eReader vs. Printed Book: Which Is Better for Your Eyesight?

eReader vs. Printed Book

In today’s increasingly digital world, interactions with printed media are becoming less common every day. Between smart phones, handheld game systems, high definition televisions and computer monitors, more and more people are spending their time looking at screens, rather than pages. What effect is this having on our eyesight? It’s becoming common knowledge that these […]

Tips to Protect Your Eyes If You Work in an Office

You may think you’re safe because you’re not working in a factory or warehouse where danger is apparent. But, working in an office presents its own set of challenges. Sure, you might not be in immediate physical harm, but you are susceptible to vision impairments due to your work environment. What many people are unaware […]

How Your Child’s Smartphone Could Be Harming Their Eyes

It isn’t uncommon to see kids with smartphones these days. Why shouldn’t they have them? They can be exceptional learning tools, help your children keep in contact with friends and family, be used for emergencies, and can be used to capture some truly great moments. For all the good that smartphones do, there is a […]

New Contact Lens Could Combat Digital Eye Strain

If you’re a citizen of Earth, there’s no doubt that you’ve used a digital device. Actually, you have to be using some type of digital device to be accessing this article in the first place. That means you could potentially suffer from digital eye strain. Millennials are among the most affected by digital eye strain. […]

5 Signs You’re Suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome

If you’re no stranger to our blog (and we hope you aren’t), then you’ll know that we’ve extensively covered the topic of digital eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Digital eye strain is an all too common condition that can potentially affect anyone with a digital device. In this day and age, that’s just […]

5 Tips to Eliminate Visual Stress at Work

The world we live in is changing fast; especially when it comes to the workplace. Office work is a relatively new form of work. Before that most of our ancestors were manual laborers. As a result, their eyes had evolved to see long distances. However, the world today is much different. Most of us work […]

The Computer Vision Syndrome Infographic

Computer vision syndrome, also known as CVS, has been on every doctor’s radar for a while now. As we become more and more digital with everything we do, we may be putting our eyes and bodies at risk. CVS has been on the rise and according to an infographic put together by FramesDirect and NowSourcing, digital […]

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