Eye Doctors

When it comes to diagnosing vision problems, there are a number of eye doctors from optometrists to opthalmologists that can help. Learn about the different fields and how each one can help you if you have poor vision or suffer from a debilitating eye disease.

Double Vision Causes & What You Can Do

Eye doctors spend 70 percent of their practice’s time diagnosing and treating double vision. Even if you’ve never experienced this uncomfortable condition, it’s incredibly common. Double vision can occur in one or both eyes, at any age or demographic. It could mean you need a new prescription for your glasses. Or, it could be a […]

Why Eye Exams Are NOT Just for Vision Checks

When was the last time you went to the eye doctor for an eye exam? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while. Part of the reason we don’t go very often is that we don’t know when we should be going. If your vision is perfect and you don’t need glasses or […]

The Difference Between a Comprehensive Eye Exam and a Regular One

Understanding your vision and pinpointing the problems can be somewhat of a challenge at times. What can sometimes be even more confusing is knowing what kind of eye exam to get: a comprehensive one or a regular one? Knowing the difference between a comprehensive eye exam and a regular or routine eye exam is crucial […]

What’s a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Just like any other part of our body, we need to have our eyes check by professionals. Unfortunately, many people skip out on this crucial step in healthy living. Too often, people think that if they can see well, then their eyes must be healthy. Sight can be deceiving. Many threatening eye diseases that can […]

What Is Visual Acuity?

We’ve all seen those ads from eye glass companies selling not only stylish prescription glasses but also the promise of 20/20 vision. This has led to the widely accepted notion that 20/20 is the best possible vision. After all, an eyewear company isn’t going to sell their products on the promise of worse vision. Not […]

What Your Eyes Say About Your General Health

They are more than just windows to your soul. The eyes are a means by which doctors can get an early warning of any number of health problems. This is why improving vision is not the only reason to have your eyes examined. Checking for Cardiovascular Problems In the search for clues about overall health, […]

10 Questions to Ask Before an Eye Exam

Eye exams are essential for everyone regardless of whether they have an existing problem with their vision or not, and help in keeping infections, disease, or common eye problems at bay. Asking these 10 important questions before an eye exam will keep you in the loop when it comes to your exam process and will […]

The Difference Between Regular and Behavioral Optometry

If you haven’t really heard of behavioral optometry before, you’re not alone. The term isn’t an incredibly commonly-used one and it can be difficult to turf up information on the practice, let alone find a practitioner. At root, a behavioral optometrist is to a traditional optometrist as a chiropractor is to a spine doctor. Both […]

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