Presbyopia – Poor Vision Due to the Aging Process Image

Presbyopia – Poor Vision Due to the Aging Process

Sadly, most of us will experience a decrease in vision as we age. As our body ages, some key functions lose strength and agility. Skin gets wrinkly, bladders get weaker, and vision gets less clear. Plus, various eye diseases are more common among older people.

Developing difficulty seeing is just one more sign that we are getting up there in years. While this is a normal part of the aging process, it does not mean that we have to accept it gracefully. There are some simple steps we can take to prevent the deterioration of our vision, and, possibly reverse this problem if it has already occurred.

Presbyopia – Poor Vision Due to the Aging Process ImageAs your eyes age, the lens loses some of the flexibility needed to change shape. This loss of flexibility makes it more difficult for your eyes to focus on objects close to you, like a book. That’s why it gets harder and harder to read a restaurant menu in a dim environment as you age. Presbyopia is the medical name for this condition. Exercise and nutrition play a key role in preventing the loss of flexibility in our eyes.

Some Other Symptoms of Presbyopia

Here are some signs to pay attention to if you are worried about presbyopia:

  • Words begin to seem blurry when reading; you need to move the book back further to clear away the blurriness.
  • You find that you need a brighter light when reading or doing detailed work.
  • It becomes more difficult to read as the day progresses and/or when you are stressed or tired.
  • You may find that your eyes become irritated and tired when doing close work. Trying to read may cause drowsiness.
  • You could find that you are getting more headaches, especially when reading or working on the computer.

Presbyopia, or “old eyes,” usually starts around age 40 and continues to get worse over the years. Many people try to deal with this condition on their own by purchasing reading glasses.

However, as the condition progresses, the sufferer has to buy stronger and stronger glasses. This may be a reasonable short-term solution to the problem. But, they are just a means to bypass a symptom, not actually a treatment for the problem.

Is There Something That Can Help with the Cause?

Eye vitamins can help to improve the flexibility of your eyes. Haven’t yet noticed any of the problems associated with presbyopia yet? It’s still a good idea to keep your eyes on a proper diet. This is one way to avoid the problem before it gets started. Consider trying our Ocu-Plus Formula which can aid in the natural prevention and improvement of this condition.

When you notice the need for reading glasses, you should schedule an eye exam. Your eye doctor can ensure that what you are experiencing really is just age-related presbyopia and not something more serious. There are other vision problems that have similar symptoms, so start with that eye exam for your own peace of mind.

The vitamins used in the Ocu-Plus Formula can help prevent and improve the symptoms of presbyopia. But, there are also some other actions you can take to help combat it.

  • Give your eyes a break by looking up and away from what you are working on. This is especially important with near-vision tasks like reading, working on the computer, or sewing. When your eyes begin to feel tired, get up and do something different for a while.
  • Make sure that the light you are working by is at least three times brighter than the rest of the room. Never sit in the dark reading or working with only a single light on.
  • Keep books or computer screens at a distance of 20 to 26 inches away from your eyes while working or reading.
  • Sit up straight while reading or watching television.
  • Spend more time outdoors. Our eyes were designed to see things further away from us. Continual near-vision work causes more eye strain.

It is entirely possible to improve your vision naturally. You don’t need to resort to eye surgery or corrective lenses for the rest of your life. Take control of your eyesight by taking proven eye vitamins to beat age-related presbyopia!

For Even Better Results

Along with increasing your exercise levels, improve your diet. As we age, our bodies may run short of the vitamins and minerals that our eyes need. The rest of our body needs them too to stay strong, flexible, and healthy. The best way to supply our bodies with these vitamins and minerals is to improve our diets. You don’t have to go on a restrictive diet. In fact, you may find that an eye-healthy diet requires that you eat more food than usual.

Many people find that the biggest difficulty they have is eating enough of the foods that provide good eye-healthy vitamins and minerals. This can be a major problem, especially if you are older or trying to fix meals only for yourself. Some people find that a good alternative is to get an eye-healthy multivitamin or eye supplement instead. Before you do this, be sure that you check with your medical professional. Some supplements and vitamins can have adverse reactions if you are also on certain prescription medications.

Don’t forget physical exercise! Studies have shown that people who stay active have fewer problems with aging eyes. Whether you walk, cycle, or visit the gym, make sure that you exercise at least a few days a week. Talk to your medical professional for suggestions on exercise programs that will be safe for your age group. Lifting weights and high-intensity workouts might not be right for you. In most cases, walking, stretching, yoga, and swimming are safe exercises. But, it is still best to consult your doctor.

Our vision is an important part of being able to enjoy retirement. Why take chances on it? Why agree to invasive therapy or annoying visual aids like reading glasses? There’s almost always a more natural and holistic option. Focus on getting a healthy diet, enough exercise, and regular checkups at the eye doctor. With some simple steps, you should be able to relax and look forward to doing the things you love as you age.

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  1. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen maria says:

    Dear Will, thank you very much for your excellent information. I am 56 and even though I needed reading glasses I could do everything else. But now when I was feeling stressed due to family matters I was seeing blurry while cooking. I panicked and felt a bit depressed. I started going more often for walks, to aerobics and doing my eye exercises. I certainly feel much better. I do my eye exercises 20 minutes a day. I also purchased a pair of pinhole glasses and wear them 10 minutes a day. They are uncomfortable to wear. How long until I see a major improvement? I used to do oil painting. And I feel really so sad that I have difficulty with that now. Most of my aunties don’t need to wear glasses (only to read or write) and they are in their 70’s. My father is 86 and after cataract surgery he is still repairing lawn mowers without glasses. God bless him and all the people who don’t need glasses. Also all the people who give good advise like yourself. And God help us all who are struggling with reversing our condition.:)

  2. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen MarySusan says:

    Hi Mr. Sorensen,

    I am returning to earlier lessons about eye exercises in the hope or arresting and even reversing cataract. I have great confidence in your work. In time I will let you know of my progress.

    Yours in eye fitness,


  3. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ashish says:

    Hi I am having -6 & -5 in left & right eye respectively. Will this help me ?
    I am thinking of doing LASIK surgery. Kindly suggest.

  4. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen ekere happiness says:

    this is a very interesting and great vision, I hope it will help people to go a long way in rebuilding their vision.

  5. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen will says:

    Eye exercises once helped me to attain my pilots license . The thoughts were offered to me by Prof. Selwyn Super in South Africa.

    Thank you for sharing this important information with your readers.

    Will Booysen(retired headmaster-Age 73)

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