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Can You Improve Astigmatism Naturally?

If you wear glasses or contacts, you’ve likely heard the term astigmatism before. And, if you have astigmatism, you likely know how frustrating the condition can be and the limits it can present. Those limitations go beyond just being able to find comfortable glasses and contacts. It goes beyond simply being far or nearsighted.

But, you’ll be happy to know there are a few things you can do to improve the condition naturally. First, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Astigmatism?

Improve Astigmatism Naturally Image

Astigmatism is a condition of the eye in which the cornea has an irregular or odd shape. This makes light reflect through the eye and onto the retina in an uneven manner and causes focus problems, making your vision blurry.

While most people believe that astigmatism is a genetic condition and that there is nothing that can be done to improve it other than wearing contacts or having risky refractive surgery, this may not be the case.

There are actually indications that stress of the eye can cause, or more often worsen, the condition and that eliminating these stressors can improve astigmatism of the eye.

There are two different types of astigmatism: regular and irregular.

Regular astigmatism is the type most often referred to. This is an irregular shape of the eye, or football-shaped eye, that is often genetic.

Irregular astigmatism, on the other hand, is usually caused by damage to the eye and often requires surgery or contacts to improve. While both these types present themselves because of unavoidable factors, ocular stress plays a part in aggravating both types and making your vision worse.

Ocular Stress and How to Avoid It

Ocular stress can be caused by a number of stressors:

  • Extended hours of computer use: Many jobs now involve computers. In fact, the average remote office worker will spend over 13 hours per day on a screen.  Long hours of sitting in front of a computer screen can cause eye strain and stress. There’s even an official name for this type of exertion now – digital eye strain. If you have to do this kind of work, make sure that you take the time to give your eyes a break. Added to the increased use of computers in the workplace is the fact that many of us now have computers in our homes. Remember to take breaks from the computer, at least vision breaks.
  • Reading: Reading books or newspapers was hard enough on our eyes. Now we also have to take into consideration electronic reading devices like Kindle, Nook, or tablets. This means that even after working with a computer during the day, you may be coming home and spending even more time in front of an electronic screen. This is just adding to the eye strain and stress.
  • A job that requires a considerable amount of fine detailed work: Detailed work does not mean that you have to be a master craftsman to worry about this type of stress. Any work that you do fairly close to your face like reading, writing, sewing, or accounting is detailed work. Our eyes just can’t handle too much near work. We need to switch it up and view things at more of a distance.

This type of stress occurs due to a variety of things, including working or watching television in low light and not getting enough water. Lack of nutrients can also cause the weakening of the eyes.

Improving any of these stressors, or better yet all of them, will possibly improve your astigmatism, or even prevent the condition from getting any worse! Here are some easy ways to help alleviate this stress.

Let’s Look at What We Can Do to Avoid Ocular Stress

  1. Exercises

When you are working at a computer, reading, or doing other fine detailed work, make sure that you take the time to give your eyes a break. While taking breaks, do routine eye exercises to strengthen the eye muscles. Try the 10-10-10 Rule throughout the day.

If you have a window handy look at a tree, flower, another building or even the clouds. Don’t just glance up and back, take the time to focus on what you see outside the window for a few seconds.

If you’re not near a window focus on something in the room that is distant from where you are such as artwork on the wall, filing cabinets, shelves, or even another worker’s face.

  1. Blink

Seriously, blinking is important. The problem is, when we are focused on a computer screen or other detailed work, it’s so easy to forget to blink. Blinking allows our eyes to lubricate themselves and relieve some of the stress and dryness.

  1. Lighting

Make sure that you have excellent lighting in the area where you are working. Even with an overhead light you should have task lighting that focuses on what you are doing. Straining to see when there is insufficient light causes strain and stress on your eyes. Working on a computer in a dark room can wreak havoc on your eyes as well.

  1. Diet

Eat right. If you don’t have time for an eye-healthy diet, then make sure that you are taking an eye vitamin or eye supplement to ensure that your eyes have all the vitamins and nutrients that they need.

  1. Air Quality

Air conditioning and heating also dry out the air which leads to irritation and stress on our eyes. Try adding a humidifier to your home or ask your employer about adding one in the office.

These may sound like they are too simple to actually make a difference in how your eyes function. They are simple, but because of that fact many people just don’t think about doing them. Instead of giving their eyes a break, they will normally rub their eyes or the bridge of their noses. This doesn’t relieve the strain and stress in fact it can damage the eye if they are already dry.

