Aging Vision

Healthy Eyes for a Healthier Life

Saying that poor eyesight can adversely impact your quality of life seems like a bit of a no-brainer, but low vision comes with a laundry list of complications. Some of these will likely come as little surprise, but there are others you’re unlikely to hear about unless you’re actively dealing with them. Decreased Mobility Driving […]

Aging Eyes: Vision Changes to Watch out for as You Grow Older

Deny it all you like, but we’re all getting older. While you may be able to convince casual acquaintances and dating websites that you’re eternally 29, you won’t be able to fool your eyes. While you’ll undoubtedly have friends who can maintain their 20/20 vision well beyond regular years (or claim that they can), most […]

Visual Impairment Linked to Increased Unemployment

There are many different eye diseases, vision problems, and even other health issues that can result in vision impairment and blindness and lead to the inability to function normally. Many people with vision impairments and blindness end up not being able to go to work. In fact, there is a study that was funded by […]

Aging Vision Rate Rapidly Increasing in the U.S.

Age-related eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, are becoming more prevalent each year and the number of people affected by these eye problems and the effects of them are only continuing to grow. In fact, according to Prevent Blindness – a patient advocacy organization – of Americans over the age of 40, there […]

How Vision Loss Can Lead to Depression

There are close to two million older people in America who suffer from age-related macular degeneration. AMD causes various degrees of vision loss and can even lead to blindness. As you can probably discern from its name, this eye disease generally affects older people, typically over the age of 50. However, younger people do sometimes […]

Staying Ahead of Vision Changes as You Age

Vision changes are a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to age-related eye health and vision changes. Becoming educated about the kinds of vision changes that go along with aging can help you to be aware of any problems that may arise and you’ll know when you need to […]

Vision Decline in Old Age Affects Ability to See Color

The loss of visual acuity as you age can be a difficult realization. This is something we all know we’ll have to deal with at some point. But, now research is showing that this isn’t the only age-related change in your vision. Studies have revealed that your ability to see color also declines in old age. […]

Natural Vision Restoration for Every Age

Good eyesight is one of the most important senses that we have. Most of what we perceive comes from our vision and our ability to see. If you want to enjoy a full and active life, it’s important that you keep your vision in the best condition that you can without needing to resort to […]

Signs of Eye Problems in Adults

Eye problems are common as people age. Each year, thousands of people walk around without any type of vision correction. Many of them don’t even realize that they aren’t seeing as well as they should. Normally, eye problems are easy to spot in adults because adults are very vocal about their vision, unlike children and […]

Presbyopia – Poor Vision Due to the Aging Process

Sadly, most of us will experience a decrease in vision as we age. It’s just one more sign that we are getting up there in years. While this is a normal part of the aging process, it does not mean that we have to accept it gracefully and move on with our life. There are […]

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