Best Eye Vitamins for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that needs to be diagnosed by an eye care specialist. But even though the eye doctor can recommend several treatment options to help those suffering from glaucoma, you can also take steps on your own to treat (or better yet, prevent) glaucoma.

For such a common but devastating problem, as glaucoma can lead to blindness, it’s good to know that there are natural vision improvement options out there to save your vision!

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is actually the largest cause of blindness worldwide. High pressure inside the eye is usually what causes glaucoma, but the condition also includes damage to the optical nerves, which often if significant, results in blindness.

The most common form of glaucoma is known as primary open-angle glaucoma; unfortunately, there are no signs of this disease until it is in advanced stages. The only symptom is gradual vision loss, which can occur without glaucoma being a factor.

A second type of glaucoma, known as acute angel closure glaucoma, is a more aggressive form of glaucoma and will progress more rapidly. Symptoms associated with this type of glaucoma include nausea, eye pain, redness, blurred vision, and colored rings around lights. This type of glaucoma is actually an emergency situation, so do not hesitate to go to the hospital.

Glaucoma is most common in people over 40, however people of any age can develop the disease. The only real way to find out if you have glaucoma is to have regular vision exams at the eye doctor. By having yearly exams, doctors can catch glaucoma before it has a chance to progress further.

Those at a higher risk for glaucoma include individuals over the age of 60, African-Americans, people with a family history of glaucoma, those who have suffered an injury to the eye, and people with other certain medical conditions.

Vitamins for Preventing and Treating Glaucoma

When trying to prevent or treat glaucoma, it is really important to get enough antioxidants. For example, you will want to make sure you are getting enough vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc. All of these nutrients function as antioxidants.

Generally speaking, a great source of antioxidants in general is green tea. Green tea is very good for you, and the added benefit of the antioxidants will help you if you are interested in prevented glaucoma or if you are trying to manage it. Look for green teas that do not have other flavors added in, as these are the more pure types of tea.

Best Eye Vitamins for GlaucomaVitamin C is probably one of the easiest vitamins to get. Additionally, vitamin C is water soluble, which means that you cannot get too much of it. Your body will simply pass the excess vitamin C that it does not need. Vitamin C can be conveniently obtained from supplements, tasty candy drops, and foods such as spinach and oranges. You can also eat other types of fruit such as guava and other vegetables such as kale.

Vitamin A is also fairly easy to come by. Add plenty of sweet potatoes, eggs, broccoli, cheese, grapefruit, and greens to your diet, and you are good to go on vitamin A! If you do not like fruits and vegetables or simply cannot get enough in your normal diet, consider taking a supplement. Be sure to consult your doctor first before starting a supplement!

Zinc can be found in lean meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, whole grain products, and oysters. Since many of the foods that have these essential vitamins for eye health overlap with one another, it is important to plan out a healthy diet to ensure you are meeting your daily recommendations on all of these nutrients!

Remember, all vitamins should be taken in their recommended amounts. It is always best to get your nutrients from then natural sources, but if you must take supplements, be careful! It is entirely possible to overdose on vitamins, so be sure you are taking the right dosage for your age and gender.

Other Options to Help Prevent Glaucoma

While glaucoma is a serious disease, you can use the vitamins described above to supplement your treatment, or to simply help prevent glaucoma. In addition to these vitamins, you should check out our 17 recommended vitamins, herbs, and minerals for healthy eyes.

Remember that it is always important to take very good care of your eyes. Eat right, limit time in front of computers and televisions, take breaks when working on computers, and take your vitamins!

It is also important to protect your eyes from the sun and to rest them properly when they have been strained. Your eye health is your responsibility, so even if you suffer from a severe condition like glaucoma, take charge and work to better your vision!


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  1. #

    I have glaucoma and am hoping to find something to help keep my eyesight. My pressures were 16 a week ago.  Cataracts are not a big issue yet although I have trouble reading fine print.  I am 82 and very active. 

  2. #

    I am 45 just under went an eye operation in saudi was retina detachment now it’s two weeks i have the doctor today 22dec2014.he my presoure is high n had given eye drops. Can i also do the natural way to reduse the pressoure. Please advise thanks regards hakeem

  3. #

    I have eye sight problem due to high pressure in both the eyes. These days pressure is above 20 every day in both the eyes. I am 35 years. and using Travatan and Combigan medicines in both the eyes . My vision in right eye is very low so only one eye is working . If I dont use both the medicines then my pressure will be above 35 …. so How long my eyes can be survived. on medicines. what are other ways to cure my left eye which is only working. now.


    • #

      Do the micropulse lazer to reduce your eye pressure

      • #

        laser helps but does not work forever. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. it didn’t for me. I can help you get off one of two of your drops. Over time my drops, specifically Travatan caused corneal disease.