Sometimes the simple things are the easiest to overlook. On the plus side, the simple things are also usually the easiest to correct. Add these considerations to your daily routine and you’ll be surprised how much your vision can improve.

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  1. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Shubham says:

    Hi Tyler,
    I am having astigmatism in both of my eyes .My prescription is
    My question is can I improve my eyesight for just 1D in both of my eyes

  2. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Shahzaad says:

    My eyes

    Left Eye. Avg. SPH 0.50, CYL -0.75 AX 7
    Right eye. Avg. SPH 0.50 , CYL -1.0. AX 172

    Full info

    Having problems with long distance
    How i can cure it
    Please help

  3. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Shahida says:

    Hi I am Shahida
    My husbend did a Lasik surgery 3 months back next day after the surgery he complained that he could not stand any glare and now he finds difficult reading papers cannot see letters but he could read the letters in the computer
    At this stage should he change the glasses.

  4. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sudhanshu Joshi says:

    I came to know that i have antigamatism 1.5 years ago.
    Optician prescribed me glasses
    Left eye
    Sph 0
    Cyl -1.5
    Axis 10

    Right eye
    Sph 0
    Cyl -2.0
    Axis 15

    I am wearing them since then.
    Last week i went to optician he told me new prescription.

    Sph 00
    Cyl – 1.75
    Axis 10

    Sph 0
    Cyl -2.25
    Axis 10

    How can i remove my glasses. Sometimes I get stress wearing them.
    Please help

  5. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Hello sir,,,,My EYE condition is given below:

    Right Eye

    axis:145 degree

    Left Eye

    axis:10 degree.

    Can Lasik eye surgery will help me and convert my sph and cyl to 0.00.

    please answer me please

  6. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Abdul Salam says:

    My 3 year old child has
    Right eye SPH -0.5, CYL -1.5, AXIS 20
    Left eye SPH -0.5, CYL -0.75, AXIS 80
    does he need glasses, Is there any natural methods to cure this

  7. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sheeba says:

    I have
    SPH 0.5
    CYL 2
    Axis 170
    CYL 2
    Axis 180

    Can I do laser treatment. My age is 27

  8. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ian says:

    Hi! Is there anyway to correct my vision naturally through your product since I have myopia and astigmatism for 8 years now. I want to see clearly without my glasses just like before.

  9. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Tushar says:

    i AM TUSHAR from 4 years old son has eye problem.below is his eye can i reduce his numbers and cure his eyes.please suggest me sir,





    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Dinakar says:

      Just wondering if your kid was introduced to phone screens or TV in the last 4 years? Also, any family history of eye refractive errors?

  10. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Moussa says:

    i just came into your website
    i had a corneal transplant 16 years ago due to kerakotonus
    after that i have did a lazik surgery to get rid of the astigmatism, however my vision has not improved i still see blurry

    any advice

  11. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Sukumar sahoo says:

    Hii… I am 22 yrs old now.. I had cataract surgery in both of my eyes when I was 9. From that day I am able to see only in my left eye… From last 3 years I am having double vision in my left eye. I am a graphics designer. So i use computer for very long hour.. without my spectacle every letter in the keyboard looks double. last year it became worse.. it is increasing rapidly.. I am very tensed as I have only one eye which is working properly.. kindly suggest me some eye exercise or some remadies so that I will get relief from this problem…

  12. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lara says:


    Is it possible for your astigmatism to increase while your other prescription decreases? If it makes sense.

    I had an eye check six months ago and that’s what my new optometrist told me. However, it is difficult for me to read distant posters with my new sunglasses. And it gives me a huge headache that I have never experienced before. I am going to see a different optometrist just to be sure.

    Please advise. Thanks.

  13. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Kim says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I’m 25 y.o. and by now my myopia is stabilised. I also have astigmatism and the myopic conus is getting more pronounced. Should i expect it to be less succesful for me or would it take more time to see changes in this case?

    Current glasses prescription is:

    SPH: -5.00
    Cyl: -1.00
    Axis: 10

    SPH: -3.75
    Cyl: -1.00
    Axis: 170

    Thank you.

  14. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Nike says:

    I started having floaters in my eye after I got the wrong prescription glasses for my astigmatism. I travelled out of my county to study and had to visit a new doctor to get my glasses replaced but when I complained to her that I don’t see well with the new glasses, she said she insisted that she gave me the right prescription, Do you think the floaters were caused by the wrong prescription glasses?

