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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Your Eyes

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Your Eyes

You may not have heard of it, but you may be suffering from it. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is an extreme fatigue that lasts more than six months. It is an intense tiredness and weakness that does not improve quickly with rest. It can also become worse if the sufferer attempts physical activity or mental […]

Why Eye Exams Are NOT Just for Vision Checks

When was the last time you went to the eye doctor for an eye exam? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while. Part of the reason we don’t go very often is that we don’t know when we should be going. If your vision is perfect and you don’t need glasses or […]

4 Must-Have Natural Home Remedies

The world of eye health can get really complicated, really fast. There are so many natural treatments available that it’s hard to keep track of the ones that work and the ones that don’t. Besides, who has the time or patience to try all of them out to figure out which ones work and which […]

CDC Reports that 99% of Contact Lens Wearers Are Putting Eyes at Risk

Contact lenses are no doubt the most convenient kinds of corrective lenses. They’re perfect for sports, dance, or for people who always need to wear eyeglasses and prefer the freedom of contact lenses. Their convenience makes contact lenses easy to forget about. But, the CDC reports 99 percent of contact lens wearers have admitted to being […]

Understanding Over-the-Counter Eye Drops

If you’re not able or don’t want to visit the doctor, you may find yourself turning to eye drops to ease some minor eye discomfort or problem. The thing is, it’s a convenient remedy since most pharmacies stock a battery of different eye drops which can be used to treat everything from dry eye to […]

Always the Little Things: Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Eyes

Everyone’s got their funny little habits. They range from quirky to cute to well, sort of gross (nail biters unite), but they’re all generally pretty harmless. However, as we always seem to say, even the little things can have big impacts on your sensitive, sensitive peepers. Follow along, and we’ll delve into a couple of the […]

Vision Changes You Should Keep an Eye On

Anyone with less-than-sympathetic parents, coaches, or siblings has probably heard “suck it up” more times than they can count. By and large, a lot of us do. One of the more common treatments for a minor ache or pain is simply waiting and hoping it goes away tomorrow. However, as you might guess, that’s not […]

CVS #1 Computer-related Complaint in U.S.

In such a technology-driven world, it makes sense that many people work with computers every day. But, the numbers are actually a little surprising. In a recent study, Microsoft found that the average worker spends seven hours a day in front of the computer. That’s more time than many people sleep. But, the real issue […]

The Eye Damaging Effects of Decorative Contacts

Decorative contact lenses allow you to change your eye color and are often used as everyday fashion accessories or temporary decorations, like to make your eyes look creepy for Halloween. People wear them for different purposes all the time, but these contact lenses are not meant to be worn without a proper prescription and fitting […]

Americans Don’t Know the Real Dangers of UV Rays

UV rays can have damaging effects on your eyes if they are left unprotected. This is a fact that not everyone knows, which is why more healthcare professionals are trying to spread the word about the importance of protecting your eyes when you’re outside. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, UV rays can still hurt your […]

How Important Is a Full Night’s Sleep for Eye Health?

Most people would probably agree that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. With work and taking care of the kids to making dinner and cleaning the house to running errands and paying bills, it’s no wonder so many people walk around feeling like zombies all day. There’s just not […]

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