressure

Finally, eat a healthy diet! Nutrients like vitamins C, E, and A, as well as fatty acids and minerals, can all help to protect your important optic nerve. Cutting back on sugars and carbohydrates is a good beginning but there are actually foods that can help your eyes to function better. You can find many of the vitamins and minerals that your eyes need in a well-balanced diet. Doctors recommend diets that are high in leafy green vegetables because of the vitamins they contain.

Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy diet. If your daily life is too hectic to allow for well-balanced meals or if you just don’t know how to prepare the food you should be eating, you may want to consider purchasing vitamins for eye health that will supplement your eyes’ nutritional needs!

These simple lifestyle changes can really help you reduce your eye pressure. Remember that when you take care of your body, you reap the benefits tenfold! Many of the things that your physician has been telling you to do for your overall health are probably similar to our suggestions. After all, your eyes are an important part of your body, it makes sense that what is good for your body would also be good for your eyes.

Take the time to take care of your eyes! Don’t miss seeing what the future holds.

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  1. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Marie Borchert says:

    Hi everyone
    Just wanted to throw out another treatment that I’ve just started following as i’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma. I am taking eye drops as well while these natural remedies kick in.
    Maria Treben, a famous Austrian folk healer and herbalist, insists that glaucoma is not an eye disorder, but rather a definite malfunction of the kidneys instead. A tea should be made, she observes, from equal parts of stinging nettle, speedwell, calendula and horsetail, and consume 2-3 cups each day. Bring 1 quart ( 1 litre) of water to a boil, add these herbs, cover and simmer for 7 minutes; then remove and steep another 45 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey before drinking and for each cup, add one teaspoon of Swedish Bitters. This is advocated in her book “Health through God’s Pharmacy” She also published a book called “Cures” which is full of people’s stories about being cured by her remedies.
    I have tried a lot of her remedies over the years and have been very happy with the results. My dad was actually on kidney dialysis so glaucoma being a kidney malfunction makes sense really.
    Something else I’m trying which has been recommended by a celebrated herbalist here in Queensland is chervil which is French parsley (much finer than other parsleys) Steep one teaspoon of chervil in a cup of water and either soak cottonwool in it to put over closed eyelids or use it as an eyewash.
    Hope this gives you food for thought.

  2. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Be Le says:

    always keep your head high even when you are sleeping (using adjustable bed), keep your eyes away from heat source such as cooking stove, taking baicalein,

  3. Thank you for sharing this helpful information, Tyler! High pressure is caused by a build-up of fluid inside the eye because the drainage channels (trabecular meshwork) cannot drain it properly. You cannot ignore it as it may cause optic nerve damage and vision loss.

  4. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mike says:

    Could you please say what your eye pressure numbers used to be and to what level of pressure the Life Extension Eye Pressure Support capsules helped to reduce the pressure? Thanks.

  5. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen lori k jordan says:

    Go to google search and type in life extension web-site and type in eye pressure support been on these for 5 years and pressure has been way down

  6. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Hyacinth Tracey says:

    This was very helpful,may God bless you all.

  7. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Tamela says:

    Hello Kim how are you. Just wanted to give you a word of encouragement and some scriptures to stand on. I had an eye exam Friday was told I think you have Glaucoma. The doctor said but I want you to get a second opinion. I didn’t tell anyone about the news I received. I went home prayed recited some scriptures and asked God to heal me. Went to church Sunday and got prayer. The preacher said that God is healing your body. Remember I did not tell anyone about the news I received. When I go for my second opinion later this month their will be no Glaucoma. Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with my righteous right hand. Psalms 107:20 Jesus bore my sickness and carried away my pain. Therefore I give no place to sickness or pain. For God sent His Word and healed me. Be blessed I am praying that you already heeled. Tamela

  8. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen lilu says:

    You eat it as food. Either by taking the capsules or by sprinkling the powder (1/2 teaspoon or more) on your salad or in your shakes. It’s also cure severe arthritis pains for many. They say; make sure the powder is BRIGHT GREEN. The tree (or the powder supplements) contain nearly all vitamins, amino acids, minerals, & more…….It’s sometimes referred to as ‘The Tree of Life’.

  9. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lilu says:

    Theann How did the onion help you?? What’s the method you used with the onion???

  10. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lilu says:

    Emmanuel, why take the time to say all that to us but not bother to let us know what that ‘water’ was????? What kind of person would call something ‘one water’ & ‘the water’; even going as far as stating how much ‘less’ that MYSTERIOUS ‘water in question costs’ without EVER letting the reader know the ONLY USEFUL info. MISSING in his entire comment????????

  11. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen WAYNE says:


  12. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen sylvie roy says:

    i will try this tks

  13. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen sylvie roy says:

    what kind of water?

  14. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Hrelate says:

    A friend of mine is suffering from high eye pressure in the left eye. She was born with a lazy right eye, so she relies on her left eye. Can someone please give me some advice on things that will drastically lower her pressure?

  15. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Karen Otto says:

    I just want everyone to know that Ihave been MIS-DIAGNOSED with glucoma due to low blood pressure. After one month of pure hell and trying 3 different eye drops, I stopped and got a second opinion. He said that I had large optic nerves and had even noted it on my chart 15 years ago when I had seen him for a regular eye exam (insurance no longer allowed me to see him after that). Just to be on the safe side, I am instead taking a supplement called eye pressure support from life extension and I do eye circles morning and evening. My eye pressure has dropped to 12! So PLEASE….. check this out! The drops were not allowing me to sleep more than 2 hours a night, my eyes stung and were awful red, I woke up for 3 nights in a row with terrible pain in my toes (never had) and a got a UTI ( this last one might be a coincidance BUT).

  16. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Brian Richards says:

    I just wanted to bring this to those suffering with glaucoma. I used an inversion table for my back for years, and just recently learned that it increases both blood pressure and IOP, so be warned.

  17. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ronald Stonis says:

    it is suggested by some natural-minded folks to use DMSO directly into the eyes two times per day for two or three weeks. cures glaucoma and cataracts! Not harmful. I use it myself, but haven’t had eyes checked yet to see what it is doing. My vision is getting better as I have gone back to my last prescription for glasses. you can go on utube and type in the search: glaucoma and cataract cures. I have watched Michael Savage (type it in) and he recommends the above highly. Go on his web site also for more info.
    I am not advocating not going to see a doctor and getting a complete evaluation of your eyes and pressure. yes, you could go blind!

  18. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen DORILLA says:


  19. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Susi Iacopini Hanna says:

    This seems like something only an American diet would cause or a diet deficient in nutrients. Did your grandparents have glaucoma? Ask yourself that. My grandfather and grandmother did not. So why is it that suddenly people are getting glaucoma. I think if you ave metabolic syndrome you will definitely have a risk of developing eye issues such as glaucoma, intraocular pressure and retinal detachment. Common sense would dictate to remove sugar from the diet as much as possible and eat lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits and grass fed meat. Oh and supplements such as fermented cod-liver oil, Vitamin D, and a good quality multi vitamin.

  20. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sisir Lenka says:

    I have a little eye pressure in my left eye and as per my doctor advice applying xalatan once every evening. My right eye is destroyed after repeated retina detachment. I am very concerned for my left eye with respect to retina. I have heard that aerobic exercise strenghthens retina health by making blood circle in retina bllod vessles. if it is true, please suggest me correct aerobic exercise.

  21. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Christine says:

    I was DX with Glaucoma
    about 20 years ago, elevated pressure and no damage. I have been using Latanaprost since. My eye pressure is usually about 17 or 18 but last week was 21 and my ophthalmologist is very concerned wanting me to return in 2 months and if still 21 he wants to either add a medication or laser. It seems a little extreme. I also have history of retinal detachment having laser 3 times in both eyes. Does his recommendation seem extreme and could this happen due to recent loss of my father, helping my mother and loss of job. I would really like help with this.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen David X says:

      Havin done the maximum lazer treatment to both eyes (4 per eye) I don’t think it is extreme. I would caution you about the natural treatment as I have tried it and it did not help much. Have you got a second opinion?

