All About Crossed Eyes and Lazy Eye

Strabismus and amblyopia are two very closely linked eye conditions that affect our eye muscles. These conditions are mostly found in children, however, when left untreated, they can become a permanent condition in adult eyes. Strabismus and amblyopia are often confused and people have a hard time telling the two apart. Both conditions affect the […]

Visual Impairment in Preschool Children Seriously on the Rise

There seems to be an alarming rise of visual impairments in preschool aged children. The bad news is research tells us that the numbers will only rise. What is causing this rise in vision impairments in children seems to be uncorrected refractive errors. How can something with a simple solution be causing so much disarray? […]

Common Eye Problems in Pre-schoolers: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our mini-series on common eye problems in pre-schoolers. If you recall we published part one in December. In part one, we outlined three of the most common eye conditions your pre-school may be subject to developing: amblyopia (lazy eye), hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness). This month, we’re back with three more […]

Common Eye Problems in Pre-schoolers and Warning Signs: Part 1

Being a toddler is an exciting time. Kids spend their days discovering the world by reading (or rather looking at pictures while you read to them), playing games, jumping, running, crawling and rolling around. You want your pre-schooler to enjoy the time they have before it’s time to begin their school journey. But before your […]

Lazy Eye May Be Treatable in Adults Now, Not Just Kids

Many a time we have heard that adult amblyopia (or lazy eye) is untreatable. Children with amblyopia can be cured, but after the age of 10 it becomes difficult to cure the vision condition. If not treated before then, you’d get a pat on the back and a pair of shiny new glasses. Looks like […]

How Vision Problems Can Impact Your Child’s Social Development

We spend a lot of time on RYV talking about the effects that vision can have on the day-to-day lives of older people. Presbyopia, glaucoma, cataracts, AMD – all are extremely common, severe eye disorders, and all are much more likely to affect silver citizens than they are children. Sometimes though, visual problems can have […]

Uncovering the Root of Your Child’s Reading Problem

They might not be the first childhood problem parents think about, but reading disorders are almost shockingly prevalent in today’s youth. Roughly five to six percent of all students in the U.S. receive treatment for some form of dyslexia (neurologically-caused reading disorders), and even that high number barely scratches the 20 percent of the population […]

Eye Can’t Believe It: Eye Opening Facts About Children’s Vision

As if adult eye health wasn’t complex enough. Vision problems are enormously widespread among children of just about any age, but often don’t receive the same attention as disorders in the general adult population. It’s time to go over the numbers. Not only are many disorders already affecting a shocking number of younger people, but […]

Why Schedule an Infant Eye Exam?

Infants don’t necessarily seem like the most obvious candidates for an eye exam. They’re young, growing, and years away from the age-related vision disorders we spend so much time talking about on this site. However, even though they might not have the same worries about macular degeneration that you do, there’s still a wide range […]

How to Care for Your Child’s Eyes Without Breaking the Bank

Childhood is a crucial period for visual health. Younger eyes take some time to fully mature – babies lack distance vision, tracking, and even color vision at birth, and develop these abilities over the first few months of life. Even after infancy, vision still doesn’t reach full maturity until well into childhood, with some skills, […]

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