Bad Eyesight Taught, Not Inherited

Bad Eyesight Taught, Not Inherited

Can you recall a time when you didn’t need glasses? At some point early in your life, you developed vision problems that required you to wear glasses. And, since one or both of your parents wore glasses they, or even the eye doctor, told you that it was bound to happen. That you simply inherited your […]

Fuchs’ Dystrophy: Understanding This Cornea Disease

If you’ve never heard of Fuchs’ dystrophy, you aren’t alone. This rare, hereditary disease often lays dormant in people until they reach middle age. Once the symptoms begin to appear, there isn’t much that can be done to stop the disease. The exact number of people affected by Fuchs’ (pronounced fooks) dystrophy is not known. […]

Tips to Prevent Vision Loss in Men

Have we got good news for you men out there, or what? Men are less at risk of developing vision-impairing diseases. According to numerous stats and studies, women tend to lose their vision more than men. Doctors believe the reason for this is because of the hormone changes in women due to various factors in […]

Early Detection and Prevention of Glaucoma

We’re a few months into the new year, so it’s a little late to be talking about resolutions, but we’ve got one more to add to this list: get checked for glaucoma. Now, not all of you really need to add this – younger readers aren’t really at risk of developing glaucoma in the immediate future; […]

Do You Know Your Family’s Eye Health History?

Most people recognize the importance of knowing their family medical history. But, do you know that you should also be aware of your family’s eye health history? There are some eye ailments that you are more likely to suffer from if you have had a family member with the condition. Some conditions that increase your […]

Why Do Some People Have Two Differently Colored Eyes?

Out of all the possible quirks to be born with, two-tone eyes might be among the most striking. The phenomenon is known as heterochromia iridum, and it comes with a long list of variations and possible causes. It’s also fairly uncommon – only around one in a hundred Americans have the condition. Those that do […]

Is There a Connection Between Cholesterol and Cataracts?

Everyone knows that cholesterol is bad for the overall health of the body. High cholesterol levels can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis (the hardening and narrowing of the arteries) which makes a person more likely to suffer a heart attack or a stroke. It’s so extremely important to keep cholesterol levels down to help […]

Fun Vision Facts – Part 4

Regular readers of our blog will remember our Fun Vision Facts series and today it’s time for some more fun with optics! We’ve enjoyed putting together for you the wackiest, most surprising and wow-factor facts about all things eye-related. The eyes are truly an amazing muscle and though some of these facts are more silly than […]

Fun Vision Facts – Part 2

The Fun Vision Facts – Part 1 was so much of a hit that I thought a sequel was necessary. Normally I write about serious topics concerning your vision. However, today I’m doing something different. While researching different vision topics, I always run across fun vision facts and answers to questions like do you know […]

Explaining Color Blindness

Color Blindness, or as we call it… “Honey, does this shirt match my pants?” Summer is wrapping up here in the United States and this is the time of year we savor the scenery – a bright blue sky whiskered with milk-white clouds; the velvety red bloom of a rose, green lawns and trees. Or […]

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