Bad Eyesight Taught, Not Inherited

Bad Eyesight Taught, Not Inherited

Bad Eyesight Taught, Not InheritedCan you recall a time when you didn’t need glasses? At some point early in your life, you developed vision problems that required you to wear glasses. Whether this was during childhood or early adulthood, at some point, it happened. And, since one or both of your parents wore glasses they, or even the eye doctor, told you that it was bound to happen. You must have simply inherited your bad eyesight from your parents, just as you inherited your mother’s big blue eyes.

Genetics is an easy answer to everything that occurs. In many cases, people find it easier to blame inheritance instead of taking steps to correct problems.

Guess what.  This may NOT be true.

Your Bad Eyesight Might Be Avoidable

Eighty percent of the world’s visual impairments are considered avoidable. The rest were born with vision problems and can point to genetics. What this means is that you were likely born seeing clearly, and at some point “learned” habits that led to a decrease in your vision health.

Today, over half of the people in the U.S. wear eyeglasses or contacts. It has reached the point where needing corrective lenses to fix vision problems is now considered “normal.” Some of this increase may be due to environmental changes such as increases in air pollution. Or, an increase in the number of UV rays that reach the earth’s surface. It could also be due to an increase in screen use. However, very little is the result of genetics.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

There are at least FIVE times as many people wearing corrective lenses today than there were before World War I. This huge uptick happened in just the last three or four generations. They can’t possibly ALL be “inherited”.

Just as we learn to walk and talk early in life, we also learn how to see. If you’ve been living with glasses or contacts as long as you can remember, it’s a pretty good bet that you just never learned to “see” properly.

Can Anything Be Done About It?

There are treatments other than corrective lenses or surgery that could help people who now wear glasses to improve their vision. There is a chance that this improvement would allow them to get rid of their glasses for good.

You may be wondering why more people do not take advantage of this option.

We live in a world that is all about instant gratification. Fast food, instant contact via the Internet, microwave ovens to heat food up quickly, and cell phones just to name a few. Is it any wonder then that people want an instant cure for vision problems as well?

What many people fail to realize is that they are not actually curing the eye condition. Instead, they’ll have to try something that will improve their eyesight over time, like eye vitamins and exercises. Yes, natural treatments take daily effort and repetition. You won’t see results in the first few days or weeks. It may take a couple of months of consistent practice to notice a difference in your vision. Glasses and lenses will also be a faster “solution” because they are merely treating the symptoms. Corrective lenses do little or nothing to make a change in a person’s vision. They act as a crutch to allow people with vision problems to see more clearly, but only while they have the lenses on. As soon as the corrective lenses are removed the problem is still there.

By using natural and holistic treatments, you fix the underlying condition. You can improve your vision, not just supplement it with glasses. How great does that sound?!

Children’s Vision

Most vision problems are found when we are very young. This poses a problem. If you have young children, learn more about the natural ways to improve their vision. To do so, you may want to talk to a behavioral optometrist to see what they recommend.

One thing that you can do is ensure that your child receives the proper nutrients needed for good vision. A diet high in eye-healthy vitamins and nutrients is important if you want your children’s eyes to develop as well as they can. This is the easiest thing to do when your children are very young. The foods that you start out feeding them are the ones that they will like as they grow older.

Start a Healthy Diet Early

Most problems associated with diet start because we spoil very young children. If we start them out on a healthy diet and stick with it as they age, they can avoid many of the problems that children develop. Plus, all the vitamins and nutrients that our eyes need are also needed by other parts of our bodies. So, by ensuring that your child’s eyes get the proper nutrients, you are also ensuring that the rest of their bodies get them too.

The easiest way to do this is to steer clear of processed foods. Offer lots of vegetables either cooked or raw, depending on your child’s ability to eat them. Avoid takeout food whenever possible. Snack food should be vegetables or fruits. Even with all this, there is a chance that your children will not receive all the vitamins and nutrients that they need for healthy eyes.

Try to avoid serving sugary juices and sodas to your children. They are in critical need of water as they grow. Serve water and milk whenever you can. If you do want to serve juice, consider fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit. These fruits are loaded with eye-health nutrients. And, your children will love the sweetness!

You may want to consult with your medical professional or eye doctor to see if they can recommend a vitamin or supplement that contains vitamins and minerals, especially for vision. This goes for your diet as well. Your vision is impacted by the nutrients you get. A vision-boosting supplement might be all you need to prevent illness and improve your vision.

