Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Tips to Prevent Vision Loss in Men

Have we got good news for you men out there, or what? Men are less at risk of developing vision-impairing diseases. According to numerous stats and studies, women tend to lose their vision more than men. Doctors believe the reason for this is because of the hormone changes in women due to various factors in […]

New Hope for Elderly People with Eye Diseases

We can lie all we want about our ages and buy all the anti-wrinkle cream in the world; but the truth remains, we all age. Every living creature and non-living since the beginning of time has aged. It’s just the process of life. As we age, our bodies begin to wither from the wear and […]

Brightly Colored Vegetables Can Slow Progression of AMD

Our eyes age just like any other part of the body. Being that it is one of our most prized senses, this slow decent into worsened vision can be a blow to a lot of us. Poor vision can affect your performance at work, it can affect the way you do your favorite activities, and […]

What Does It Mean to Have Low Vision?

Low vision, by definition, is an eye condition often caused by a disease that is not correctable with regular lenses or eyeglasses. As a result, low vision prevents those affected from engaging in their regular daily activities such as reading, cooking, watching television, and more. This condition may even cause loss of income, according to […]

The Link Between Aspirin and Macular Degeneration

What is Macular Degeneration? Macular Degeneration is an eye disorder that can cause severe vision loss in people aged 60 and over. The most severe cases can even cause blindness. The disease occurs when the portion of the retina known as the macula begins to degenerate. This causes people to lose the ability to sense […]

Testing Low Vision Driving Abilities Through Simulation

For those experiencing the effects of diminishing eyesight, driving can easily become one of the most difficult elements of everyday life. This can be especially trying for those dealing with central vision loss, or a blind area in their central vision. Vision researchers in Boston have recently published the results of a new study that […]

Vision Loss More Prevalent in Poverty Stricken Southern States

We’ve talked about several different risk factors for vision loss on RYV – obesity, high blood pressure, and many other factors can heavily impact visual health. A recent study published by the CDC indicates that we may need to start talking about socioeconomic status in much the same way. Previous studies focusing on vision loss […]

How to Naturally Strengthen Peripheral Vision

Our readers visit our site to learn about vision care and take our eye vitamins for a variety of reasons, from strengthening near and far vision to slowing down and treating aging vision and astigmatism. Still, out of all those, you’ll likely find a couple unusually popular reasons, like maybe finally getting rid of those pesky […]

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