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sharon says:

      Christine, don’t do it! Do it naturally. Look up natural cures for lowering eye pressure. My eye doctor tries to push surgeries too, but I won’t do it. I want natural remedies.

  22. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Irene says:

    Like all coment thanks for information

  23. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen G says:

    My daughter have pressure in her eyes. i know that we should go to the docter but, we do not have the money to go at this moment. hat should we do!

  24. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Syed says:

    I purchased Black Currants from Check it out if you are interested. I think they are one of the three farms in the US that produces this amazing berry. Love its taste.
    I’m in my 40s and have glaucoma with IOP of 18-21 and am currently taking Combigan and Lumigan.

    I believe Glaucoma (high IOP) is only a symptom which is caused by hormonal imbalance, most likely due to IR (Insulin Resistance) and/or high level of stress.This is something our so so called glaucoma experts / docs cannot treat. PERIOD! They will put you on drops, laser surgery, and then on different forms of conventional surgery. Making our eye sight even worse. They treat us guinea pig in their lab. My doctor pressured me to go through laser surgery as the next step forward, I said politely “NO”.

    I strongly believe fruits and vegetables will help us heal and, of course, by changing our life style. We have to take care of our guts by stopping Standard American foods and smoking (if you are).

    I have already started eating healthy foods (fruits n veg) lately along with A C Carbamide (from Standard Process), D3 & K2, ashwagandha (for stress), home made Kefir for guts (cocounut or Almond, not cow), pasture raised eggs, Apple Cider Vinegar, lots of leafy greens like kale, swiss chard, collard greens, carrots. Soon will be adding Oat groats, Moringa leaves, and frankincense. I’m already feeling millions types better.

    Will check IOP in Dec and see where I stand. If all looks good, will quit taking eye drop all together. and maintain a healthy life style.

    Hope that helps!

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Kim says:

      This is great. Just came from the eye doctor who performed laser surgery in both eyes at different times and my eye pressure is higher than ever. Had laser surgery previously with another eye doctor and eye pressure went up after that.

      New eye doctor wants to now perform eye surgery saying I coild go blind if I don’t have it. This is what led me to the internet to search for peoe who have faith in God as a healer or someone who can lead me to natural foods to heal my Glaucoma and not be a Guinea pig. I am not downing doctors who really care and save lives, but in certain cases I feel it’s about the insurance money.

  25. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Emmanuel says:

    I thank you so much, i was diagnosed of glaucoma in 2012 and since
    them i have been using eye drop, but the pressure had been between 18 to 20 but before it was 41. However in january 2017 i met a man who gave me one water,iniatly i was afraid to drink the water but one day i summon courage and i took the water, surprisingly within 3min all my eye lead was wet and since them my eye pressure is now 10.Today i no longer use eye drop.The water in question cost me less compare to the eye drop that i spend 15,000 monthly.
    Also let those concern eat a lot of carrot,beans,banana etc and avoid those food as contain in the article.

  26. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Niloy Sarwar says:

    My dad got glaucoma for using computers too much. Otherwise in our family history no one had glaucoma. So will it affect me as well. Please replay me. And yes my dad got glaucoma for the high eye pressure by using computers.

  27. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen emmy says:

    i just got diagnosed with glaucoma and having been on natural health and a firm believer of all natural i will not be using there eye drop meds so any info from anyone out there ?

  28. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Dr Joy says:

    I am a naturopathic Doctor. I cured my mom of glaucoma in 2009. Till date, she reads without glasses.
    I used natural remedies and they are very effective.
    You can WhatsApp on 233555493032

  29. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Yamuna says:

    Thank u

  30. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jacoba says:

    I have lost left eye a few years ago and suffer from both dry and wet macular degeneration in right eye. Receive injection about
    every 5 or 6 weeks. Have developed high pressure as dide effect of
    injection. Pressure was 36. Learned about red light LED therapy.
    Have been using this for 4 weeks and mac. deg, is improving and
    also glaucoma and pressure problems are supposed to be
    reversed. Awesome method. Go and google name of author of
    manual, David Olszewski, and download for free. David can
    direct you to professional unit, so that you can treat yourself at
    home. Safeand NO side effects. I am healthy and in my 90’s.
    This has already given me my life back. Cures. many other
    common complaints, like aches, pains, wound healing, brain
    damage and many other things. Scientific and sound.
    Approved by FDA for chiropractors, acupuncturists and other
    things, but not yet for eyes. David does not sell products, but has
    over 30 years experience with this. Excellent and worth the
    money. David can be contacted directly, is retired engineer and
    lives in Hawaii. A little research on internet will direct you.
    No sales pushing at all. Ask him a question and he will answer
    that honestly.

  31. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Simon says:

    Hi Guys,

    I live in in the UK, 30 yrs old. I have had a long standing retina problem where I am blind in my right eye and partial vision in my left.

    Left eye pressure has been stable for a quite a few years using Cosopt, Xalatan and Iopidine – total of 6 drops a day every day.

    Over the past few months – the medicine no long seems to be working and have found that my pressure rises throughout the day to 27/28 and my peripheral vision is getting worse and worse every year.

    I will cut of the sugary foods and drinks. I use a computer every day @ work.

    What could have caused the change? should I quit my job?


  32. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Robinson Etseyatse says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Eng. Robinson Etseyatse. I was diagonized with glaucoma last year. The pressure in my eye was above 50Hgmm. My doctor treated me with eye drops, but couldn’t take it bellow 25, so i was operated in January this year. It’s exactly 4 weeks today.

    -Type: Open angle glaucoma

    Type of operation:- Incisional surgery.

    I have been using Tobradex eye drop. After the operation, my eye pressure was 8, but since then had gone to 23-25, My vision is very bad. I can’t read the first 3 lines of Alphabet table in front of me.
    Sir, I was told that tobradex eyes drop causes glaucoma.

    My question is that will my vision improve with time? Should i continue to use the Tobradex eyes drop?
    I will appreciate if you can advise on what and how handle the situation.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Best regards,
    Eng. Robinson

  33. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Peggy says:

    Frankincense drop in palms of hands, then cupped over eyes 3 to 5 minutes twice daily has lowered my pressure to 10 and 12

  34. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Thanku all this is scary xox

  35. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anon777 says:

    My eye pressure was 40 and 42 when i was diagnosed with Glaucoma 6 years ago. I have been using Xalatan eye drops ever since. it has been under control between 15 and 21 but recently it went up to 27 and 31. my Dr has now put me on Azarga eye drops. it is 18 and 21 after a week of Azarga but i have headaches and uncomfortable feeling in my eyes. I pray for all of us to get well one day. i wish there was a cure.Blessings

  36. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen A says:

    My mom is suffering from high eye pressure in her left eye and was born with a lazy right eye so she relies on her left eye, please can someone give me some advise on things that will drastically lower her pressure,
    Thankyou loads

  37. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Kirk says:

    Laser iridotomy works for me..xalatan drops made my glaucoma worst

  38. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Fatima says:

    According to some research I read about online, eating black currents everyday can help pushing the glaucoma away faster than blueberries. My problem is that I am able to find a lot of different currants but not “black currants”. I am not sure if there is a difference or not but the ones I am using are called Zane currants. There are also California currants and more others.

  39. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jan Toepert says:

    My doctor performed surgery to relieve pressure by laseruiing holes above my eyes worked for me.

  40. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen kenblive says:

    lately i wake up with blur vision (from Glaucoma assumingly). it gets better when the day go one though. Any body with similar situation? How do you lower it without using the eye drops? I am still on Combigan & AZopt twice a day.. But lately it is not working as well

  41. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Becky says:

    My brother had eye pressure in Uganda. They could not operate his eyes because the eye pressure was too high. Now he had gone totally Blid in both eyes. Is there any help we can access to restore his eyesight?

