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Meet Eyeleen – The Vision Van

Eye health is something that is commonly overlooked in children. After all, we associate youth with health. A young body means young eyes, ears, and organs. What could go wrong? The reality is that children can and do suffer from the same eye health issues that adults do. Some are born with these conditions and […]

How Is Your State Screening for Vision Problems?

What would we do without our vision? Living in a world that is highly inaccessible for blind people or people with low vision, it is important to make sure our children get the chance to develop healthy and sharp eyesight. Unfortunately for many children, receiving the proper care and eye tests is not high on […]

Protecting Eye Health from Infancy

Eye health is important in every stage of life, even infancy. There is no way for a baby to know when there is something wrong with their eyes, heck even some adults can’t recognize the signs. As parents, it’s up to you to know how to take care of every aspect of your baby’s health, even […]

10 Signs Your Child May Be Suffering from a Vision Problem

A child’s performance in school can be either a source of pride or frustration for parents and children alike. Sometimes, parents tend to overlook small signs that could be associated with a bigger problem, like eyesight issues. Especially when it comes to in-class behavior, reading, and concerns about learning disorders, like ADD/ADHD or dyslexia, parents […]

Vision Protection Tips for Young Eyes

As we age, plenty of us find ourselves wishing for the clearer vision we had as children. After all, an awful lot of the conditions we like to talk about on RYV – cataracts, presbyopia, macular degeneration – are all associated with older bodies rather than youthful ones. But younger eyes are anything but indestructible. […]

Why Schedule an Infant Eye Exam?

Infants don’t necessarily seem like the most obvious candidates for an eye exam. They’re young, growing, and years away from the age-related vision disorders we spend so much time talking about on this site. However, even though they might not have the same worries about macular degeneration that you do, there’s still a wide range […]

How to Care for Your Child’s Eyes Without Breaking the Bank

Childhood is a crucial period for visual health. Younger eyes take some time to fully mature – babies lack distance vision, tracking, and even color vision at birth, and develop these abilities over the first few months of life. Even after infancy, vision still doesn’t reach full maturity until well into childhood, with some skills, […]

Why Aren’t You Getting Your Child’s Eyes Examined?

If you haven’t been taking your kids to have their eyes examined, you’re not alone. It has been determined that parents are on the ball with taking their kids for dental examinations as 70 percent of kids visit the dentist once a year, but when it comes to the optometrist, only 25 percent of kids […]

What Your Child’s Eye Exam Should Evaluate

Children’s eye health can change pretty quickly, which is why it’s so important that they receive regular eye exams. There are many children who do not receive regular eye exams that have undetected vision problems. Those vision problems can lead to learning problems, attention problems, and even behavioral problems. It isn’t unusual for children to […]

Are Your Kids’ Eye Screenings Passing the Grade?

It is recommended that children receive eye exams before entering school and then every one to two years thereafter. However, the American Optometric Association states that almost 25 percent of kids in school have problems with their vision but are not receiving regular eye exams to detect these issues. In addition, only about one-third of […]

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