Brightly Colored Vegetables Can Slow Progression of AMD

Our eyes age just like any other part of the body. Being that it is one of our most prized senses, this slow decent into worsened vision can be a blow to a lot of us. Poor vision can affect your performance at work, it can affect the way you do your favorite activities, and […]

Increasing Eye Pigment Can Boost Vision in Hazy Conditions

According to new studies performed at the University of Georgia, the more yellow pigment you have in your eyes, the better you’re able to see in hazy conditions. The researchers there performed an experiment in which they set up a simulation of hazy conditions so that they could test how far people with varying amounts […]

How Often Should You Take Vitamin Supplements?

You’d think it’d be an easy question to answer. Many of us are so used to hearing about “daily multivitamins” that we take the one pill per day rate as a given. And while that often isn’t a bad place to start, it still is a simple answer to a complex problem. Multivitamins have taken […]

Nutrition in Vision: Try a Local Diet

It’s no secret that fruit and vegetables are good for you because they are filled with many beneficial nutrients, but did you know that produce that is locally grown is even better for you than what you may typically find in the supermarket? Generally, the produce you buy at most supermarkets travels many miles to […]

What We Eat Now Affects Our Health – and Eyes – Later

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard all the talk about how the food you eat has a major impact on your overall health. I mean, if you’ve been here before, you know we talk about it all the time! You know that you can develop heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many […]

Regular Cardio Can Strengthen Eyes and Vision

When some people hear the word ‘exercise’ they cringe, probably because some view it as a chore that is as awful as scrubbing a toilet, and others have that reaction because they know that it’s something they need to do but they don’t for one reason or another and they feel guilty about it. The […]

Summer Eating: Seasonal Foods that Boost Vision

Summer is here! I bet you’re all looking forward to long, hot, sunny days, lazing around the pool, hanging out in the backyard or park and of course, barbecues! Summertime cuisine is quite possibly the best of the year, I mean come on, hamburgers, every kind of salad imaginable, ice cream, crazy colorful and tasty fruits […]

Vision Decline in Old Age Affects Ability to See Color

The loss of visual acuity as you age can be a difficult realization. This is something we all know we’ll have to deal with at some point. But, now research is showing that this isn’t the only age-related change in your vision. Studies have revealed that your ability to see color also declines in old age. […]

Daily Vitamin May Reduce Cataract Risk in Men

A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that long-term use of a daily multivitamin supplement may lower the risk of cataracts in men. Eye Ailments The research focused on two different eye ailments: cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Cataracts are the clouding of the eye’s lens […]

A Christmas Feast: Is What You Eat Affecting Your Eyesight?

‘Tis the season to gather and celebrate. Christmas is a great time of celebration… and food! A time to ignore the diet and just enjoy the many treats and feasts that go with the holiday; after all, we can always make up for it when it comes time for the New Year’s resolution, right? But, […]

Vision Solutions for 30s and Under

As we get older, the eyes have different needs and a change in vision is a normal part of the aging process. Generally, people in their 20s and 30s usually have good eyesight and this age is too young for the aging process to cause problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia and other common […]

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