  42. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Meenakshi Varma says:

    Does increased intra abdominal pressure as while doing yogic exercises,coughing,sneezing or vomiting cause raised intra ocular pressure?

    Does yogic pranayama or Dhrupad style singing in which you hold breath for 20-40 seconds cause rise in intra ocular pressure?

  43. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Rodrigue Viard says:

    For each hour of eyesight used she suppose to relax the eyes by closing them all the way for 5 full minutes

  44. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Fatema says:

    Hey, my mom has had high eye pressure for sometime now, and I was wondering if there are any activities to avoid in this case. She likes reading books and sewing clothes but her eyes get tired after a while. Is it okay to do so or should she stop doing things that require total focusing of the eye? Thanks.

  45. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Theann says:

    Sorry folks the Moringa is used as food or to add it to your normal meals. But if you are on any prescription eye drops please continue until you are advised otherwise. In my case I was on CUSIMOLOL (Timolol maleate) which I instilled twice daily. And maybe my eating habits were a factor i.e geared toward “Home cooked food” hardly going out to eat w/ a lot of naturally available spices. In all these it was the MORINGA (and probably onion) that put me on fine threshold.

  46. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Teann says:

    my IOP was initially checked to be 18 and 20. That was 10 years ago, by the stroke His leadings during one of my routine check up , a gentle man told me how he was able to reduce his IOP drastically using only MORINGA.LEAVES in either fresh or dried form. But he didn’t tell his range of IOP, after using the moringa religiously for some time my IOP reduced to 10 and 12. My ophthalmologist asked me the secret of the reduction and told him about the Moringa protocol that is all there is to it. Now my scheduled check up is bi-yearly on the Dr.’s order. He still cares for His own by the natural means, all glory be to His name.

  47. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Vacationtime says:

    I have loss of my peripheral vision that happened within a few weeks of cateract surgery in both eyes. The doc gave me visual field test and pressure was 20 in both eyes. She insisted I did not have glaucoma and said my vision loss was due to “something else”. I believe that my optic nerve was damaged by the thousands of migraine with aura headaches I have had since I was a young child. Has anyone out there had a similar experience or is it just unlucky me? By the way, the doc had no idea what the “something else” could be. I am 74, slim, eat healthy, never smoked or drank and exercise 3times a week and totally believe in supplements. Can anyone help with good advice? Thank you and bless all of you for trying so hard to help yourselves.

    • please start taking citicoline, at least 500mg, increase to 1000m or up to 2000mg. It increases visual acuity and reduces destruction of ganglion cells. Please look up studies. It’s amazing that people don’t know about this. cheap from amazon etc.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Winston says:

      It’s me Winston. How do you use moringa leaves
      To lower Eye pressure ?

  48. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Brahmaiah Perisetla says:

    Thank you very much for giving so many useful suggestions to reduce eye pressure

  49. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Theann says:

    Folks with high IOP, please give moringa a try. The fresh the better remember any part of the branches will do

  50. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Thanks a imillion. i will take a little from a few. these are very helpful recomendations

    C R

  51. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Najib says:

    Hello guys,
    i am 42 years old, by coincidence the optician found out that i have eye pressure 20 in the left and 25 in the right. i went to the doctor, he examined me and said i should start the eye drops COMBIGAN, will it work? this will control the pressure? will i be worst in the future, since now i am 42 yrs old. any opinions?

  52. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Beverly says:

    Check out you tube accupressure for eye pressure

  53. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sonia Romero says:

    I would like to take the classes on how to improve your vision with the eye exercises.

  54. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jan says:

    I have been reading everything out there as I am a mother and my son who will turn 19 in March just had his eye pressure checked and it was 29 in one eye and 30 in the other. His field of vision test was good but he still has to go for the eye ultra sound. While reading on the internet I’ve come across many studies that show a link between a vitamin D deficit and glaucoma. So I have bought my son some vitamin D3. I’ve also read that ginko Biloba is good for blood circulation (as glaucoma isn’t just about the eye pressure it is also about blood supply to the optic nerve) everyone please take vitamin D. Several studies and doctors have seen a link to not having enough and glaucoma. Thanks for reading. I can’t say if it will work, as I just bought it for him today and his next appointment is in 2 weeks.
    Also, thank you everyone for your suggestions on here.

  55. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Gertrude Labelle says:

    For eye pressure control it taking about 1/4 the spoon of 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin.
    It worked for me.

  56. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    hello guys thanks for the advice. im always worried about my eye because im only 21 and i lost my left eye vision 2 years ago bec.of glaucoma, now im so worried about my right eye. i am afraid to lose my vision now that i have a baby. thanks for the help guys.

  57. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ramesh says:

    I am @ 67 yrs. Recently, on nov 30th I had cataract surgery. After the surgery my vision is improved but I got some eye floaters. But still my eye pressure was normal 12 to 14.To treat floaters my dr prescribed Pridnisol acetate 4x per day after two weeks my was getting futigue and pain. So contacted my dr and found my eye pressure went upto 28 to 31. I scared. My dr changed medicines now but still I am worried about lot. I am feeling I should not have to went for cataract. I am hopping now to get down my eye pressure. Would you advise me what should I do now..?

  58. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Pamela Gordon says:

    Does anyone know what eye exercises are, could you let me know, thanks

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Marshal Lee says:

      Here you go Pamela,this is from a very reliable source, keep us posted if these recommended eye exercises help lower your IOP aka Intra Ocular Pressure.

      A friend of mine, who is a glaucoma suspect, has come up with a routine of eye exercises that reliably reduce his intraocular pressure. He visited my office a few months ago and demonstrated his eye exercises for me. We measured his intraocular pressure with a sophisticated tonometer (the Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer) immediately before and immediately after his eye exercises. I confirmed that just a few minutes of the exercises can indeed reduce his IOP significantly. He measures his own results from these eye exercises with a Reichert AT555 tonometer.

      These eye exercises are a variation on the Bates Method of natural vision improvement. We would like to share the exercises with everyone and ask all of those people participating in self-tonometry research to try these exercises and report the results. The exercises require just five minutes.

      Read the full instructions below. At your choice, perform either option A or option B and combine it with the blinking technique described below.

      A. Alternate between looking on very distant and very close objects. For example, when walking on the street or looking at the window, I alternate between looking on my nose and looking on some far building or mountain. The glasses are always off. The eyes are never fixed on any object, and they are moving all the time.

      B. Alternate between looking right and left. As before, the glasses are off and the eyes are moving all the time.

      Blinking. Very light and fast blinking, the eyelids are light as “butterfly wings”.

      Combine either A or B with the blinking and perform them simultaneously.

      My friend say, “Usually, 5 minutes of such exercises are enough for me to see a reduction of the IOP by 2 to 5 points.” Again, I can confirm these results according to test we conducted at my office.

      We would like everyone participating in the self-tonometry research project to try this and record the results several times – the more times you test it the better. Try it at different times of the day and under different conditions.

      I suggest that it is important to do the exercises without strain or effort. Just take it easy and do them effortlessly. To help with the research, please note any changes in mental state or emotions. In particular, note whether you your state of relaxation (or stress) changed over the course of the 5 minutes of performing the eye exercises. It would be ideal for this test if there is no change in your mental state, but if you feel there is, simply report the change.

      Because there are many potential biases in this test, it would help if we have lots of repetitions of the test. The more, the better. My friend has continued to have success over the course of several months with these eye exercises lowering his IOP.

  59. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen makawosa says:

    My right eye pressure came down fom 21 to 14 after treating it with timolol in a fortnight.

  60. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Eliot says:

    Thanks to the one who said something about Lutein and Occuvite. I will try them to bring my pressure down. I will also try the Forskolin and Solgar omega 3. Let me just say, the stuff that man puts his hands on and gives it to us, is not good for us. the herbs that God made, is the only way to go. I want everyone to know that I have tried other herbs to cure other deadly deases that I had, and it worked. thanks for reading this. I hope it helped.

