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Vision Therapy for Problems That Can’t Be Fixed with Eyeglasses

Vision therapy can be one of the top ways to treat common vision conditions such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This is an especially useful treatment for school children, whose eyes easily adapt to the therapy techniques. Unfortunately, not every child gets the treatment they need when they’re young and conditions like amblyopia and strabismus […]

All About Crossed Eyes and Lazy Eye

Strabismus and amblyopia are two very closely linked eye conditions that affect our eye muscles. These conditions are mostly found in children, however, when left untreated, they can become a permanent condition in adult eyes. Strabismus and amblyopia are often confused and people have a hard time telling the two apart. Both conditions affect the […]

Common Eye Problems in Pre-schoolers and Warning Signs: Part 1

Being a toddler is an exciting time. Kids spend their days discovering the world by reading (or rather looking at pictures while you read to them), playing games, jumping, running, crawling and rolling around. You want your pre-schooler to enjoy the time they have before it’s time to begin their school journey. But before your […]

Lazy Eye May Be Treatable in Adults Now, Not Just Kids

Many a time we have heard that adult amblyopia (or lazy eye) is untreatable. Children with amblyopia can be cured, but after the age of 10 it becomes difficult to cure the vision condition. If not treated before then, you’d get a pat on the back and a pair of shiny new glasses. Looks like […]

Uncovering the Root of Your Child’s Reading Problem

They might not be the first childhood problem parents think about, but reading disorders are almost shockingly prevalent in today’s youth. Roughly five to six percent of all students in the U.S. receive treatment for some form of dyslexia (neurologically-caused reading disorders), and even that high number barely scratches the 20 percent of the population […]

Why Schedule an Infant Eye Exam?

Infants don’t necessarily seem like the most obvious candidates for an eye exam. They’re young, growing, and years away from the age-related vision disorders we spend so much time talking about on this site. However, even though they might not have the same worries about macular degeneration that you do, there’s still a wide range […]

Early Eyes: Strabismus and Amblyopia in Children

We spend an awful lot of time on this site talking about what happens to aging eyes. As older folks, to put it nicely, that’s something we can either sympathize with or worry about. However, for many people, the degenerating vision that comes along with age (presbyopia) isn’t really a looming issue. Or well, it […]

Why Aren’t You Getting Your Child’s Eyes Examined?

If you haven’t been taking your kids to have their eyes examined, you’re not alone. It has been determined that parents are on the ball with taking their kids for dental examinations as 70 percent of kids visit the dentist once a year, but when it comes to the optometrist, only 25 percent of kids […]

Can Dark Therapy Rebuild Vision?

Can you believe that sitting in a dark room for several days could improve your vision? It seems a little crazy, but some researchers in Canada have found that it may just work! Although it seems illogical to some, many experts are saying, “Of course!” In complete darkness, your eyes will be resting much more […]

Are Your Kids’ Eye Screenings Passing the Grade?

It is recommended that children receive eye exams before entering school and then every one to two years thereafter. However, the American Optometric Association states that almost 25 percent of kids in school have problems with their vision but are not receiving regular eye exams to detect these issues. In addition, only about one-third of […]

Video Game Eye Exam Might Catch Common Vision Problems in Children

Many parents spend countless hours trying to get their kids to stop playing video games and watching television long enough to enjoy a healthier hobby such as playing outdoors. With a new development at the University of Tennessee, parents may begin to appreciate the value of video games a little more! Video Games as an […]

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