Eye Exercises for Blurred Vision

Blurred vision or blurry vision is when one or both of your eyes experience a failure to see things in a sharp fashion. The inability to see fine detail can be a symptom of many things ranging from a serious disease or health concern, such as glaucoma, to more common vision loss conditions, like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Blurry vision can also be a normal sign of aging or a result of wearing incorrect or outdated prescription lenses.

Health conditions unrelated to the eye such as migraines or strokes, as well as a head trauma, can also cause blurry vision. Certain medications can even cause temporary blurred vision. Sometimes, blurry vision may be sudden and then vanish quickly, like after reading up close or while in a moving vehicle, or as a result of sun overexposure.

Just another reason to always shield your eyes from the sun with sunglasses that block the harmful UV rays!

How to Stay Sharp

We exercise our muscles to stay strong and healthy, but how many of us take the time to exercise the muscles you are using right now to read this? That’s right, our eyes!

By properly giving our eyes a workout, we can prevent not only blurred vision but also the general decline of vision that comes naturally with age. And, seriously, eye exercises are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

Below are a few easy steps to lessen the chances of needing corrective contacts or glasses in the future. Try these four simple and quick exercises to get your eyes in shape fast!

Eye Exercises for Blurred VisionFour Exercises to Start Today

The 10-10-10 Rule

If you are someone that spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen, a TV, or reading books, the 10-10-10 Rule is for you. Focusing on objects in close proximity to our eyes causes blurry vision and may lead to long term damage to the ciliary muscles in our eyes. Every 10 minutes, focus on an object at least 10 feet away for a duration of 10 seconds. Doing this will give your eyes a “time-out” so they can recharge a little before going back to focusing on whatever it is you were doing.


Blinking is a very basic exercise, but it is also a very effective one. We already blink unconsciously, but you should train yourself to blink very firmly and hold it for two seconds. Blinking rests the eye muscles and keeps them loose. It also circulates moisture around the eyes, keeping them lubricated, relaxed and refreshed.

Relax and Reset

This palming exercise will take about 10 minutes and is best done in a quiet space. While resting comfortably in a chair, place your elbows on your desk or table. Massage your hands together as if you were trying to generate heat, and then place both of your hands gently over your eyes for about 10 minutes. Use this time to allow your eyes to relax, while you breathe deeply and unwind.

Stop, Tone and Roll

Our mothers taught us that rolling our eyes was impolite. But in this instance, it can actually help with blurry vision! By rolling your eyes, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise, you are toning your eye muscles and circulating blood flow and oxygen around the eye. Start by slowly rolling in both directions, then accelerating the speed. Aim for 15-20 repetitions.

Prevention to Keep Your Eyes Strong and Clear

Along with eye exercises, you should be implementing regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet into your every day life to help keep your eyes blur free. A daily eye vitamin, like the Ocu-Plus Formula, is a great way to get the essential vitamins and minerals your eyes need to stay healthy for years to come. Prevention is the first step; don’t wait until it’s too late, start taking care of your eyes and vision today.


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  1. ilana zinguer #

    For blurred vision
    when I am tired, like now, I have blurred vision for a while.
    I did the session of exercices, I feel more confortable now.
    Thank you
    We need the discipline to do these exercices regularly,
    it is the only problem. I know, the profit is enormous.

  2. zainab #

    Hi Tyler

    Thank you very much for wonderful eye exercises it really is doing great for my eyes.



    • omar #

      hi please help what should i do to improve my blurry eye vision?

      • Melissa #

        Me to I don’t want to be four eyes no more read read

  3. Amaj #

    I had a incident in basketball where someone head bumped right into my eyebull and everything suddenly became blurry in one eye not sure if it is temporarily but I hope it is, any advice?

    • arlene barnett #

      to Amaj check this out NOW! It maybe a detached retina caused by the blow

    • Blackdeath #

      This must be temporary. These types of things happen with me a lot but you should see a doctor for it stays the same for more than 1-2 days

    • Anonymous #

      As long as u go see a doctor, its temporary.
      Otherwise it might not

  4. Trice #

    I was having blurred vision when I got to work this morning. I googled natural remedies for blurred vision and came across this post. Thank you so much! i t has helped some already after doing it in one setting. I will continue to use these techniques daily.

  5. immy #

    sorry to say but been silly.
    I injectied a drug call tina. And since then my eys get blussy vision specialy at bright light. I had a full eye test done and was told all is good, i don’t need reading glasses for near or far.
    Please advice.

    • Woodland #

      You injected crystal meth friend. That causes brain damage and I am not sure if it causes brain damage right away within 1 shot, but I’d still go to your normal doctor (not the eye doctor) and say you went to a party and blacked out and someone told you that you shot up ask if the blurry vision is to do with it. It’s worth checking out. I’m pretty sure my vision is blurry because of the stuff I’ve snorted over my eariler life.

  6. Rana Umar Sharif #

    do the eye exercise even works??

    • Tina Lee #

      I don’t know
      Just try it I guess

  7. BELTON #

    Thank you so much i need this i ve on my phone in the dark that i know that light is no good i appreciate this

  8. Lhu #

    Thanks for sharing this one. Great help!

  9. Anonymous #

    I dont know whay happend to me but the things near me are not burry but the lond distance its blurry please what should i do

  10. Anonymous #

    Me too please help the things near me is not blurry but in a long distance is blurry I’m 22 yes old too young what should I do?

  11. Jensheen A F #

    I used computer for 3 days and night with few gaps with little sleep to complet my project. But yesterday i cant able to see the laptop screen more than 20 seconds . that irritates and pains in my eyebrow.