  61. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Kim Lunn says:

    I am a 60 make and have had cornea transplants and cataract removal a few yrs ago , creating high eye pressure and diagnostic as glaucoma , I hv been on almost. All of the for mentioned eye drops , travatan, alphagan , etc, recent had double partial cornea transplants Dmek procedure, the steroid drops are driven the eye pressure up to 25 left eye, 35 right eye while using connivance and travatan, this web chat has given me some other alternative to consider using , thanks for sharing, btw vision has improved tremendously since the surgeries

  62. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Blaidd Drwg says:

    Just got diagnosed with borderline Glaucoma, Eye pressure in both eyes, High 20’s to 30, Yea me…… Got prescribed Latanoprost, seems alright so far, only been on it for 4 days, go back in a couple weeks to see how well it’s working. Checking out alternative, Homeopathic, and herbal methods, to try and augment the lowering of pressure, as you all are. I’m 49, blood pressure is not high, been taking multivitamins, and eye health vitamins for 6 months or more, been taking aspirin every day for years. I do smoke, and drink, and work 6 days a week, I do have a bit of stress, but I prefer it that way, otherwise, I get lazy. Yeah, messed up, I know….. Most people try to avoid it, I live on it. One of my best friends, about 6 months ago, went completely, dead solid blind from this disease, and frankly, I’m TERRIFIED!!! Gonna add every supplement on this page to my diet to try and help. Going to keep researching as well, hell, might even apply for my medical marijuana card, although, I don’t really care for being on lists. I should add, I’ve had an abnormal Astigmatism in both eyes, my whole life. Let’s find a way to BEAT this damn thing. I’m clumsy enough WITH my sight!!!

  63. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Charles says:

    I have glaucoma and I am 62, I had a shunt put into my right glaucoma eye and it has worked well these past two years since. However my pressure went up from 17 to 26 in my right eye and is around 16 in my good left eye. Doctor recommended SLT surgery a laser non-invasive procedure. However, not being a drug taker of any, I have researched natural ways to reduce eye pressure and I am considering this method. Just watch this link. This person reduced his pressure naturally from the 40’s to 10 pressure levels. Here is the link.
    It is called Cure for Glaucoma on YOUTUBE and has had almost 50,000 views.

  64. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sajir says:

    Thank you for information, I am 25 I am suffering from. Glaucoma. And I didi surgery on left eye.. Am preventing my right eye from glaucoma..can u pls tell do’s and don’t s for me..

  65. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ADIJAT says:

    I am 33 year old, I am suffering from glaucoma in fact I have lost the vision on my left eye , I am left with right eye. The pressure on the left eye is 57 and the right eye is 15. Pls how can I protect my the left eye? Its there any drugs that can bring the vision on the left eye back. Pls help me I don’t want to get blind…..

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen DebT says:

      Hi Adijat

      Unfortunately with glaucoma once the vision is gone, it’s gone I’m afraid, although there have been trials in the UK using stem cell treatment, this has been restricted to the over 70’s so far while they’re trialling it, although there has been some success, but I think it depends on the extent of the damage caused. All you can do is keep your diet rich in leafy green vegetables and carrots, and I’ve heard vitamin C is also good at 2000mg per day initially, but best to read some of the above information first! Best of luck with it x

  66. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen hayyan says:

    I am 25 years old and i have eye pressure of 23.
    it would be very helpful if someone recommend herbs and/or kind of food to maintain this pressure at it’s early phase

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Laura says:

      food and herbs are good…Bach Flower Remedies are excellent –Especially Rescue Remedy…most is for emotional issues. It’s very connected, I’ve found

  67. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Keri says:

    Hi Mark! Is there a way to check your eye pressure without having to go back to the eye doctor every time? An anonymous person above posted about forskolin and Omega 3’s. I have been doing that for a little less than a month. I just don’t want to have to go to the doctor everytime I want to test my researched theories. I pray it’s working but I don’t have eye insurance…lol

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mark says:

      Hi Keri, some drugstores sell an eye pressure testing kit for home use, but I’ve heard that they may not be accurate. I’ve noticed from personal experience that when my blood pressure is down, my eye pressure is also lower. You may want to keep an eye on your blood pressure, which you can test for free at many drugstores, such as CVS. What was your latest eye pressure readings?

      • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Keri says:

        Hi Mark! Thank you for answering. My blood pressure is low on the regular. My normal doctors don’t question it, but if I go see a new doctor, they always ask me is my pressure normal for me?? I am a type 1 diabetic just like the person that I took the recommendations from above. I have no other complications besides the Diabetes and Glaucoma and quite healthy otherwise. I am 5’2″ and 110 lbs. I have a quick metabolism and enjoy eating. I struggle to pick up weight. I said all that to say blood pressure just has never been an issue for me. I was diagnosed with glaucoma when I was 19 and a sophomore in college. I hated having to put eye drops in my eyes. So I just stopped all together in my mid twenties. I’m 33 now. I had my eye pressure checked approximately Nov/Dec 2014. The eye doctor told me my pressures were entirely too high and urged me to take some drops to bring it down. I can’t remember precise numbers. I do know my left eye is always a bit worse than my right eye. My left eye I think was 30-35 and my right eye was maybe 25-28. He told me my right eye was not much better. I wasn’t focusing too much on my eyes at the time of the appointment however. I had been focusing on improving the A1c of the diabetes I’m diagnosed with. So like I said earlier, I am now taking the Forskolin and Solgar Omega 3’s. I also try to juice daily and always include carrots or carrot juice and other leafy vegetables as they say that is good for your eyes as well. I just recently researched eye pressure kits. I did see that they are often inaccurate so that’s what prompted me to ask my earlier question. Thank you again for your reply. I guess i will just make an appointment sometime in the near future. I know my eye doctor will fuss though. I am not big on medicine and definitely not surgery. I believe everything is in fact curable. If you or anyone else has suggestions ever, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

        • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Wiliam says:

          Hi Keri
          I’m very interested to hear how you got on not taking your eye drops. I’m in the same boat as in not taking my eye drops. I got a very very bad reaction from taking them and how meny I was so posed to take. .
          Be interesting to hear any alternative ways to lower eye pressure.
          My eye pressure glaucoma is starting to effect my eye sight. Each eye doctor recommended different eye drops. In the UK doctors don’t help every one if you see the different eye droops and tablets that I have been given, it worries me.
          I have to find an alternative way to lower my eye pressure
          I’m trying loads of vitamin C, any suggestions ?.


  68. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mark says:

    Bonnie, they say that your eye pressure should be below 22. Over that number can be a problem. Before you start taking any drugs, do research. Too many doctors are quick to prescribe drugs. Their are ways to bring down your pressure naturally, for most people.