  15. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Rajesh Poudel says:

    I am 24 years old 4 years before doctor prescribed me -.25 short shightness glasses after 4 years this eye power became so worse and became -1.5 both eyes. Currently i am working at office where i have to work with computers for all the office time.

    Is there any changes to improve my eye power, Can eye exercise improve my vision? I often ask with the doctor but they said no you have to wear glasses…
    I want to give up glasses.

    Waiting for your suggestions.

  16. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen shkshk says:

    5 years ago i was diagnosed with Keratoconus in both eyes. I did the cornea transplant in the left eye because it was severe, and had a small ring in the right eye so it would stable my cornea because it was not that severe.. but now since the operation i have noticed that my astigmatism got even worse and now its over 3.5 ..
    is there any cure for that ??

  17. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ramit says:

    I am 18 year old and have 5 cylender no in both eyes can i wear lences plz tell i dont want to wear specticals ?

  18. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Raja Abbas says:

    I am 23 year old and i recently came to know i have right eye cylendrical number 2 and axis 35…
    I dont want to wear glasses want my eyesight normal kindly help me i am so much worried…

  19. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen premmkrishna says:

    I have a bad eye-sight of 4D cylindrical astigmatism in both eyes.I had only 3.5 till 16 years from birth.Now i am 18.If I do exercise will power get reduced in my case(i.e)They say power stabilizes after teenage.Is LASIK preferable?Why not?
    Please help me with my queries?I wanted to join navy but power must be 2.5D at max.Is is possible?

  20. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lindsey says:

    I have a -1.0 astigmatism in my left eye. I started wearing glasses today and I find it easier to read and concentrate but I was just wondering if there was another way to fix my astigmatism.

  21. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen bharat says:

    My eye sight problem is
    Right eye . syl -7.00, axis 15°. Via. 6/12p
    Left eye. Sph -2.25. Cyl -1.00. Axis 180°
    Va .6/6. How to cure my right eye vision.which is astigmatism.

  22. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Asif says:


    I am a keratoconus patient having had transplant in one eye. The other eye is on which i am dependant having good vision. I also had cxl in 2006. My vision was perfect in left eye until i was hit by my son. Now i have HOD like ghosting, streaks of light, starbursts, halos, etc.

    Can the HODs be treated with exercises? I am really nervous as it is affecting my lifestyle in a big way.

    Best regards,


  23. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Pall says:

    I have a high myopia of -7.50 in the right eye with no astigmatism and a power of -5.00 with -1.50 cyl at 180 axis. Will eye exercises help me reduce my myopia?

  24. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Siddharth says:

    Hey Tyler..
    i recently developed astigmatism in my right eye (0.25)..and general myopia (-1.25)
    i really wanna join the navy but now that dream looks bleak..
    Can u suggest a few methods to help my eyes?

  25. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ariki says:

    hi my eye right eye suffers major astigmatism, but it also gets watery all the time, i’ve had this problem since 2005, so as you can tell, i’ve always had to wipe my eye eye about 25 to 50 times a day, i cannot see at all in the right eye, everyone that looks at me tells me, hey one of your eyes are bigger than the other theni explain my story to them this is how it all started

    2005- had suffered from conjuctividus(if thats how you spell it) and ever since that my eye has never been better

    2006- at school on the field my mate kicked th ball right into my eye i was standing at point blank range(this is where i think the watery problem started cause it feels like theres something broken in th socket when i feel both eyes)

    2012- the eye was infected and i had to have surgury(they ddnt touch the eye ball just around it to get th puss out)

    well thats basicly all i can tell you and i can’t get my license cause i always fail the eye test if you have anything to tell me about please do, i am just so frustrated with this eye thanks

  26. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Brodie says:

    Hi Tyler! 
    I am a Sixteen year old Australian teenager. Ive dreamed of being a RAAF Fighter pilot since I was a young child. 
    I had a check-up at the optometrist’s today and sadly he diagnosed me with Stage 2 regular Astigmatism in my left eye, and Stage 3 in my right eye… 🙁 I barely passed the Pilot’s eye test today, and my optometrist said that it will only get worse with time…
    As you could imagine, I was very upset and will do almost anything to achieve my childhood dreams, I will definitely look into your course as I am determined that I can beat this silly Impairment and fulfil my life goal.
    Thank-you so much in advance for the hope you have given me!
    Kind Regards
    Brodie Scott

  27. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lisa says:

    I wasn’t quite sure starting out how I would feel about the idea of fixing it naturally, but I have to agree with everything you said. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to get away from the computer when I need it for work everyday, but thank you for the suggestions.