    I need to study for my exam on tomorrow , I started to study but the words are bluring and cant able to concentrate……..

    can you help a sudden relief to bring back my eyes for the exam……

  12. davell logan #

    I have used these exercises and they have worked wonders for me. Great information posted.

  13. ebenn kantong #

    thanks for the info

  14. leyla #

    i wear glasses so this is not really that useful but it did relax my eyes

  15. GB #

    With my left eye I cannot see clearly, everything is blurry. I have now read you exercises caption and I will try them.

    • Hc #

      Is your eye fine now

    • Faith #

      did it work? please tell me

  16. Jovanna #

    My right eye blurry i cant read any message only blurry eye

  17. dumi dumani #

    Hi thank you for the important information.
    There times that i focus on lets say fine print. I see it sharply but when i blink it becomes blurry. what could be the cause? How can i correct it? Note I have been wearing prescription lenses for the past 8 years and the scenario that i described above happens when i take off my glasses and try to see without them.

  18. shilpa v nayaka #

    This really works….thankyou!

    • Anonymous #

      After doing this we should ear glasses or not?

  19. Jay #

    Are you suoposed to do the exercises whenever your eyes feel blurry or just whenever to help? And are you supposed to do one after the other or just whichever one you feel like? Thanks in advance.

  20. Anonymous #

    Blurry vision makes things look bigger or heavier than it seems

  21. Anonymous #

    i am a gaming streamer so i spent a lot of time in front of a screen
    i usually have really blurry vision after i’ve done a stream

    this really helped a lot and im back to my normal sight

  22. Lucas #

    my vision is blurry when i look at something close but when i look at stuff further away it looks really clear and detailed

  23. Lucas #

    i thought i had blurry vision, turns out it was a program i was using on google to make it dark when i use it at night

  24. Joseph #

    It’s interesting that the comment section is regulated. Why must the company screen comments? Because they are selling you a product. A product that is *not* scientifically proven to correct vision. A product that is *not* FDA approved. A product lacking the scientific measures used such as the clinical double-blind study (pun unintended) conducted and monitored by highly trained scientists from every respective field required for a specific study. Why is this so important? Because without the scientific methods stated above, the company has zero proof that their product truly works in any capacity. .

    The only scientific method to correct vision is via the usage of corrective lenses or surgery in many cases.

    Just about anyone, even those without any scientific training whatsoever , can legally mix various extremely common vitamins, put them in a capsule, bottle them up and sell them online at an incredible markup price. Amazingly the supplement industry is so unregulated some operate and manufacture these supplements out of their garage! It is not difficult to obtain the necessary legal permission to sell supplements. Pretty much all supplements contain the same mix of vitamins, with a couple more exotic sounding ones thrown in for good measure,

    The only scientific method to correct vision is via the usage of corrective lenses or surgery in many cases.

    You cannot naturally restore poor vision, any more than you can naturally restore a permanently injured knee. You can only treat the symptoms scientifically. In the case of vision this generally means wearing corrective lenses.

    And Of course the use of eye exercises will relax your eyes and make them feel better, momentarily! Likewise, of course icing down a bad back and performing back exercises help relax your back, but only temporarily. For true medical conditions, you need proven medical FDA approved medicine and sound medical treatment for health conditions.

    If you wear glasses, especially if needed by law to drive, do not stop doing so because of any supplement sold anywhere. They have no scientific backing at all. One can purchase a pair of RX glasses for the same price as ONE bottle of these supplements.

    Use common sense. If all natural fixes truly worked, NO ONE would be wearing glasses. But that isn’ t the case is it? Placebo is a powerful trick our minds can play. Sugar pills have proved this.

  25. sameer #

    I have a blurred vision. And some dryness. But whenever i stretch my eyelids sidewards then my vision becomes clear. What is problem with my eyes and hiw can i correct it.

  26. Waqas Afridi #

    I spend alot of time infront of screen and I got blurry vision. Doctor said to me that you have weak retina and advise some medicine, now my vision is good but still there is some blurryness in my vision. What should I do furthere plz

  27. Anonymous #

    I’m a truck driver and I started to have blurred vision in left eye. I have to go down and take a medical test for my cdl .I tried to take the test but could not even see the eye test. I found out yesterday that I have cataracts in this eye . can’t get the surgery until way after my license has expired. can any body really help. this is my lively hood.

  28. Delta V #

    I want my eyes turn back to normal.I’ve been wearing spectacles for 8 years.

    I need help.Any tips to reduce blurry vision in natural way?

  29. likhith #

    I started wearing contacts since 2months back. but I am felling blurry vision after removing the contacts so plzz tell what to do i’am getting panic…

  30. safi #

    please tell me it is 2 year that i am living in Germany after 6 months i got blurry vision i drunk a lot when i woke up at the morning my eyes was normal in one week it was to much.
    i went to the 5 diffrent 3 eyes Dr and i did MRI but still i am seeing blurry vision.

    i am using glasses its better

    what i should please tell me

  31. Shekhar #

    A small drop of very warm milk entered into my eyes a year ago. Then I felt irritation & a bit blurring of vision in my left eye where the warm milk drop hit. I have consulted doctors two times since then. They have given me eye drops “Refresh tears” & “Optive” but still my problem has not been completely solved. Can’t it be completely solved ??

  32. mona #

    this was really helpful to me.. thanks for the advice..

  33. Abdul #

    I have blurry vision on my left eye and it’s being gradually increasing every month. The doctor are just suggesting me glasses as a solution. I feel things will get worse on my eyes if I don’t find out what’s really happening with my eyes. The problem was a tiny ant 2 years back and now it has become an elephant. I went to the doctor at an early stage and all they gave me was glasses. I want to save my eye from this problem because my other eye has started to get blurry now.

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