Double Vision Causes and Natural Treatments

Of all the sudden changes that we can experience to our sense of sight, double vision is probably among the most alarming. Also called diplopia, double vision has a number of causes, but all result in roughly the same problem – seeing one too many of each object you look at.

Most of us have experienced double vision at some point. In most cases, this is intentional – if you haven’t done it before, hold a finger out in front of your nose, then slowly draw it in closer while keeping your eyes focused on it. Your eyes will cross, you’ll suddenly see two fingers instead of one and anyone watching you will probably laugh.

But in some cases, diplopia is more cause for concern. A number of more serious illnesses and injuries can all cause it. There are a few ways to be prepared for double vision so you can fix it naturally and safely.

Passing Problems

Let’s start with the stereotypical one. As seen in numerous cartoons, a sharp blow to the head can have you seeing double in a hurry. While this is generally passed off as comical, the reality is anything but. Diplopia that follows head trauma and lasts for more than a few seconds generally indicates some more serious injury and is a component of what physicians call post trauma vision syndrome, a collection of symptoms that also includes blurring and perceiving motion where there is none.

Having a slightly-too-wild Saturday night is another way to put yourself on the path to double vision. Alcohol can have a number of neurological affects and one of the functions it seems to affect is the brain’s ability to coordinate eye movements. Have a few too many and you’ll slow down the rate at which your visual system synchronizes information from your two eyes, giving you a couple of overlapping channels and, as expected, some double vision.

Double vision is also a hallmark symptom of migraine headaches. Those unlucky enough to have these awful episodes may have “aura” phases that precede actual headaches. Visual effects are the most common during auras, though sensory changes and other symptoms can also appear. For some migraine sufferers, diplopia is consequently an early warning sign of an oncoming attack.

Serious Causes of Double Vision

A number of more serious chronic diseases and conditions can also cause diplopia. We’ll kick this section off by noting that unexpected double vision is nearly always a good reason to start looking around for a doctor.

Strokes, aneurysms, and tumors are all capable of dealing serious damage to the brain. If one of these issues affects the parts of your brain responsible for processing visual information, you could well wind up with double vision, as well as other visual phenomena.

Progressive diseases that affect the nerves can slowly sap the body’s ability to properly use the extraocular muscles responsible for eye movements, reducing the coordination between eyes and eventually causing double vision. Multiple sclerosis is the best-known disease in this category. More commonly, diabetes can also result in severe nerve damage, giving rise to symptoms similar to those seen in MS, including diplopia.

Even simpler, mechanical problems in the eyes can cause double vision. Cataracts occur when proteins in the eye turn opaque, blocking and diverting light entering the eye. They’re enormously common among older individuals and can easily cause double vision if deposits scatter light and lead the eye to perceive multiples of an object. Infections and injuries to the cornea can also cause double vision, again by changing the way that light enters the eye. Extreme dry eye, a problem occasionally encountered by office workers who spend too much time on digital devices, can also result in passing double vision.

Dealing with Double Vision

Double Vision Causes and Natural TreatmentsIn some cases – particularly those involving beer – the best cure for diplopia is to simply wait it out. The effects of alcohol will generally fade overnight and even if you’ve gone to bed with double vision, you’ll likely wake up without it. Though we can’t speak to the likelihood of a hangover.

However, in many others, waiting isn’t a good idea at all. In fact, if you notice the sudden onset of double vision, it’s generally a sign that you need to speak up, and potentially seek emergency attention. While double vision on its own is generally more annoying than actively dangerous, it can be an indication of serious damage to the brain. Strokes, for example, can cause diplopia. If caught early, these and other major incidents can be handled before they cause too much trouble. If left to wait, many have the potential to be fatal.

For other, consistent cases, physicians turn to a range of basic therapies. While the practice isn’t as prevalent as before, “pirate patching” or simply covering one eye is a quick and easy fix for binocular double vision – though it won’t treat any underlying causes and should only be done in concert with more proactive therapy. Prism correction can also be helpful and works by reworking the path that light takes when entering the eye.

Eye vitamins also have their places in treating diplopia. Since it’s very common for the problem to originate with weak or poorly controlled extraocular muscles, incorporating the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and herbs into your diet can help restore those muscles to healthy levels of activity, eliminating some of the primary causes of double vision.


