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Breaking the Smartphone Habit

The smartphone frenzy is in full swing. Every year, more and more Americans purchase smartphones and use them for longer and longer periods of time. 2014 was in some ways the watershed year for mobile devices. For the first time, Americans surveyed were found to have spent more time on their smartphones than on their […]

Increasing Eye Pigment Can Boost Vision in Hazy Conditions

According to new studies performed at the University of Georgia, the more yellow pigment you have in your eyes, the better you’re able to see in hazy conditions. The researchers there performed an experiment in which they set up a simulation of hazy conditions so that they could test how far people with varying amounts […]

What Digital Screens Are Actually Doing to Our Eyes

If you spend a lot of time with your eyes glued to computer screens, cell phones, tablets, or even the TV, you could be causing damage to your eyes. Spending long periods of time looking at digital screens can lead to eye strain, blurriness, headaches, and dry eyes, which are all symptoms of Computer Vision […]

Drinking Alcohol Decreases Night Vision

If you really needed another reason not to drink and drive, here it is: alcohol decreases your night vision. It’s no secret that alcohol messes with your brain, causing a whole slew of problems that can inhibit your ability to drive, but the alcohol also causes direct problems with your eyes that add to your […]

Kids Spend Too Much Time on Vision Damaging Electronic Devices

Technology has become an even bigger part of life than it was even just a few years ago. Due to the fact that computers, cell phones, tablets, and even video games are such staples in homes and even schools these days, it’s no wonder that many parents don’t realize just how much time their children […]

Chronic Dry Eye Becoming a Serious Problem

Chronic dry eye is a condition that occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough tears, leaving you to experience itchiness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, irritation, and many other symptoms. It is caused by a number of different things such as environmental factors like excessive heat or wind and even taking certain medications or suffering […]

UV Rays Can Increase Risk of Cataracts

Everyone knows that UV rays are responsible for the development of skin cancer, but what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that UV rays can actually increase your risk of developing cataracts and other vision problems. This fact has not always been known. Before fairly recently when various studies were performed that linked […]

Americans Don’t Know the Real Dangers of UV Rays

UV rays can have damaging effects on your eyes if they are left unprotected. This is a fact that not everyone knows, which is why more healthcare professionals are trying to spread the word about the importance of protecting your eyes when you’re outside. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, UV rays can still hurt your […]

Computer Vision Syndrome: You’re Not Alone

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a problem involving your eyes and vision that occurs when you spend too much time on the computer. Going by this definition, nearly everyone in the world suffers from CVS. Whether you work all day on the computer or you spend all day hanging out on Facebook or playing online […]

How a Healthy Diet Can Improve Blurry Night Vision

There can be several underlying causes for blurry vision at night. One of the best ways to address the problem is to first find out why you are experiencing the blurry vision. It could be cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, myopia, astigmatism or some other eye ailment. After learning the underlying cause, it is easier to address […]

FDA Video Discusses Risks of LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery in the United States, but its popularity doesn’t necessarily make it flawless. LASIK, which stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, is used to treat myopia (also known as nearsightedness), hyperopia (also known as farsightedness) and astigmatism. Over 600,000 LASIK surgeries are performed in the […]

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