vision boosting recipes

Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Kale

This superfood is so amazing, Beyoncé wore a sweater with its name across the front. If that isn’t enough to make you want to eat kale, there’s more. Kale is packed with protein, vitamins, potassium, and healthy carbs. It contributes to promoting the function of every bodily system, including your vision. Our eyes depend on […]

Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Blueberries

If you don’t already include blueberries in your daily diet, you’re missing out. This superhero of nutrient-rich foods packs a punch when it comes to nourishing your eyes. Not to mention how delicious and versatile they are. When choosing foods that will nourish your body, it can be helpful to choose multifunctional ones. This means […]

Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Chia Seeds

Maybe you never gave much consideration to these little black seeds, but now’s your chance to start. Chia seeds are packed full of nutritional benefits for your overall health and, more specifically, for your eyes. All seeds are loaded with nutrients that benefit your health, but chia seeds add some extra bang for your buck. […]

Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Eggs!

When it comes to protecting your eyes, there are so many different foods you should incorporate into your diet. You’ll often hear people recommend eating carrots and leafy greens for vision health, but one that gets overlooked is eggs. Eggs are loaded with critical antioxidants and nutrients that our eyes need to stay healthy and […]

Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Fish (Especially Salmon!)

Are you eating the right foods to maximize your vision health? So many times, people forget how important a balanced diet is for your eyes. Eating well and consuming a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients is crucial for your overall health. Fish, specifically fresh water fish like salmon, is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. […]

Vision Boosting Recipe of the Month: Spinach

Spinach has a long history of having major health benefits. Where would Popeye be without his spinach? Although, we now know that spinach wouldn’t actually give you enormous arms like Popeye led us to believe. But, that doesn’t mean spinach doesn’t have a place in the health community. Over the years, research has shown that […]

Vision Boosting Christmas Recipe: Cinnamon

The Christmas season is in full swing! Festive lights light up the streets and Christmas music blares wherever you go. You can’t escape the holiday cheer! Or scents! Nothing says holiday season quite like the soothing smell of cinnamon. At this time of the year, you’re likely to see cinnamon in just about everything! Cinnamon […]

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