  69. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen bonnie says:

    What are the ideal eye pressure numbers of healthy eyes?

    thank you GOD BLESS t

  70. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    my eye pressure is 27 28 i ve no problems yet but i m little worried i ve used timolol but no improvmnt till now what next should i do

  71. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ron says:

    I appreciate all the comments. My glaucoma was caused by taking large doses of Xanax while caring for my dieing father. He died, and now I deal with glaucoma. Pressure was at 30. Large doses of vitamin C brought it down to 27. The doc put me on Latanoprost, one drop daily before bedtime. That brought the pressure down to 19. The doc added 2 drops of Dorzolamide/Timolol daily in addition to the Latanoprost. The two medications together have brought the pressure down to 13. I think it’s important to take the meds exactly as directed. Latanoprost at 10:30 pm daily. The Dorzolamide at 8:30 a.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. My pressure of 13 has been holding for 3 years now. So I say the meds, if taken systematically have saved my sight. I also fixed my diet. No more junk food. I hope this info helps someone.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Wiliam says:

      Any chance saying what was the size of the large dose of vitamin c did you take and how many times daily did you take it

  72. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    I am a 35 year old female with Type 1 diabetes and have recently discovered that my eye pressures were in the mid to top 20’s. I was put on medicated drops (Timolol to mention just one out of quite a few) which made my eyes sting and I found I could no longer wear my soft contact lenses due to the preservatives. I looked online for more natural ways to lower the pressure and came across a herb called Coleus Forskohlii Root (also known as Forskolin). I know it was naughty of me but I stopped taking the eye drops the doctor had me on a few months ago and started taking Forskolin in tablet form (the drops taste horid!). I am also taking Solgar Omega 3 tablets (NOT cod liver oil as it contains large amounts of Vitamin A and you shouldn’t take too much of this). When I went to have my pressures checked again they had come down more than they ever did on ANY of the eye drops I tried (and I’ve tried a few!). So I take one Forskolin tablet every other day (they have quite bad laxative effects which is why I can’t take them everyday!) and Omega 3 daily and am NEVER taking eye drops again!! 🙂

  73. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Deb says:

    I have glaucoma, I was diagnosed at 41 and am now 48. I had surgery 3 years ago on my left eye as the pressures were at around 23 in both eyes. Now, after going from a pressure of 4 immediately after the surgery, my left eye is steady at 14 but my right is at 23 still adn I’m desperate not to have surgery in that eye too as it means a month off work and Im self employed! I take Brimonadine and Brinzolomide (I think one is called Azopt) twice daily and take Travaprost only in the evening. The medication over the last 8 years had exacerbated my asthma and rosacea and has all sorts of implications for long term use so thank you so much for posting this information.. I will certainly give it a try in an effort to get off these drugs and prevent further surgery!!

  74. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen gloria kern says:

    Just started taking lumogen

  75. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Amitava Biswas says:

    Can palming help to reduce eye pressure??

  76. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen kash says:

    I thank God and u guys for your comments
    I was also put on timolol but sought for a second opinion and am getting better.thanks once again

  77. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen JESSE BURNS says:

    AS a person with Glaucoma, I’have a burning-like sensation in the eyes, even though I’m on Metipranolol, Alphaghan Azopt Latanoprost and Acetazolamide. And even though I’m on all of these, the Opthomologist says that my number is in the high20’s. And that he he would like to see it (my pressure) at 13. He even suggested surgery. He says that he won’t try and force me, that the decision is up to me. Well, I don’t want to do it. Is there another alternative to risky surgery? I NEED HELP!!

  78. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen rush patel says:

    well I am so up set with my eye doctor as 3 years back I went for regular eye checkup & doctor said I have just beginning of glaucoma only 5% is damaged & he was giving me sample from his office of LUMIGAN & did for 2.5 years still says I am still 5% but I decided to go to eye doctor of GLAUCOMA SPECIALIST ONLY & dropped him so new doctor said I am 30% damaged now pressure was 21 to 25 so specialist put me on TIMOLOL 2 TIMES A DAY TIME & LATAMOPROST AT NIGHT TIME so now I will go to DR in 2 months but I come to find out that the doctor whom was going for 2.5 yrs was child pediatric eye dr so I wished he should have guided to go to glaucoma specialist so please any one diagnose with glaucoma please look for that specialist doctor immediately
    this is my request to every one it makes big difference to go to GLAUCOMA SPECIALIST ONLY

  79. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Daniel says:

    Interesting reading these comments. There is no glaucoma in my ancestry and I developed it in one eye after multiple cataract surgeries. It has been a full year since the last surgery and the pressure was stable until last month. A doctor said that a pressure reading of 22 in the left eye was too high and he put me on medication. The eye drops caused a dreadful allergic reaction that has taken a month to be cured. Today the pressure was 18 and I am now thinking the doctor was far too hasty to put me on a drug with such awful side effects.

    Also, the same doctor told me that alcohol would REDUCE eye pressure. Sounds like the consensus here is that it does the opposite. What’s the facts on alcohol and eye pressure?

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mark says:

      A doctor who says alcohol would reduce eye pressure?? Time for a new eye doctor. Alcohol will increase your blood pressure which in turn increases your eye pressure. I used to drink 6 drinks a day and my blood pressure was 142/85 and my eye pressure was 22 and 21.. I now cut back to 1 or 2 drinks a day and my blood pressure is averaging 115/75 and my eye pressure is 19 and 17. At 22 my eye doctor recommended Timolol (a beta blocker). I didn’t take it and instead opted for a new eye doctor. I think I made the right choice.

  80. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen PK BANDOPADHYAY says:

    My eye pressure is 28 in the left eye and 26 in the right eye. I am very nervous. I’m a 56 year old. I am not suffering diabetic and high blood pressure. Only eye pressure. Kindly help me what the method of reduce eye pressure, like food, exercise etc.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mark says:

      If you drink alcohol cut back to 1 -2 drinks a day. Eat a high protein diet consisting of lean meat and fish and vege’s. Cut out the carbs. Take Vitamin C 1,000-2,000mg a day. Try Lutein and Occuvite. This worked for me. I hope it works for you. Keep us posted.

  81. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mark says:

    Follow up on my previous comments. I didn’t take the timolol, instead tried lowering my blood pressure, hoping it would lower my eye pressure. I gave up alcohol and changed my diet (fish 3 times a week). I started to take Lutein and Occuvite. I went for a second opinion. My eye pressure has gone from 20 and 22 to 17 and 19. My blood pressure went from 142/85 to 115/75. I will continue on my diet and go for regular check ups.

  82. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Al says:

    Hey, I’m 24 and I was just diagnosed with glaucoma yesterday, the eye pressure on my left eye was 60 mm hg, all i remember is a horrible pain around that eye, something i’d never experienced before in my life. I feel fine now, but i can’t yet cope with fact that this condition is going to be a big part of my life. Thanks for sharing this information, I suppose it’s time to adjust my diet a little bit.

  83. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen JESSE BURNS says:

    As a person with Glaucoma, the information given is very valuable to me, and I thank you so much for it. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  84. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Healthy88 says:

    Try vitamin C 1500mg.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen buki says:

      Yes. Vitamin C. However 1500mg will not cut it but still a good start. will help you help yourself. You need to be informed. Never rely wholly on docs. There’s no money to be made in Vitamin C so they will never recommend it. Vitamin Vitamin will help you, Check it out for yourself!

  85. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen AMU says:

    First I want to thank you for sharing your success story so others may benefit. My numbers are in he high 30s in the left eye and high 40s in the right eye. I have been on Timolol, Xalatan, Aphagan, Lanataprost and host of other eye drops but the pressures keep on increasing steadily. The doctor strongly recommended glaucoma surgery, but I fought to prevent the surgery because at the time my vision was crystal clear, however, I gave in when the doctor threatened that I would be blind if I did not have the procedure done. Least to say that taking the doctor’s advice was the biggest mistake of my life, because the pressure sent from between 17 to 19, in the left and right eye respectively before the surgery to low five, after surgery but only for about three weeks and then the pressures started rising steadily to the high 30s within one month post surgery. Not only did the pressure increase drastically, but the sort of eye pain I had never ever in the least experienced in spite of the existing mid teens pressures, ensued approximately five months after the the surgery, and continued for over four years now, and I am rapidly losing my eye sight. Over a year and a half ago, the doctors again strongly recommended additional surgery to correct the first and the same for the eye that has not yet undergone glaucoma surgery, but I have remained undecided because I have lost my trust. Now the pressures in both eyes is between 45 and 50 respectively. I believe that there is something out that would reverse the advanced stage problem in my eyes. Thank you.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Laura says:

      I’ve done wonders for my eyes using the exercises plus energy psychology. much of my underlying symptoms were due to emotional stuff. The nutrition is important, yet it easier to stick with healthy eating when the emotional pressure is dialed way down

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Christine Hollis says:

      For many years, I have been diagnosed with glaucoma, and was on Timolol for 3 or 4 years until I learned it caused my heart rate to fall to 40. Am also allergic to many other drugs, such Alphergan, etc. My right eye is a whole different story, as our eyes work independently of each other.

