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Celebrities Who Have Experienced LASIK Complications

Celebrities Who Have Experienced LASIK Complications

Many people think of celebrities as people who get the best of everything in life. But their lives are not always as wonderful as people might think. Celebrities can suffer from the same ailments and trouble as the rest of us, including common eye problems. In recent years, many celebrities have undergone LASIK eye surgery […]

How Common Household Items Can Harm Your Vision

We expect certain things to harm our vision. Things like too much sun exposure, playing sports without eye protection, opening our eyes in a chlorinated pool, etc. There are also certain places we don’t expect our eyes to come under fire, especially when it comes to our homes. We don’t expect our everyday household items […]

I Didn’t Know That Could Ruin My Eyesight!

Many of us go on with our days without giving our eyes much thought. Are they working normally? Yes. Do they itch or burn? No. Is there anything unusual about them? No. This is the recipe for a perfect day. However, what we may not consider is what everyday factors could potentially ruin our eyesight. […]

How Laser Pointers Are Damaging to the Eyes

In a world filled with high tech toys and games for adults and kids alike, such as video games, board games, Lego sets, and more, the one toy we’ve no doubt all played with at some point in our lives is a laser pointer. Originally not meant to be a toy, laser pointers are commonly used […]

Final Frontiers: Eye Safety in Space

Looking back, 2014 was one heck of a year for discoveries in space. We had an unprecedented rendezvous between man and comet, as the Rosetta probe hooked up with it’s target after a 10-year journey. A small, mobile lab called Philae was even sent down to the comet, giving us our first direct view of […]

New Fad of Implanting Jewelry in the Eye: Stupid or Trendy?

A new fashion fad is beginning, but is it really worth the dangers? The newest trend in jewelry is to have jewels implanted into your eye. Yes, you read that right! This new, unbelievable trend is called extraocular implants. Some of you may be asking “Why?” while others, no doubt, are asking “How can I […]

Am I At Risk of Going Blind At Work?

Accidents are the number one cause of blindness and can happen anywhere, even at work. Actually, often at work. It’s scary to think that your work environment and conditions may end up costing you your eyesight, but it’s the reality – there are so many jobs out there that are just plain physically dangerous. Of […]

Best Eye Vitamins for Macular Degeneration

Why Do We Get Dizzy?

Macular degeneration refers to the condition that strikes almost everyone at some point in life, especially over age 50. This condition is the most common cause of vision loss in adults, and it is really hard to avoid! As we age, our eyes naturally deteriorate, making it very difficult to see clearly. Think there is […]

The Effects Contacts Have on Your Eyes

Many of us need contacts or glasses in order to function in everyday life. For some of us, it is completely impossible to even get around our own houses without some form of vision aid. One of the more popular solutions to vision deficiencies is contact lenses, specifically for their cosmetic value. They are also […]

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