Does Your Poor Eye Health Affect Your Travel Plans?

Does Your Poor Eye Health Affect Your Travel Plans?

If your poor vision keeps you from traveling far from home, you’re not alone. Many people with poor and low vision prefer to stick to their routines. This is especially difficult in the summer months when it seems like everyone is out there traveling. So what can you do if your eye health affects your travel plans?

It’s a known fact that visual impairments make performing daily activities and being mobile much more difficult. So, it’s understandable that you may want to stay closer to home if your vision is poor. There are many reasons why people decide not to travel as far when they suffer from any form of vision loss. Some of these reasons include fear, the inability to drive, embarrassment, and insecurity being away from home. However, a good life is still possible despite these obstacles.

Poor vision may create limitations on some of the things you can do. However, it is still possible to remain active and do normal activities. Keep reading to learn about how you can adapt your travel plans and enjoy all the world has to offer despite poor eye health.

Adapting to Poor Vision

Poor vision can be caused by a number of different factors, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, presbyopia and many other common conditions. Luckily, there are treatments for some of these issues to improve vision. However, some vision loss is still possible and can place limits on what you feel you can still do. With a little bit of adjustment and maybe a bit of assistance, you can still do the things you want to do.

Does Your Poor Eye Health Affect Your Travel Plans?If your poor vision keeps you from being able to drive, look into other ways to get around. You can get rides from family, friends, and neighbors. Using  public transportation, a taxi cab or rideshare can also get you from point A to point B. You can also look into whether or not the area you live has some kind of transportation options for people with poor vision. These options extend into vacation plans as well – there are always ways to get around without having to drive yourself.

If you don’t feel comfortable going out on your own because of your poor vision, make plans with family or friends to run your errands or travel places with them if it makes you feel more secure. Many people skip this option because it makes them feel like they’re inconveniencing their family and friends. As long as you make your plans ahead of time and they agree to take you, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Getting out and about with a friend may actually be helpful for them as well! Traveling to see friends who can help you or asking your local friends to help you get ready for a trip can significantly reduce travel-related stress.

Improving Quality of Life

There are other ways you can make sure you are ready to travel on your own. You can also look into various visual aids and technologies that can help you remain independent. These services may allow you to do things like work, travel, or simply run errands. Some of these aids might include magnifying lenses or special equipment that enlarges images or text. You can also find books and newspapers with large print and even appliances designed for people with vision difficulties.

There are also things like counseling, training programs, and rehabilitation programs for people with poor vision. They can give you the tools you need to manage your home, go shopping, cook meals, take care of your personal needs, work at your job, and various other aspects of your daily life. Look at your local community websites to find information on these programs before you head out for the summer. Programs like these can help you not only improve your quality of life on the go. They will also benefit your daily life at home. By utilizing programs like these, you can learn to adjust to your poor vision. You will gain more confidence in your actions and how you deal with it.

Improve Your Eyesight

Depending on the reason why your vision is poor, it may be possible to improve it by taking vision-enhancing eye vitamin supplements and eating foods that are nutritious for the eyes. If your vision isn’t poor yet, but you fear that it may be at some point, you should also do eye exercises daily. Eating better will also keep your eyes as healthy and strong as possible for as long as possible.

Eye exercises and eye-nutritious foods have been reported to improve vision problems, sometimes to the point of not even needing corrective lenses anymore. As it was said before, however, it depends on what kind of vision problems you have. Vision problems due to glaucoma usually cannot be improved successfully. However, age-related macular degeneration vision problems can be delayed or even prevented if you start taking precautions soon enough. This is why it’s important to take care of your vision at all stages of life. It will help to preserve your eye health for later on.

If you take a supplement, like the Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula, and eat eye-healthy foods, you may find that your vision improves enough that you can feel comfortable traveling away from home to go shopping, go out with friends or family, or even go on a vacation. You don’t need to allow your vision problems to rule the way you live your life. Be proactive about your eye health now and you’ll live an enjoyable life for years to come.

To make this happen, though, you might just have to get used to needing a little help. Feeling dependent is difficult for anyone. We all want to be independent for as long as possible. But, just because your vision isn’t as good as it used to be does not mean that your life is over. Remaining as active as you can is the best option toward living a new kind of normal.

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    I have macular degeneration. My eyes have been stable for 17 years. I have been taking Preservision during those years (two pills a day). This year, I started taking Preservision AREDS2 (two pills a day). I have also been eating the types of food you recommend
    This Spring, I would like to take a flight that lasts 3 hours, 30 minutes. Should I have any concerns about flying with macular degeneration?

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