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Children’s First Eye Test – How Young Is Too Young?

You probably wouldn’t have thought this, but your newborn baby and young child should be getting an eye exam. Since your child’s eyes are quickly developing and always changing, it’s important to keep on top of vision problems from a young age. But how do you know when your children’s first eye test should be?

According to the American Optometric Association, children should have an eye exam by no later than six months old, then again by age three, and just before starting school.

Children's First Eye Test ImageSchool-age children need an exam every two to three years after that if they have no vision problems.

But if your child requires corrective lenses, schedule visits every 12 months.

Prescriptions change frequently, because vision matures along with your child.

Don’t Rely on School for Children’s Fist Eye Test

Keep in mind that a vision screening performed by your pediatrician or the school nurse is not a complete eye exam. These screenings are designed to alert parents to the possibility of a visual problem, but they should not take the place of a visit to an eye care professional.

One question we get here a lot is when can our kids start taking eye vitamins so they can avoid glasses?

The RYV Ocu-Plus Formula can help to improve common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism in children.

There are some signs you can watch for at home as well that may point to vision problems:

  • If your child routinely sits too close to the television
  • If they often rub their eyes while reading or watching television
  • If they complain of headaches after reading
  • If they complain about not being able to see the words in a book clearly
  • If they hold books and papers at arms reach to read them

These are all signs that your child may be experiencing difficulty with their vision. If you notice these signs take them in for an eye exam. When children are very young they may not be able to explain to you what problems they are having seeing. If the vision problem is something they were born with then they don’t realize that it is a problem. They have never seen clearly so they don’t realize that anything is wrong.

Some Steps You Can Take to Avoid Eye Problems in the Future

Restrict the amount of time that your children spend looking at electronic screens. These include but are not limited to video games, television, computers, kindles, and cell phones. Electronic screens can be the cause of eye strain even in young eyes.

Get your children outside as much as possible. We understand that in large cities this can be difficult, but try to find after school programs or parks in the area where it is safe for them to play. School sports are also an option to consider. The YMCA often offers programs that are available to children. When people are outside they are focusing on things at a distance this is restful for your eyes.

Make sure that your children are wearing sunglasses that protect them from UV/UVB rays while outside. Because of the pollution in our atmosphere more harmful rays are reaching the surface of the planet. These rays can cause damage to the eyes if left unprotected.

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    Wow! I didn’t have an eye exam before I was in my last years of middle school- I could never read the tv screen when I was playing videogames but I thought it was the screen that was blurry! I have no idea how I managed to do well in school when I couldn’t read the black board. I wish my parents had known what you just posted!

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    Yeah, I remember when I was 9 years old a bunch of frigging optometrists came to my school and tested all the kids’ eyesight. They found that instead of reading the 20 line from 20 feet, I had to take a step forward before I could read it. For this mortal sin of having the slightest degree of myopia I was prescribed glasses and my parents told I had to wear them forever. My insensitive father turned a deaf ear to all my protests and forced me to wear them at all times, sending me down the road of permanent visual deterioration; realistically screwing up my life. I had no chance to clear up a very minor problem by natural means.

    If today I could find those bastard optometrists again I would not hesitate to shoot them on the spot, and if the old man were alive would shoot him as well.

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