      I have had glaucoma in my left eye for many years. I am now 82 years of age. The pressure kept rising. My doctor talked with me about putting an express shunt in my eye, and I permitted him to do so. that was done in January 2012, since that time, my eye pressure lhas been holding at 10. I recommend discussing with your eye doctor and if he will not consider an express shunt for your eye, then I will be glad to refer you to my doctor @ MUSC, Goose Creek, SC.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Karen says:

      I’ve regreted takingphysicins advice too. I learned after taking prescribed beta blockers (for kidney disease related high blood pressure) that they cause “changes in vision”–my venous ocular ocLusion became worse.
      The steroid shot that iwas toldwas needed to bring down the prounced swelling, caused more swelling, leaking, and now I have high ocular pressure and have been put on Timerol eye drops– effective but not w/out risks. I have started Lucentis shots which seem to help my vision. I am now starting a nutrion based program to heal called “The Outback Vision Protocol” Fast Start Guide, by Bill CampBell– it has given me more energy and hope.Also havelearned that alpa lipoic acid and diosamin & rutn found in citrus bioflavinoids & quercetin are helpful. WISHING YOU, me & all, very best.

      • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Margie Carrell says:

        DONT TAKE PHARMA DRUGS!!! TOO MANY SIDE AFFECTS…INCLUDING DEATH!! Holistic healing is best….❤ Eat for healing…..❤

        • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Angie Marshick says:

          I have Epilepsy (partial tonic clonic). I take this super expensive anti-conulsant ((Lamotrigene 300 mg Extended release). Truthfully, I’d love to get off it, but my doctor acts like he’s in love with the stuff. I also have hypothyroidism and take 100 mg of Levothyroxinein the morning. My doctor acts like she’s in love with that stuff, too. And unfortunately, I also have Glaucoma. As you can see, I got my plate full. I’d love to get off or reduce my medication amount for the Epilepsy and Hypothyroidism and I’d like to use natural holistic or/and nutritional methods to deal with these ailments, instead of drugs. Any suggestions?

          • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sharon P. says:

            I, too, have hypothyroidism and was once prescribed levothyroxine. That drug gave me terrible leg cramps, and my doctor said she had never heard of that side effect. I told her to check the internet to see all the people complaining of leg cramps. Finally I got her to prescribe Natur-thyroid, a natural desiccated thyroid. It works great for me. Check it out.

  86. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mark says:

    My eye pressure is 20 in the left eye and 22 in the right eye. I am very nearsighted. I’m a 53 year old. My doctor suggested a Beta Blocker called Timolol. I’m not on any drugs and sure don’t want to start a drug that I’ll probably been on for life. I’ve had my eye pressure checked for many years and I’ve always been high……usually the upper teens. What’s your opinion on my numbers and the idea of Timolol? Thanks.

  87. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen martino says:

    son who is 4yrs old having high eye pressure how to reduce by natural treatment or any eye exercise,

  88. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Possum says:

    Chisom, did your brother manage to get his eye pressure down! If so how?

  89. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen chisom says:

    thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. i have a brother who’s eye pressure refuse to go down , it presently is at 41mmhg. now i know how to help him. thanks.

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen lori jordan says:

      eat blueberries every day at least 1 cup daily and go to life extension and get eye pressure support. It worked good for me pressure was 28 and 27 got it down to 19 and 20.

  90. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Joe says:

    Will daily walking help?

  91. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Trust only in JESUS for eternal life.Read Psalm 103:3 and John 14:14

  92. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jack says:

    I would be very happy with your numbers. Mine are upper 30’s. My eye doctor says the goal is to get numbers down to the 20’s.

  93. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lisa says:

    No way should you need eye medication, them eye pressures are fine, they recommend above 22 and you may need treatment , hope that helps

  94. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Below 21 is considered normal if u are over 40years of age.Exercise lowers eye pressure temporary but theni it goes up again soon afterwoods

  95. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Timolol decreases the fluid production in the eye.I think it’s okay to use the drops as there are rarely any side effects of these.Use them so that you can retain good vision for life…:)

  96. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Dose it work

  97. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    use dhristi eye drops by babaramdeva in india.Earlier i ued to take combigan eye drops but since one year i m putting these drops…you can get online…first few days they will b difficult but later on you will get used to..

  98. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Concerned says:

    You can google “what is normal eye pressure” – I had a very bad experience with timolol. After about a months use, one night my blood pressure climbed to 225 plus.
    I became extremely dizzy and could not walk alone. I went to the emergency room and had quite a few tests. Every thing was normal regarding my health and the reason for my blood pressure elevation was a mystery until I remembered the only thing I had done differently was to use Timolol eye drops. My hospital records states that my condition upon arriving was “significantly life threatening”. I stopped taking immediately and substituted with Zioptan. I am very much into health and nutrition and am also looking to find a natural remedy for Glaucoma – I also had a bad experience with Lumigan which caused major eye inflammation, burning, extreme redness, soreness and headaches.

  99. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen anil says:

    mark…use combigan eyes drop twice a day and have one diamox tablet will drop ur pressure down to an average 16…

  100. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Barbara says:

    My doctor prescribed Timolol for me. It worked great. The problem for me is took my hair out. I was only on Tomolol for 2 weeks.

  101. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Barb says:

    Mark, I was on Timolol and with 2 weeks I lost a significant amount of hair on the top of my head. I found out that one of the severest side effects of Timolol is extreme hair loss. Timolol, however did bring my eye pressure.

  102. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Elmir says:

    If there is no change on your optical nerve, then there is no need to begin a therapy with these numbers. But you should check regularly.

  103. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bobby says:

    Al, you and I are very lucky to have been diagnosed at the early age. I was at 23 in 1968. With glaucoma you may be losing your peripheral vision ( side vision) without knowing. The sooner you are diagnosed and begin treatments, meant only to prevent further blindness the better. While it’s okay to adjust one’s diet and take supplements, find a good ophthalmologist to manage your eye pressure.

  104. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen C. Willis says:

    Thanks for this bit of info. Did this just help with your high eye pressure or did it help other things? I’ve read about forskolin as well. I am going to try what you used to see if it will work for me as well.

  105. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen KERI says:

    Oh wow…God sent me to this site to read your comment I believe. I am a 33 year old Type 1 diabetic. I have been disgnosed with glaucoma since I was about 19. I hate taking eye drops and must admit I rarely do. I have been diagnosed with diabetes since I was 2. I am very healthy otherwise. For the last couple years, I havent even had a cold. I am big on natural and organic supplements and foods as I believe it should be our medicine. Surgery is incurable & I dont want to treat symptoms. I want to get to the root. If you are ever on again, please respond back so maybe some kind of way we can correspond more.

  106. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Richard says:

    Did you stop taking your eye drops right away? I don’t see my doctor for two months and I am afraid if start taking the Forskolin I may get a spike in pressure.

  107. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Tobradex can give high eyeball pressure. They used it insurgery with me. Prednison and corisone can give high eyeball pressure. Tobradex contains both of them.
    After my operation I had such high eyeball presure because of it, that my optical nerve was damaged. They call this acute glaucome.

  108. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Prednison and cortison can give high eyeball pressures.
    I had this after an eye operation in connection with my retina.They used Tobradex before the operation. It caused irreparable damage to my eyenerve. It gave me accute glaucome, meaning my nerve has been damaged.

  109. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    I’m told that smoking small amounts of pot daily helps..Please research to see if I am correct. Hope my sources are correct. Many blessings.

