Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Testing Low Vision Driving Abilities Through Simulation

For those experiencing the effects of diminishing eyesight, driving can easily become one of the most difficult elements of everyday life. This can be especially trying for those dealing with central vision loss, or a blind area in their central vision. Vision researchers in Boston have recently published the results of a new study that […]

Vision Loss More Prevalent in Poverty Stricken Southern States

We’ve talked about several different risk factors for vision loss on RYV – obesity, high blood pressure, and many other factors can heavily impact visual health. A recent study published by the CDC indicates that we may need to start talking about socioeconomic status in much the same way. Previous studies focusing on vision loss […]

Why You Should Get a Dilated Eye Exam

When was your last eye exam? Think back a bit, and not just to the last time you fitted a pair of glasses. Specifically, think back to if and when you last had a dilated eye exam. We’re guessing that a lot of you are still thinking. Dilated eye exams take more time and money, […]

The Starchy Food Debate: Is It Bad for Eyesight?

We talk a lot about nutrition here on RYV. This discussion mostly centers around foods that we know are good for the eyes. Take leafy greens for instance. They’re generally healthy as they contain some specialized pigments that can reduce the amount of stress aging eyes experience, lowering your chances for a few serious vision […]

Can Eye Color Affect a Hitter’s Game?

Differing eye colors can actually say some pretty interesting things about you physiologically. In some cases, they can even give some valuable medical information or, yes, even make you more likely to encounter a specific vision disorder. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you do have an eye color with a […]

Eye Health for Pilots

As we’ve said, vision can be everything for a pilot. I mean, that is how Rebuild Your Vision started – with one visually challenged person’s dream to fly for the US Navy. My own dilemma and eventual solution are all listed front and center on the RYV site if you’re interested in reading the full […]

Watch Your Weight for Healthy Eyes

It’s a long-known problem: obesity has reached epidemic rates in many countries. Despite recent programs and educational initiatives, obesity remains stubbornly sky-high. According to the CDC, over a third of American adults are currently classified as obese. Not only is it widespread, but obesity also has devastating health effects. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and […]

Antioxidants for Eye Health

Maintaining healthy vision is a matter increasingly left to high-tech therapies. Laser surgery, telescopic implants, and even artificial eyes are all treatments of tomorrow and are becoming more refined and common as technology appears and improves. However, all that progress doesn’t mean that we should ignore more low-tech solutions. Eye exercises are a piece of […]

Foods to Avoid in the Hunt for Healthier Eyes

If you’ve been through a few other articles on this site, you’re probably familiar with a few eye nutrition facts. Green, leafy vegetables can help protect your eyes from excess UV light, omega-3 acids help stimulate tear production, and so on. Unfortunately, that particular knife cuts both ways; a healthy diet can do wonders for […]

Increasing Eye Pigment Can Boost Vision in Hazy Conditions

According to new studies performed at the University of Georgia, the more yellow pigment you have in your eyes, the better you’re able to see in hazy conditions. The researchers there performed an experiment in which they set up a simulation of hazy conditions so that they could test how far people with varying amounts […]

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