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How Wearing Glasses & Contacts Can Deteriorate Your Eyesight

How Wearing Glasses and Contacts Can Deteriorate Your Eyesight

Have you recently been told that you need glasses? Maybe you went to the eye doctor and they checked your vision and gave you a prescription for lenses. They told you that you can either buy glasses or contacts or even consider laser eye surgery. You should know that these options will not improve your […]

Is LASIK’s Popularity Finally Fading?

Is LASIK’s Popularity Finally Fading?

We’ve never kept quiet when it comes to speaking out against invasive surgeries like LASIK on our blog. Over the years, this surgery has become a popular solution to various vision conditions, but LASIK’s popularity is finally fading, and for good reason. Needlessly invasive and not always effective, LASIK is far from being the best […]

5 LASIK Alternatives and Their Risks

5 LASIK Alternatives and Their Risks

LASIK surgery comes with a bed of risks ranging from overcorrection to vision loss to glares and double vision. A surgery shouldn’t cause the problems you set out to fix. So, are there any LASIK alternatives? Along with LASIK eye surgery, five new alternatives have broken out onto the eye surgery scene. Those who don’t […]

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

A lot of folks talk about LASIK surgery as the easiest and fasted way to say goodbye to glasses forever. You may even have a few friends who swear by LASIK. Perhaps they’re pushing you to hop aboard the LASIK train too. Maybe you’ve even called up a doctor or two to get information and […]

Lasik Eye Surgery Gone Wrong

Lasik Eye Surgery Gone Wrong Image

Miracle or nightmare? LASIK eye surgery has become a common choice for people who are experiencing vision problems. We have become a world that focuses on instant gratification. LASIK surgery offers an instant improvement for some types of eye problems. It’s estimated that over 700,000 people underwent LASIK eye surgery last year. Is the surgery […]

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