  28. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen amit sharma says:

    i have -0.5 cly astigmatism.if join rebuild your vision then should i take care of food(ex: Vegetable etc.).but i condition are such that i can not take care of food.
    now in this condition will it work or not.

  29. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Yvonne says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I’ve had lasik surgery 3 years ago. My vision was perfect then.

    I have been using my laptop for at least 5 hours a day (my work requires it). I do not have myopia but have significant astigmatism now.

    Is there anything I could do to improve it?

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Tyler Sorensen says:

      Lasik surgery helps to correct your vision by physically reshaping the cornea and adjusting the focal point of the light entering your eye. This has no bearing or effect on how our vitamins works. We are all about improving your vision and helping you to see clearly — naturally.

  30. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen kitty says:

    i am suffering from myopia please help:( i hate glasses and lenses

  31. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Marcus Ball says:

    Hi, my name is Marcus and I have been told for years that I have a slight astigmatism. I was reading up that you can do eye excercises to help improve your eyesgight. I was wondering, are you suppouse to be wearing your glasses/contacts while doing these excercises? I know without my contacts, one eye is at 20/200 but i do not know the other. I am trying to enlist in the Air Force, but I’ve been told that the will not accept me if my eyesight is worse then that. I am hoping that I can improve my eyesight enough so I am allowed to Join.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Marcus,

      Completing exercises without corrective lenses or with a slightly reduced prescription is the goal.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions!

      All the best,

  32. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen bobi says:

    I have to increase degree of astigmatism in my eyes. i am 24 years old and number of one eye is 4 and other is 4.25 and i want increase 2 diopters. is it possible?

  33. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ann-Gina Phillips says:

    Tyler, thank you so much for all the valuable information.
    Is astigmatism the same as keratacornea?
    Is there any natural help for advanced keratacornea?
    The recommendation was a cornea transplant.
    Also, a 31 year old guy has been told that his optic nerve was damaged beyond repair and his only recourse is to join the Blind Welfare Association. The eye pressure is sky high.
    He was heavily into body building and he believes his vision was compromised as a result of the continuous use of concentrated high protein foods.
    Is there any help for him?
    Thanks for the response.

  34. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Dinah says:

    hi, i have a nephew who has an eye problem called nastagmus. can you can you give me any information on it and how it can be managed.

  35. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen lucy says:

    Hi Mr. Tyler, your product is great. When I did not wear my eyeglass, my eyes improve. I just want to know if I bought new eyeglass if it is OK if I can use 1.25 in left side rather than 1.50 that my doctor prescribe to me and on my right side of my eye is the same 1.50 and I will use 1.50.

    My latest eye vision is 1.50 on both eyes.

    Thank you,

  36. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen angela says:

    I just recently been told that I have astigmatism however, I have noticed that I can see perfectly fine at night and in low light. I also have the eyefloaters. I also cant wear glasses, I have never been able to wear them and I cant even wear sun glasses for more than 5 minutes without needing to take them off. I have normally had really great vision until about 8 months ago when I went into the store and all the lights started to hurt my eyes and make everything blurry and hard to focus. I was also told that the eye floaters and the astigmatism are not related. I am not sure what to do but I need to be able to see clearly since I work on the computer for at least 9 hrs a day.

  37. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Helene says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I have had Lasek surgery to reduce my Myopia from -6 (RE) and -6.50 (LE). The result 8 months after surgery is; -1.00 in both eyes.

    Could you please let me know how much of a chance there is of improving my vision to 20/20?
    If there is still room for improvement could you please let me know up to how much should I expect?
    and how long would it take to achieve a better prescription and even 20/20?

    I look forward to your answer.

    • Hi Helene,

      Lasik surgery helps to correct your vision by physically reshaping the cornea and adjusting the focal point of the light entering your eye. This has no bearing or effect on how our Ocu-Plus Formula works as far as improving your vision and helping you to see clearly — naturally.

      There are great testimonials from many people who have had success with Ocu-Plus:

      To your vision — for life,

  38. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Christophe says:

    Thank you!

  39. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Christophe says:

    Hi , i would like to know which method is the fastest to perfect vision? And how is it done? Thanks

  40. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Vinayak says:

    Dude, can anything done for healing keratoconus ?

