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Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Spinach

Spinach has a long history of having major health benefits. Where would Popeye be without his spinach? Although, we now know that spinach wouldn’t actually give you enormous arms like Popeye led us to believe. But, that doesn’t mean spinach doesn’t have a place in the health community. Over the years, research has shown that […]

All About Selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral that is absolutely essential to the body. I know, we’ve said that about every trace mineral and ingredient for our Ocu-Plus Formula but it is simply the truth. Many people are under the impression that because a mineral is only found and required in trace amounts in our bodies then […]

All About Vitamin E

Vitamin E is next in the “All About… series” and is one of the most important vitamins. All vitamins are important, but vitamin E is really up there because it’s an antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals. Don’t think the magic that is vitamin E stops there. Only, this isn’t magic, it’s a […]

All About Quercetin

A new age has dawned on the world of food. More and more, will you find chefs on TV and in magazines explaining what foods will give you the most nutrition and it’s fantastic! Influential chefs are taking their knowledge of food and sharing it with the world to help us eat better and live […]

All About Alpha-lipoic Acid

Our Ocu-Plus Formula is a special supplement designed to help you help your vision. This formula is packed with eyesight enhancing nutrients. But take one look at the ingredient list and your head will be spinning. There are a few ingredients on the list that even I had no idea what they were before starting […]

Understanding Carotenoids and How They Help Your Eyes

“Carotenoids” is a word thrown around a lot here. We’re the first to promote them for your eye health, but what are they exactly? It’s easy to recommend natural ways to improve your eyesight without any real proof, but we’re not a fan of smoke and mirrors here at Rebuild Your Vision, especially when it […]

6 Vision-Enhancing Superfoods for Your Eyes

Consider adding these six super foods to your diet. You’ll not only get the benefits of protecting your vision, you’ll also be able to add some variety to that healthy diet you said you were starting. Goji Berries You may have heard of these berries, they have been advertised as a super fruit. For once […]

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