Vision Training

Vision training, vision therapy, eye exercises… have we lost you? Check out these articles to find out what vision training is and how a series of natural vision improvement exercises and techniques can improve, maintain, and prevent vision problems.

Eye Exercises for Blurred Vision

Eye Exercises for Blurred Vision

Did you know that blurry vision is a common symptom of many different eye problems? Depending on the problem, your ability to see sharpness and contrast diminishes. Lack of visual acuity can be a symptom of serious eye diseases, like glaucoma. Or, it could be a result of less severe conditions like myopia and old-age. […]

Vision Therapy for Problems That Can’t Be Fixed with Eyeglasses

Vision therapy can be one of the top ways to treat common vision conditions such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This is an especially useful treatment for school children, whose eyes easily adapt to the therapy techniques. Unfortunately, not every child gets the treatment they need when they’re young and conditions like amblyopia and strabismus […]

Eye Conditions That Can Be Addressed with Vision Therapy

We’ve thrown this stat at our readers more times than we can count, but it’s just such a pertinent one that we’re going to give it to you one more time: Did you know that 80 percent of all learning is visual? Though this statistic refers mostly to classroom learning, it really does speak to […]

What Is Vision Science?

Vision Science, simply put, is the science of your vision. It is a relatively recent term, and is used to describe all studies that are related to how humans and animals process information visually. This type of science also had numerous sub-types, which include ophthalmology, neuroscience, computer vision, perception psychology and more. How Is Vision […]

Pretty Cool Facts About Peripheral Vision

The human eye is an amazing work of nature. It is a combination of muscles and lenses working together to send messages to the brain that come back with perceived images. Peripheral vision is just one part of the overall ability to see, and there are some pretty neat things about this area of eyesight. […]

Your Eyes Might Need Therapy

When it comes to correcting vision, we’re largely used to thinking in terms of glasses, contacts, or even surgery. However, some problems may need a slightly different technique. A growing movement of optometrists have begun to extensively dabble in vision training – a branch of alternative medicine that includes eye exercise and tailored eye exams. […]

How to Naturally Strengthen Peripheral Vision

Our readers visit our site to learn about vision care and take our eye vitamins for a variety of reasons, from strengthening near and far vision to slowing down and treating aging vision and astigmatism. Still, out of all those, you’ll likely find a couple unusually popular reasons, like maybe finally getting rid of those pesky […]

Is Brain Training the Same as Vision Training?

Brain training has become a major buzzword over the past couple of years. Sites such as Lumosity have marketed games and puzzles appearing on the site as ways to maintain mental acuity, boost memory, and stave off the cognitive decline of old age. Now, a recent study has also indicated that some sectors of brain […]

Eye Health for Pilots

As we’ve said, vision can be everything for a pilot. I mean, that is how Rebuild Your Vision started – with one visually challenged person’s dream to fly for the US Navy. My own dilemma and eventual solution are all listed front and center on the RYV site if you’re interested in reading the full […]

What Is Peripheral Awareness and How Important Is It?

Peripheral awareness is the ability to see action or objects that are not in your direct line of vision, but instead taking place on the sides of your vision. Just think about when you are driving and you are focused on the car in front of you because traffic is starting and stopping very rapidly. […]

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