Ocu-Plus Formula

All About Quercetin

A new age has dawned on the world of food. More and more, will you find chefs on TV and in magazines explaining what foods will give you the most nutrition and it’s fantastic! Influential chefs are taking their knowledge of food and sharing it with the world to help us eat better and live […]

All About Bilberries and Bioflavonoids

Today, we’re continuing our list of all the wonderful and eye-healthy natural ingredients found in our Ocu-Plus Formula. Here’s one that’s packed with antioxidants and can enhance night vision… Bilberries are the magical fruit you’ve likely never heard of. That’s really a shame because this blueberry look alike could enhance your vision. Packed with bioflavonoids […]

All About Lutein and Zeaxanthin

You may have heard about this ingredient already, since we very often feature it on our blog. These two nutrients, that often go hand in hand, are essential to maintain your vision and prevent certain diseases. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the power couple of the eye nutrient world. Without them we’d all be at risk […]

All About Ginkgo Biloba

Now there’s a funny sounding name, but this herb isn’t joking around. In fact, ginkgo biloba is the oldest surviving tree species on earth! Ginkgo biloba has a long history rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about traditional forms of medicine it’s that we can heal ourselves naturally! Ginkgo biloba […]

All About Chromium

No, this isn’t going to be an article about Google or web browsers; we’re talking about minerals today. Chromium is a mineral that is essential to our overall health, and especially our eye health. It is found in a variety of delicious foods and is best known as the mineral that makes sure that all […]

All About Glutathione

Ah, another free radical fighting antioxidant! Glutathione is an important antioxidant commonly found in animals, plants, fungi and several types of bacteria. This powerhouse antioxidant is the queen and king of all antioxidants. With its amazing healing powers (studies have shown it to prevent several diseases), it’s hard to imagine why anyone falls ill at […]

All About Alpha-lipoic Acid

Our Ocu-Plus Formula is a special supplement designed to help you help your vision. This formula is packed with eyesight enhancing nutrients. But take one look at the ingredient list and your head will be spinning. There are a few ingredients on the list that even I had no idea what they were before starting […]

How Aging Vision Impacts Global Productivity

Do you find yourself using your phone to read menus in dimly lit restaurants? Or holding books and magazines at greater distances just to see the words clearly? If so, you are not alone. This inability to see objects at a close distance is an age related condition called presbyopia, which affects most over the […]

Brightly Colored Vegetables Can Slow Progression of AMD

Our eyes age just like any other part of the body. Being that it is one of our most prized senses, this slow decent into worsened vision can be a blow to a lot of us. Poor vision can affect your performance at work, it can affect the way you do your favorite activities, and […]

What Is Vision Science?

Vision Science, simply put, is the science of your vision. It is a relatively recent term, and is used to describe all studies that are related to how humans and animals process information visually. This type of science also had numerous sub-types, which include ophthalmology, neuroscience, computer vision, perception psychology and more. How Is Vision […]

What We Eat Now Affects Our Health – and Eyes – Later

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard all the talk about how the food you eat has a major impact on your overall health. I mean, if you’ve been here before, you know we talk about it all the time! You know that you can develop heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many […]

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