About Orlin Sorensen

My vision started to get blurry as a young teenager. Soon I was wearing glasses for just about everything. This was a hard blow for me because I had always dreamed of becoming a U.S. Navy fighter pilot which required perfect vision without glasses or surgery. But I wasn't ready to give up on my dreams, so I looked into every possible alternative which led me to eye exercises. Through daily vision training and eye exercises, I improved my vision from 20/85 to 20/20 and passed the Navy's visual acuity test. In fact Men's Health declared this one of the "Greatest Comebacks of All Time!" Now, I'm sharing exactly how I did it with the program that helped me so people like you can improve your vision safely and naturally, without glasses, contacts or laser surgery.

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  1. bob walters #

    i sent an email a long time ago asking about problems after catarac surgery. i believe that after the sugury i never got any better.! the dr just checks my vision like an optometrist to see if i can read the chart lines or read a card. and he gives me like artifical tears…they do help. any advice??

  2. Charles Y #

    I have double vision due to something not noted in your article. I have, according to a retina surgeon, scar tissue behind the retina, and the deformed shape of the retina in the affected eye has caused objects seen by it to become magnified and shifted to the right and downward. I was fitted with prisms, and the displacement of the second image was corrected approximately 80%, but the prism glasses gave me another problem. The location of the object was moved downward compared to its location as seen without glasses. It caused a problem hitting a tennis ball. I was swinging at the location that the ball looked to be, but the ball was actually in a different place in space I gave up the prism glasses and went back to my regular glasses and decided to put up with the double vision.

  3. Ali yusuf #

    I stop drinking beer. Having one tablet of neuropion ( vitamin b ) daily for six months. No more double vision. Thanks

  4. April jane #

    I have double vision after brain surgery due to atroke. Its been more than six months :”(

    • Raven #

      I had brain surgery in Feb to remove tumor have had horrible double vision since

  5. Jehad Bakeer #

    With severe vomitting and diahria I had double vision in two similar incidents over the las year. 1st incident ( 9 months ago) I restored my normal vision in a month time. The 2nd incident (6 months ago) till to date I am having double vision and doctors are still experimenting causes, treatments by several vitamins…….with out noticeable improvement


    My mother experienced double vision as the result of a small stroke after TAVR procedure, which is aorta heart valve replacement (inserted through the groin vein). She woke up with double vision and it has now been two weeks. The rehab facility is CLUELESS! I want to take my mom to an eye doctor but need a referral so it’s covered by insurance. NOT happening! Resident doc refers me to her GP…GP says resident doc has to make referral. The “chain of command” is causing my mother to fall through the cracks and I am pissed! 18 damn years my mother was a patient of Dr Caroll of Santa Rosa Ca. and never once has he called to say…Hi Gloria, heard you had a are you feeling! All about the money…could care less about her. My guess is the fresnal prism may help. I doubt it will ever go away but there is always hope. I have NO faith in some doctors any longer. As a matter of fact…I would love to debate their stupidity in never proscribing natural remedies instead of pushing pharmacuticals down our throats….kick backs and free trips to Hawaii, I guess take priority over their oaths to humanity….AS A NATION…WE HAVE EDUCATED OURSELVES TO THE POINT OF IMBICILITY!

    • I. Care #

      Chill out Sandra

      • kikamika #

        you should watch your manners, iCare, or is it short for i am from Health Care?

      • Anonymous #

        Don’t blame Sandra for being upset

  7. Albert Cumberworth #

    I was given a flue shot and a pneumonia shot at the same time and have been seeing double for almost two weeks-how do i fix it?

  8. Albert Cumberworth #

    i have no idea why

  9. Jack H #

    Hi, my names jack i have some sort of double vision but im not sure what it is so let me try to describe it to you basically the word jack is there but it blurs out in all different directions and is in all different colours all most like a ghost image but everywhere i’ve been seeing optometrists & ophthalmologists and they dont know what it is they sent me to a specialist today and he said it has something to do with me smoking pot and i have to stop smoking pot for 4 months and return to him and if i smoke pot in those 4 months theres no point seeing him. this has gotten to the point where it is so hard to live my life because no one sees what i see and its getting worse and worse its been happening for over a year the doctor said its got to do with the brain but he didn’t refer me to a neurologist, im just really worried that its permanent because its seriously really bad. does anyone know what i should do and is there anyway to help this before i neck?

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