  110. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    1 Diamox and 2 imot drops a day

  111. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ola ojo says:

    You may try coconut oil to reduxe the damage

  112. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Zak says:

    My prayers and humble regards. May Allah bless u eith your eyesight and keep all others safe.. Ameen

  113. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sally says:

    U need to jucie spinach with carrot blueberries have it every morning before eating…ofter 40. Min u can have ur breakfast..have lots of greens drink lots of water cut out sugar not good for ur health

  114. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:


    I suggest you to take 1 to 2 grams of vitamin C and 60 mg of dihydroquerctine a day also a lot of exercises, no milk, no conserve food, dont drink any soda And your sight will be recuperated and your IOP should lower drasticaly. I want to read for you in just 3 weeks.

    You should also add those suplements to your diet on a daily dosis:

    Magnesium 500mg
    omega 3 EPA 400 mg or DHA 250 mg

  115. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    One thing that I do to lower the pressure in my eyes is eye exercises. Twice a day I roll my eyes in sideway figure eights. First to the left and then to the right. Fifty times each. Sounds crazy but it works for me. Prayer also helps.

  116. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    I’m happy to hear that there”s a doctor who knows how to perform glauoma surgery. What’s his phone number.

  117. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Get a sleep study done you could have sleep apnea it effects the eyes try doing some research on sleep,apnea and glaucoma connection

  118. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    I have had 3 surgeries, I have 2 tube in the left eye. Now he wants me to hv tube put in the right eye. I don’t think I can take it the right eye pressure is 32. Left eye 19. Someone told me I need to smoke marjianna. But I don’t do drugs, but it is a thought. Lol.

  119. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen LC says:

    Dr. Douglas James Cottrell has YouTube videos and personalized health readings on how to correct health challenges. Maybe he is worth checking out. He helped me with a health readings before.

  120. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    i think your doctor did not do a good job. i have had glucoma surgery in the last 3 years and the pressure on both eyes have come down to 6 and 10.
    contact me and i will pass the details of my doctor to you . i recommended him any day.

  121. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen nata says:

    Check your vit D levels! If you live in the Uk, you don’t get any vitMin D from nov-feb!!!!!!
    eat wild salmon, organic egg yolks, organic spinach, beets, yellow corn, raw bellpeppers!!!

  122. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Akhilesh says:

    HI ,I too have increased IOP in both eyes.I particularly have problem when working in front of a desktop or laptop screen.Sometimes even if I work on computer screen ,even then I face no problem & sometimes even if I dont use a computer screen, i find heaviness in both eyes ,dryness & itching.I feel those so many eye specialists whom I have visited, they all have not been able to diagnose me properly.
    pls share your doctors details, city & any other detail that may help me.

    thanks & regards

  123. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Please let me know where whom, or how. my eyes ar getting worse every day.
    My name is Don.

  124. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jean Napier says:

    What type of eye surgery did you have for glaucoma and the doctor’s name. Do you still feel it was a success in lowering the eye pressure? Thank you for any info provided. Jean

  125. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Nicole says:

    Good day can i get the contact for the doc plzs

  126. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bisi says:

    I will appreciate if u can give me the phone no and address of ur doctor.

  127. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bobbie says:

    What is your doctor name,my pressure was 21he put me own lugiman it came down to 16-in both eyes I do not want to stay own this medication I need something natural

  128. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen shanti gupta says:

    I am a glaucoma patient my eye pressure is very high even after surgery please give me the details of your doctor….

  129. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Senol canlier says:

    Hi just read what you wrote i went to moorfield yesterday my pressure was 17 in both eyes, getting really worried now im on eye drops going back in 4 months. Can stess make it worse? Also whos your doktor really dont want to loose my eysight.

  130. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    6 is way too low!

  131. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    You want to help him, get him in to see an eye doctor before he goes blind.

  132. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jyotika says:


    Did any of the above help your brother? Im trying to find remedies for my mom.

  133. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Tammy Smith says:

    What happened did he recover my sons is 42 eye pressure

  134. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen cortez says:

    i hope your brother gets a lot better.

  135. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen jafarali says:

    how can solve ? pls help

  136. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Evarose56 says:

    Hi how is your pressure now ? sister told me about the veg glycerin and i was a bit sceptical however she knows someone who use it and their pressure was lowered. .
    Presently my doc is basically suggesting surgery because pressure in my good eye is 29 I think and the bad eye which I had surgery in 2008 the bleb develop a scar tissue which is getting closer to my pupil right eye is already shot ..I am a reader and dread the idea of going blind ..he says within four yrs I will go blind I am taking some of the vitamin mention here but the Forskolin showed up as a diet pill so I am wondering if that is really what others say lower their pressure ..I am not one for diet pills but if it really help the pressure then I just have to weigh the odds .
    He wants to put a shunt in and one of the risk is blindness. .my left eye is presently 20/20 with my glasses..I told him let me try and lower the pressure along with the four drops I am already on and see if it works I will receive the glycerin on Monday ..start vitamin C and Moringa tea today ..I pray all of us get our pressure lower and keep our eyesight for as long as possibly. ..I am so stress and depress …

  137. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bisi says:

    How would u take d glycerin? Is it by drinking?

  138. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    How long did it take before eye pressure went down? Is this a daily thing?

  139. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sheila says:

    Didn’t your friend who became blind do anything about his glaucoma before he became blind?

  140. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Debi says:

    Hi Martino, does your son consume commercial grains, meat, dairy and processed foods, every day? These foods are inflammatory and will promote every disease.

  141. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Dale Smith says:

    Make sure he sees a qualified medical professional, you don’t want to mess around with your eyes. There is no natural foods or exercise that will help to any great extent.

  142. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Abiodun Wilhelm says:

    You can have marijuana tea rather than smoking. Think about the effect of the smoke.

    Marijuana might not be classified as a drug by some but it has its own negative impact. To others and quite a number of people IT IS A DRUG.

    Try fennel tea and drink about two cups a day and make sure you wash your eyes with clean water at least four times a day to keep it lubticated.

  143. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen reginald says:

    pot drops pressure but for only like 4 hours at a time. have to smoke FOREVER for real relief. goes to show, BOTH sides feed you crap!

  144. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen reginald says:

    be sure to check the side effects of the comigan, they are real and it is LISTED comigan can also CAUSE cataracts and warnings AGAINST long term use. be wise, take the time to do the natural stuff if you can.. you CAN heal yourself but it is work as i am diligently working on mine. meditation helps also. of course the medical profession would rather herd us all into a “one size fits all.” it is the numbers game. just had cataract surgery and for the most part, i really can’t say it is better. the stuff they give you to take AFTER surgery can wreak havoc in your life, i KNOW…

  145. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Donnalyn says:

    Marijuana is NOT NOT NOT a drug, it is a plant, A PLANT! BIG FAT DIFFERENCE DUDE!

  146. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Manolo says:

    Could I ask what kind of surgery you got? I was suggested to get SLT (a type of laser. Anyone has experience with that?

  147. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Optical express casuality says:

    Azarga has a preservative called Benzylchronium chloride which if you Google it is a household disinfectant!
    I have intra ocular pressure courtesy of Dexamethazone which is a steroid, I am now a steroid responder.

  148. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Medical doctors are too traditional with pharmaceutical products, I dont want to guest why, cause in my country the naturalist doctor who open a clinic is the one you find dead three days later in the streets
    what I have been advised by a friend is
    1 imot pill twice a day
    1 acetazolamide once a day
    2g of vitamin c once a day
    and it works

  149. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Robinson Etseyatse says:

    Dear Mr. Ola Ojo,
    I really would love to try the coconut oil, so please advise me on how to use it.
    Thanking you in advance.


  150. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bisi says:

    Ola ojo please tell me how to use the coconut oil. Thks

  151. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bisi says:

    Can you please tell me how to use the coconut oil.

  152. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Philip says:

    Very encouraging research. Pl. send some links to follow the procedure to follow properly to get results.

  153. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen carlos says:

    go to they can help you get a reliable tonometer. they cost from 2,000$ to 9,000

  154. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bisi says:

    Thanks for this information. How can u use the coconut oil. Is it by drinking or applying it?. If its by drinking, how many times a day and the measurements.
    Where can I get forskoline?

