eye development

Why Onions Make Us Cry

You can fry them, use them as garnish, bake them or use them to give your meal a little texture. They add bold flavors to any dish, but onions are a nightmare to chop. Unless you’ve got eyes made of steel, onions have made you cry at least once. Why is it that onions make […]

Why Pediatric Eye Exams Are so Important

The second your child is born, before you can even get a good look at them, a swirl of nurses and doctors whisk the new life away to a separate area to make sure the baby is breathing properly and has all of their toes and fingers. Pretty much everything is accounted for when it […]

How Your Child’s Smartphone Could Be Harming Their Eyes

It isn’t uncommon to see kids with smartphones these days. Why shouldn’t they have them? They can be exceptional learning tools, help your children keep in contact with friends and family, be used for emergencies, and can be used to capture some truly great moments. For all the good that smartphones do, there is a […]

How Is Your State Screening for Vision Problems?

What would we do without our vision? Living in a world that is highly inaccessible for blind people or people with low vision, it is important to make sure our children get the chance to develop healthy and sharp eyesight. Unfortunately for many children, receiving the proper care and eye tests is not high on […]

What Causes Vision Delays in Babies?

Everyone wants what’s best for their baby, and one of the most heartbreaking things for a parent to hear is that their baby has a development issues. Whether it be mental or physical, no one wants to get that news back from their pediatrician. The same goes for a baby’s vision. Vision health may be […]

Will Vision Therapy Benefit Your Child?

No one can deny the importance of sight. More importantly, no one can deny the importance of healthy eye development in children. When something goes wrong, kids can have a tough time in school, sports, or any other activity that requires sight. Vision therapy may be a good option when it comes to children with […]

Protecting Eye Health from Infancy

Eye health is important in every stage of life, even infancy. There is no way for a baby to know when there is something wrong with their eyes, heck even some adults can’t recognize the signs. As parents, it’s up to you to know how to take care of every aspect of your baby’s health, even […]

The Development of the Eye Throughout Your Life

Your eyes are an intricate network of muscles, nerves and photoreceptor cells that allow you to see and process images. Humans have complex vision systems that involve their eyes and their brains in order to fully aggregate images together. Our eyes have evolved throughout the existence of the human race, and today have all of […]

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