Rebuild Your Vision 10-10-10 Rule

Rebuild Your Vision 10-10-10 RuleDon’t let the things you love to do destroy your vision. Reading, using computers, and watching television, while enjoyable can be dangerous to your sight.

These every day activities involve near point stress on your eyes.

Give your eyes a break. It doesn’t take long and the benefits can be huge. If you have to read or work on the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time remember to take a vision break.

Look up from your book or computer and focus on anything that is at least 10 feet away from you for 10 seconds.

(10-10-10: Every 10 minutes, look at something 10 feet away, for at least 10 seconds)

This short vision break is so important, you might want to print it out and hang it in your office or near your computer to remind you to take a vision break every 10 minutes while you’re working.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Eye Health Now

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  1. Jaspinder #

    This was very informative…..Thanks Tyler !!!

  2. Edna #

    Excellent advice. Can’t wait to try it :-)!

  3. anjana #

    thanks a lot..:)

  4. Hurry #

    very useful

  5. Sandy #

    Any advice on getting rid of eye floaters?

  6. Hi Sandy,

    We have ‘eye floaters’ as a topic for the future. Our research team is on it, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for when we post a blog on this topic.

    To your vision — for life,


  7. Amit Vaya #

    It was very useful as I work for hours on Computer and wear glasses. Thanks.

  8. Hello Tyler,

    My eyesight is very blur. I can not see my monitor without wearing glass.

    Any exercise for me???

    • Jack Doson #

      You just need to watch flame of candle for at least 10 minutes every day. It will help you in two ways:
      1. It will improve your eye sights.
      2. It will improve your concentration.

      • Aswathy #

        After doing this exercise do we need to wear glasses

  9. John #

    Hi Tyler,
    I am short sighted, over 40 and have developed Presbyopia too. How do I get rid of both problems?

    • gabe #

      i wear glasses but i don’t feel comfortable wearing them around school, so i need advice on how i can get back my eyesight east fast and a natural way.

      • Siza #

        Try eye exercise i have also used it

  10. Sagar Prashant Bhatt #

    Cool! The best thing it does is make me conscious about what I’m doing, so that I can’t waste hours for shit like Facebook. I hope it lowers my spectacles number, which is at -3.5.

    • Anonymous #

      did it work?

  11. Ali sufyan #

    #Tyler hellow
    i am 17 years old and my eye is soo weak i wanna join pak army soo i cant because of my eyesight. i read all rules but i wanna ask u can you do extra things(excercise) etc.

    • Tobiana #

      Order or download the method of Tyler Sorensen in a month of exercises of 15 min a day you’ll see much better !! Especially when your young. Good luck !

  12. ayshath salina #

    wow is useful

  13. Anonymous #

    Hey guys can i exercise my eyes in the morning and in the eve i wonder it?

    • Siza #

      You can do it only in the morning do not overdo it

  14. Anonymous #

    Very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.

  15. nitin #

    my left eye number is continuously increase so give advice

    • Shivam #

      Same here bRo

  16. Anonymous #

    Is there an extension or app or something for computers that could let us know whenever 10 minutes have passed, I often get absorbed in youtube or video games. Also is this necessary or useful if you have a 20/20 eye exam score constantly though you do this stuff in all your free time for several years?

  17. J #

    Simply stare at the sun in the morning or evening while it is a little higher from the horizon. do thidaily. just before sunrise or sunset. let’s say before 8 – 9 am in morning or after 4 – 5 pm in evening, depending on the latitude where you are and your sensitivity to light. But as with everything start slowly and work up gradually to more time and a higher sun.. This is one of the beauty and purpose of Surya Namaskar,(paying homage to the great Lord Sun) All the best from India.

  18. Shivam #

    I have( -4.5 ) specs can I get rid of it ?
    I will do every possible things to get rid of them
    Please help me

  19. Abhishek Vashistha #

    Hey Tyler…….what should I do to improve my eye vision within 2-3 months?????…..please help me…..

  20. Christian #

    Its effective. But when I sleep 8 hours and when I woke up, the blurry eyes came back.

    Please help me about this sir Tyler

    • Tyler #

      I feel you my eyes are red watery and burning after constantly playing gta 5 on xbox one all day it sucks on my eys

  21. Christian #

    And theres something dust in my eyes that make my eyes blurry when I rub my eyes..

  22. sarita #

    surely following these habits can result in rid of eye strain..

  23. Raju sarmah #


  24. NARAYANI #

    Very useful info.Thank you. Please also tell me about my son’s condition.His eye power is -5.00cylinder and axis 10 in right eye and -1cyl in left .Axis in left is 160.Since the difference in both eyes are more than 4 diopters he is unable to see phone or computer screen continuous.Please tell me a permanent solution for this as well as his dry eyes.

  25. Ranveer #

    Thank you so much its very useful

  26. Ranveer #

    Its very healthy

  27. Sam #

    My eye sight is -4.5 ..
    Is it possible to improve my eye power without surgery?

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