  41. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Harry says:


    I have been doing vision therapy exercises for almost six months… and I have been seeing good results.

    Here are my results:

    Right Eye:

    Sphere – 2.25
    Cylinder – 0.25
    Axis – 180 or 18(his handwriting isn’t clear)
    Vision – 6/5

    Left Eye:
    Sphere – 2.50
    Cylinder – 0.50
    Axis – 180 or 18
    Vision -6/5

    I’d like to reduce this prescription by at least 0.5 but the doctor isn’t doing so.

    I was at 3.5 when I started.(Myopia)

    But now as you can see my eyesight has improved well.

    Earlier, I just used to buy glasses with a reduced spherical prescription and it worked for me.

    But I think the spherical also needs to be reduced in order for faster improvement and less eye strain.

    My current glasses have the following power:





    I haven’t messed around with the cylindrical prescription for my lenses. But I think excess cylindrical power also causes certain eye issues.

    Right now, my eyes feel irritated whenever I wear glasses. It’s just not easy as it used to be to wear glasses at the current power.

    I’d like to reduce it in a manner that will help me improve my vision fast.

    Can you please assist me with this? I’d be so grateful if you could help me with this.

    I do not have any idea what is cylindrical for and that’s why I’m worried about messing with it.


    • Hi Harry,

      Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your successes so far. It sounds like you are progressing wonderfully!

      Your doctor is the best person to prescribe a proper reduced prescription for you. It really varies from person to person and what the condition is.

      Best of continued success and be sure to let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

      To your vision — for life,

  42. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Nilay Chatterjee says:


    I have a very high degree of astigmatism. I came to know about my problem when I was 18 years old. Now I am 30. I suffer a lot of this problem but can’t wear glasses. I never continue wearing glasses till now and living with a hope that there is something that could help me to cure it.

  43. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen sandra says:

    Do you have any answers for eye floaters what can lessen them?

  44. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Amy says:

    My son has an extremely strong astigmatism in one eye. We have done patching therapy and with glasses he is now able to see 20/25. 25 being in his bad eye. The eye doctor said there wasn’t anything that could be done for that eye. Do you think your products could help with his severe astigmatism?

  45. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Elizabeth Rosiles says:

    Has it been posted?

  46. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen gabriel says:

    i need help

  47. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Aaron says:

    Nystagmus is the involuntary jerking of the eye. Usually caused when under the influence of alcohol or other CNS depressants. Perhaps there’s a different medical issue causing the nystagmus. Nystagmus is the symptom, not the illness.

  48. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mehreen says:

    Hello my daughter has severe astigmatism plzz do let me know any solution you have . thanks in advance

  49. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Lalit says:

    Hey bro my eye side is
    right side eye
    sph -1.25
    cyl – 0.50
    Ax. – 140°

    Left eye
    Sph. – 1.0
    Cya. – 0.50
    Ax. 70°
    Plz helphelp me and give me some guidence regarding improve eye sight. Plz plz plz share
    what I do for improve eye sight.

  50. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Geethanjali says:

    Will u say how to go for that treatment

  51. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Skyler says:

    Hey congrats on your improvement..! I know how it feels exactly.. even I have been doing some eye exercises .. there is some significant change in my number.. from -9.75 to -8.5 but I m really struggling with the cylindrical power which is -1.5 .. what exercises did u do to improve your cylindrical power?

  52. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Andrea says:

    What exersize you did for your eyes ?

  53. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Tina says:

    Hi, my 4 yrs old daughter has exactly the same power as u, i m so depressed. Can u please tell me how can u see without glasses? As she is too young to explain things to me. U can mail me at [email protected]

  54. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Shan says:

    Hi Tyler can please help me please i have cylnd number 5 with exc left 180 and 05 right .. now i have tooomuch trouble in my life – please help to share solution so that i can start from today

    Waiting waiting waiting your reply back

  55. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Rahul Khare says:

    Hi Tushar,

    My son has also diagnosed with astigmatism and is similar to your son. I would like to discuss few solution . I am in Canada . Please let me know you contact . My email address is [email protected]

  56. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Patil Prasanna says:

    Get a lasik done… Best option for your age

  57. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Brosnon says:

    Is it possible to wear normal contacts if you are prescribed astigmatism contacts? I don’t think mine is so severe. I am still able to wear glasses and see perfect.

  58. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anthony says:

    Hi Brodie, reply if you get this and we can discuss

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