  155. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Trina says:

    Do u take a blood pressure for your high blood?You need to see a doctor for your high blood pressure.

  156. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Joseph says:

    That drug lowered your body’s PH which leads to cancer.

  157. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Bisi says:

    Can u please provide the name , phone noand address of your doctor

  158. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Emily Matias says:

    How you supposed to use coconut oil.

  159. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ade says:

    how can i use coconut oil please

  160. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jacob Nelkin says:

    Your eye exercises do not sounds crazy at all – but sounds as an ACTIVITY to increase the blood circulation,. oxigation and cleaning off your blood vessels. It is natural and so way harmless help the eyes state – let it work for you

  161. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen reginald says:

    good stuff!!!

  162. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    May God bless you

  163. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Louis says:

    I have bought an ebook on how to lower the eye pressure by various exercices of the eyes as You mentioned . Now that i read what you have done i will give a try.
    Thank you for the info

  164. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ainea Kimaro says:

    I have tried to blink for every step that i make in my morning exercises – i walk briskly and blink fast at the same time. The other day i applied raw pepper slightly on the lower part of the eye brow – be carefull, and went over with ice cubes. Please make sure no water enters the eye. I was happy full day!

  165. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Goober says:

    thats making me DIZZY just reading about it!

  166. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lil 'Anonymous says:

    sideway figure eights yeh? does sound a bit crazy but I will try it!

  167. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ola ojo says:

    Coconut oil also gives ketones which help repair Brian and glaucoma damage… I got this while on a long and thorough research for my dad.
    A man once went on a kerogenic diet and his glaucoma damage was reversed. Another man gave his wife coconut oil and that reversed the damage after sometime.
    There is proof that glaucoma damage can be reversed contrary to what was earlier believed.

  168. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ola ojo says:

    Just ensure you exercise daily. That should maintain your iop at 15

  169. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Rodrigue Viard says:

    I don’t find that dihydroquercetine since 4 months I am looking for it can you give some hints on where to find it, please

  170. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Hi! Nice opinion, i believe God’s miracle and His guidance through food diet by eating nuts,fruits and greens. Can you tell me what herbs are you referring to? Which is good for the eyesight?
    Thank you.-Ruth

  171. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Arthur says:

    I would really hold on before I had surgery. I too am a diabetic with edema. I have been getting those shots as well for years. And now I am seeing a glaucoma specialist who prescribing lumigan ( that turned my eyes red and started oozing ). This made my vision worse so now he prescribe Timolol. I am not going to take it ( same side effects ). This is our health and we must not sit on the sideline and let others determine what our future will be like . I too have the greatest of insurance so I am not going to let doctors determine my future of seeing based on the need to have more Money. I do not have a solution yet but I am going to the health food store and find one along with exercise and lifestyle changes. I will tell you what I’ve learned over the next couple of weeks but until then I will keep you in my prayers. Please don’t give up you seem like you have family who really love you.

    Taking my life back from the doctors and trusting in God and my own ability to try harder by putting my brain and body to work.


  172. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    So did it work?

  173. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    My left eyeball is swollen and poppy looking I really want my eyeball back to its normal size I know its high eye pressure I also have high blood pressure this has the left side of my face looking totally different from the right side I’m horrified help I have to get my normal look back please people tell think if it were you again tell what worked for you

  174. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Maryann says:

    I am a diabetic, and I have diabetic edema. For the last year, I have been going to eye specialists for injections of ILEA. No fun. Painful. My pictures indicate no changes after a year. A few months ago, my doctor gives me a STEROID injection, and this sends my eye pressure up to 70. For three months I have been on two drops and two different pills, and now I see a glaucoma specialist. This is like a bad dream,. The glaucoma doctor prescribed two different of the same drug that I have been taking. One was generic, and one wasn’t. There was no way of me knowing I was overdosing on this drug. I fell asleep twice a day for an hour each time. I threw up my food. My medication for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol also came up. Yesterday I went back to the glaucoma specialist. His assistant and him had no idea all the drugs I was taking that maybe could have killed me?? I am a mother of four. The doctor INSISTED ON A GLAUCOMA DRAINAGE IMPLANT surgery in just a few days. This will leave me with a bloody and droopy eye for a month. I am an elementary teacher. I clearly can’t go to school looking like a horror show. Now I want to buy my own device to measure pressure. Tonometer. The glaucoma assistant hinted that the medication works for everyone. Maybe because I was taking way too much, this could be why it didn’t work. I am trying to learn vitamins, sleeping positions, etc. that can help lower this pressure naturally. I am upset that the doctor INSISTED on me scheduling a surgery in just a few days. This is because I have top of the line health insurance. Please send me ideas. Thanks. Reaching out for help with stress and frustration.

  175. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Wendy says:

    Has the exercises to your eyes help l was told other day l have pressure behind my left eye

  176. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Jayme says:

    I am 42 I also had surgery in my left eye about a year ago.. My right eye pressure was always normal until this week.. Pressure reading at 28.. I am worried that I’m going to need surgery for the right eye.. Does anyone know what cause high eye pressure?

  177. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Fred says:

    What is palming?

  178. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Pamela Gordon says:

    Hi Jessie Burns, how has this advise helped you, did you go on the Vitamin C, and is your glaucoma better

  179. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen yash says:

    I was diagnosed with high eye pressure recently please i want to know what the second opinion told you to do that is making you get better and please give the before – after and now results

  180. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen yashod says:

    please even i want to know about the second opinion. as i also have eye pressure just from one month before.

  181. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Thank you I’ve experienced the same thing I have closed angle losing the hair on the top of my head and I stopped because it also maDE me nauseated thank you thank you I’m not alone my doctor didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about thank you again

  182. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen bharath says:

    im 20 years and i have severe eye pressure from 4 years,due to pressure i had got something like little pimple like structure inside optical nerve right in my vision,it made problem to my studies, so i consult a eye specialist , he gave me some liquid medicine to apply on the eye,but it didnt work, i know its pressure in my eye because i feel like headache and dry eye`s,
    so i tried my own treatment through food diet

    STEP 1 :
    I started eat only 2 times a day milk in morning and lunch and dinner just a small amount ,and no foods in btw lunch and dinner,

    STEP 2 :
    drinking glass of water daily at 5:00 am in morning

    STEP 3:
    avoding tea. and coffie and caffine products,because we should get sleep btw 11:00 to 8:00 compulsory,

    STEP 4 :
    away from computer always be sure to spend more time in open air

    practice this for 1month you will definity recover

    STEP 5: if it didnt work consult docter immediately and make sure you follow this diet while you get tretment from docter

    after recover it may attact you again then apply this same treatment ,
    this is my personal experience this will give you relief to your eye definitly

  183. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen DebT says:

    I’m taking lutein and xeazanthum additional to my normal diet as they are both recommended for eye health. My consultant is wanting to operate on my right eye (left one has already been done) but I’m desperate not to have that done as the first one has taken ages to settle and the sight will never be as good as it was originally (despite the glaucoma!!) I now have one very short sighted eye and one very long sighted eye.. which makes buying suitable glasses on that prescription an absolute nightmare! I have normal tension glaucoma so they worry about anything over about a pressure of 14 with my eyes.. nothing is ever simple!!!

  184. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Keri says:

    Carrots and green leafy vegetables definitely. Omega 3 as well. I am trying a supplement called Forskolin also but dont know the results yet. Someone above made that recommendation.

  185. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Richard says:

    please i want to know what the second opinion told you to do that is making you get better and please give the before – after and now results
    please – thank you – GOD BLESS

  186. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen bjd says:

    please i want to know what the second opinion told you to do that is making you get better and please give the before – after and now results
    please – thank you – GOD BLESS t

  187. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Richard says:

    We are desperately seeking natural ways to lower eye pressure. Did your brother manage to get his eye pressure down! If so how?

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