Give Your Kids a Better Life with Better Vision

Give Your Kids a Better Life with Better Vision

The one thing every parent wants for their child is a happy life. If you could, you would shield your child from bullies, sickness, scrapes and booboos. Unfortunately, there are some things parents just can’t control, like your child’s first crush breaking their heart. It’s a part of life that happens to everyone, but that doesn’t mean it won’t break your heart too. But what can you do about making sure your kids have better vision?

You may not be able to protect your child from everything life throws at them, but there’s one thing you can definitely help protect them against: poor vision.

A lot of parents don’t think about their child’s eye care because they can’t know how their child sees. If you saw your child limping, you’d know there was something wrong. But unless your child tells you that they’re having trouble seeing, and assuming they actually recognize that their blurry vision is not normal, there’s no way to know how they see.

Bad Vision and School

We all want our children to excel in school, even in primary school. Early education is the basis for everything else they will learn throughout their academic career. They’ll learn to read and write; they’ll develop important cognitive skills; they’ll begin learning basic math; and they’ll learn the overall importance of education.

But what happens if your child has blurred vision for whatever reason? That’ll make reading, writing, doing math and sharpening those cognitive skills almost impossible. Vision problems can start to impact children as early as their preschool years.

When your child does poorly in school because of bad vision, it can be a fatal blow to their self-esteem. They’ll act out and think that they are “stupid”, but of course, they aren’t. But can you blame them? They can’t see and sometimes they don’t know that they can’t see, but we’ll get to that later.

The point here is that without their best vision possible, your children will be missing out on the essential building blocks of learning. Giving them the opportunity to see better in school will make all the difference.

Bad Vision and Sports/Physical Activity

We learn a lot in school, but there’s only so much one can learn in a classroom. Sports can help your child learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Physical activity in general will help them understand that being active and not plopped down in front of a TV all the time will keep them healthy and energized.

However, poor eyesight can affect your child’s ability to take part in these sorts of activities, and they could miss out on the experience of being part of a team and making friends.

This is especially true for those who are nearsighted. Children who are nearsighted will have trouble seeing things at a distance, which will make playing sports difficult and dangerous. Could you imagine a football hurdling toward your face and not seeing it until the very last second?

Better vision will no doubt drastically improve your child’s ability to play sports. Physical activity and team building are essential parts of growing up, just like learning to read and write.

Give Your Kids a Better Life Through Better Vision

Give Your Kids a Better Life with Better Vision

We already know that you’d do anything to give your child a better life. We all want our children to have magical childhoods before they have to start worrying about things like getting into a good university or finding the right job for them.

We have a few things you can do to give your kids a better life, just by improving their vision.

Help Your Child Recognize Bad Vision

As we mentioned already, children don’t always know that something is wrong with their vision. For the most part, They’ve never experienced any other type of vision so blurry or poor vision is normal to them.

The first step in giving them a better life through vision is first determining how they see. Literally, see the world through their eyes. You can do this by simply asking them questions about their vision.

Try to get as much information about their vision as you can and encourage them to tell you when things in their vision change. This will save you a lot of guesswork and stress.

Getting Your Child’s Eyes Examined

So your child is exhibiting signs of bad vision or has described to you that their vision has been worsening. Wondering what to do now? Take them to your eye doctor!

In fact, because children’s eyes are constantly changing during development they should ideally be going to see the eye doctor for an exam every year. They should go more frequently if they have an existing vision condition.

Eye exams can do more than just uncover how well your child can see. Comprehensive eye exams can also detect early signs of a multitude of eye diseases. Though eye diseases are rare in children, they definitely are not improbable. Better safe than sorry, right?

Protective and Corrective Eyewear for Kids: Better Vision for Life

Let’s say you, unfortunately, find out that your child has some sort of vision impairment that will need to be corrected with eyeglasses. There are options out there, like Crizal for example, that offer protective and corrective eyewear for children.

These special lenses were designed to protect your little one’s eyes from harmful UV rays and blue light emitted from digital devices and to protect them from glare. This will help your child focus on learning, sports, playing the piano, or whatever else they set their minds to.

Lenses like these are a great innovation when it comes to children’s eyewear. They give your child all the protection they need so that you don’t have to worry too much. You can worry a little.

Giving your child a good life can be as easy as getting their eyes checked. If their eyes are healthy, everything else will be and they can lead happy young lives, made possible by you.

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