Color Blindness

What’s a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Just like any other part of our body, we need to have our eyes check by professionals. Unfortunately, many people skip out on this crucial step in healthy living. Too often, people think that if they can see well, then their eyes must be healthy. Sight can be deceiving. Many threatening eye diseases that can […]

Can Each of Your Eyes See the Same Color Differently?

Look at a spot on the wall. Now close your left eye, then open it and close your right eye. Notice anything different about the color of the wall? Some of you may have noticed a slight blue or red tint when you closed an eye. This probably means each of your eyes perceive colors […]

Computer-based Color Vision Testing: New Method of Diagnosis

Eye health and computers continue to become better and better friends. It’s true, computers cause a lot of issues for the eyes – CVS is becoming a major problem in the digital era – but technology is evolving to help diagnose many common vision problems. One of the more recent developments: digital tests designed to screen for […]

How Sharp Are Your Eyes? Try These Fun Vision Tests

Seriously, how good is your vision? Ready to put your answer to the test? You can find an internet test for just about everything these days. Ever wondered what your Briggs-Meyer personality type was? There’s a test for that. And if that’s not interesting, you can wander over to another corner of the internet to […]

Fun Vision Facts – Part 6

It can’t be stressed enough how important your vision is and keeping your eyesight in the best possible condition is a huge part of enjoying your life to the max! Here are some vision related facts that you’ve probably never heard before. We’ll start with debunking a few of the more popular myths about vision […]

Fun Vision Facts – Part 1

Normally we write about serious topics about your vision. However, today I’m doing something different. Through our research we always run across fun vision facts, or interesting sayings that we’ve all heard our entire lives, but never realize where they originate from. Today I’m going to tell you where the common phrases “you’re blind as […]

Explaining Color Blindness

Color Blindness, or as we call it… “Honey, does this shirt match my pants?” Summer is wrapping up here in the United States and this is the time of year we savor the scenery – a bright blue sky whiskered with milk-white clouds; the velvety red bloom of a rose, green lawns and trees. Or […]

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