  4. #

    I am 47 years I had a surgery for glaucoma on 2003. I am using the eye drop for controlling high pressure. These days my eyes getting dry and sometimes red.So I am asking which eye drop can I use it for my dry eyes?

    • #

      I too have dry eyes from using eyedrops for my high-pressure -my doctor recommended preservative free eyedrops they come in individual vials. I use a brand called Systane, you can get it at any Walmart or drugstore. it says to throw the rest away after you open it and use a few drops but my doctor said you can use it again as long as you put the lid back on the vial and use it before the day is over.Best of luck to you dear.

    • #

      Ask if you can be on Restasis. Also using Systane gel drops and nighttime gel can help. The other help is with heat compacts – moist hot washcloth or Thermalon will help

    • #

      For dry eyes you can use Bion Tears. They are presevative free.

  5. #

    the pressure in both my eyes is low, 9 to be exact. The doctor is treating me for glaucoma because of enlarge optic nerve. So far he has prescribed three different eye drops that I am allergic to. My eyes hurt and I am depressed. Can someone help me please.

    • #

      Keep changing your meds. I went through 3-4 different drops until I settled on Timolol.

    • #

      Hazel,If I were you,I would check with another eye Dr. I was using several eye drops prescribed by an eye Dr,and my condition was getting worse. I too was getting depressed.I kept telling the Dr that I thought I was allergic to one or all of the drops. I went to my family doctor and he referred me to another eye Dr.And the first thing the new doctor did was to take me off of all the drops. I too was being treated for glaucoma,but the new doctor told me I had a thinning of the cornea and sent me to a cornea specialist. I will keep nyou in my prayers. Blessings

  6. #

    Hi Hazel,
    You need to see another ophthalmologist IMMEDIATELY. Try to find the best you can. You shouldn’t continue a treatment that is making you sick, you shouldn’t insist on taking medicine you are allergic to. Your glaucoma diagnostic should be reviewed. Blessings.

  7. #

    I’ve had so many eye surgeries and using three types of drops and my eye is still high in both eyes are the surgeries worth it and what is the purpose for the surgeries and I’m still having problems I just don’t understand but I know I have to trust God

    • #

      Yes it maybe worth it my husband had laser surgery they poked hole in the back of the eye to drain the fluid that’s what keep your pressure high it build up lots of fluid.

  8. #

    I have glucoma stage 1 on right eye dr says..dr give eye drop for droping both eyes 2 daily timo comod 0.5 % to control having glocuma.istead of its what vitamin should i take to prevent from getting glocuma.thaknyou.

  9. #

    Am just 22 and I started having this Glaucoma, can’t see with my right eye where I have it, have used many eye drop but to no avil and the doctor says that the next step is to operate on the eye. I need prayers and I pray that all this vitamins will help me

    • #

      I am also 31 , diagnosed with gulcoma , not getting what to do now .

  10. #

    Good symathetic simple site indeed.Vitamins & Antioxidants do help in slowing the advancement of the Glaucoma damages.All Dears above are requested to take care of their eyes along with proper vitamins & Antioxidants;in addition to the procedures recommended by their family eye Specialists!

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    I have glaucoma but want to use a vitimain. with this

  12. #

    I don’t no but think chancha to I have a glukoma. My eyes color Braun

  13. #

    Large quantities of Vitamin C reduce pressure. Used in Europe as a common therapy, I take between 3 and 10 grams a day with no side effects. Also take lutein, bilberry, pine bark extract, grapeseed extract and get a lot of exercise. Had 4 SLT laser treatments 6 years ago – no more of that crap every 6 months for me. Almost $2,000 for a 45 second treatment. If you research the supplements I’ve listed you’ll find they can help. Get high quality supplements like Puritan’s Pride or something as good. Hope this helps some people out there.

    • #

      Hi just got diagnosed with narrow angle closure glaucoma only 60 scary crap
      Thank-you for sharing all virtual information.God bless still trying to wrap my head around this. This happened because of drug citalopram drug. Had l known this side effect l wouldn’t of touched that. Anyways thks for reading this. Take care

  14. #

    Yes indeed. I take as many nutrients for my eyes as I can. I know they work. Thanks Tom

  15. #

    I have glaucoma, had 3 surgeries (my pressure is 26) is not getting better , my new medicine is Methazolamide 50 mg (a lot of side effects) my question is, is 26 is to high.

  16. #

    Hi i hav high eye pressure in one eye the other one is goid eye dr says its glaucoma and laser and eye surgery is needed to helpbut it wil not bring back lost vision help please so confused i need to try vitamin

  17. #

    My mom has the same problem with all the eye drops. They make her very sick. In the ER 3 times. No doctor believed her when she said it was an allergic reaction. Finally I had to look up the side effects and show it to them. She had a laser surgery that worked for a while. Now they got her on drops again and she is sick everyday. She would rather go blind in one eye than be sick everyday. She’s 83

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