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  1. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Gabrielle L Tollerson says:

    Don’t mean to sound impolite..but I find it silly that you say bad vision is dad had bad eyesight..and now so do I. I started wearing glasses in elementary school because I couldn’t see..I still wear them although I was thinking about getting lasik at some point because my glasses broke not to long ago and my vision is so bad my fiance has to be my seeing person at the moment lol n.n’ I can’t see anything at all

  2. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Name says:

    The first part of your article simply overlooks something and I can’t get over it. The way you present the problem comes off as “if you’re born with perfect vision, it takes bad teaching to change that, not genetics”

    Most eye problems are caused by improper eye growth, and traits, for example, your eyes, are determined by genetics. It takes time for your eyes to grow into what problematic genetics say. This is the same with your jaw and teeth, they are fine at birth but your jaw could grow too much once it starts growing, your teeth can become crooked. So your eyes can get too long or not grow enough when they start growing, due to genetics.

    Just because your eyes don’t immediately get bad, doesn’t mean they won’t naturally do so still. It may just take a couple years. A large portion of the “80% of people” who develop bad vision due to habits probably did develop it naturally, but slightly later.

  3. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen spencer sabatta says:

    Hello Tyler… yeah I actually have to DISAGREE with you on this one…..
    I have inherited bad genes from my dad… side of the family….!!!
    I have glaucoma… – which was passed onto me from my dad… and his BAD FAMILY..!!!
    So it’s a pity that the medical fraternity – have not progressed as fast as the space race…???
    So it’s a real pity that the real fraternity of the medical and pharmaceuticals are so STUPID… still… (all they are after is the MONEY and show their absolute GREED in a disgusting way.!!!!!

    When in the old days… one worked on a farm… and you got some problem… they quickly inoculated you… AGAINST STUFF… or injected penicillin into you…. OW… DARN man – without knowing what the hell they were doing to the genes of the people affected…!!!

    and when I also noted that my dad had a problem with his right eye… that whenever he drank a cool drink… or had a piece of chocolate cake… or ate some chocolates… or had some sweets…
    his right eye – would flare up…and he would complain… terribly about… his right eye… having a problem….
    I spoke to a homeopath… about this – and he said – yeah … “your dad has this connection to his liver, and kidneys..”…
    and so I asked the doctor to enlighten his ideas…. and he simply went about telling me – yeah – it’s a hereditary problem… and told me that I would also have it… and at 70 years old… I have to admit – yeah – I do… and both my sons have it as well…!!!! INHERITED from my old family….
    I keep it under control – with a VERY CLEAN DIET.,… and some very clear water – which I make I call it DAMN Clean Water…. (Distilled and Molecularly Neutral Clean Water… (DCW)… it has a TDS… of 0.00001 uS/cm ….!! It merely washes out the “dirty” organs… which have become attached to my eyesight…!!!.. (Homeopathic – remedies of SEPIA ..(females).. and NUX VOMICA… help clean them as well…).
    John Hopkins University… could help me with the GLAUCOMA… and my sons as well… BUT the amount of money required to pay for that corrective gene therapy is far to much for me to even contemplate… (so I use some drops…. once a day… and also homeopathic remedy called Belladonna… which really helps a lot.)..

    Thank you Tyler… if your tabs were cheaper… I would really buy them but exchange rate at… R14/R15 to $1… make it really expensive… in fact right out of reach…!!!

    Bye for now…!!
    +27 71 743 4842 – whatsapp / telegram… etc etc…

  4. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Christina says:

    Hello, Thank you for this article. I had lasik surgery 12 years ago. My eyesight was absolutely horrible, and I got this surgery before any knowledge of vision exercises, unfortunately. Will these exercises still help, given the surgery? I do take vision supplements.

    Thank you.

  5. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Terry says:

    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for the above info.

    I noticed 2 typos above, which you may like to correct (there may be more – I wasn’t really concentrating).

    1. “As soon as the corrective lenses are removed the problems is still there.”
    should be:
    “…the problem is…” (singular)
    or possibly:
    “…the problems return.”

    2. “However, for those who do the results can be astonishing.”
    should be:
    “…do, the…”

    PS: How do I get on your payroll? 8)

    (Terry’s Rectification Service)

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