peripheral awareness

Better Vision for Football Players

Almost every high school in America has those famous Friday night football games throughout the fall. We even center the social event of homecoming around it. But, partying and celebration aside, football is a tough and competitive sport. It is rather complex too. It requires players to not only be physically capable but mentally prepared. […]

Improved Vision for Hockey Players

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have realized the unprecedented growth of hockey as a youth sport. More and more hockey leagues are popping up all over the country. Many of these kids have big dreams of playing in the NHL. For parents who are unfamiliar with the sport, there can […]

Better Vision, Better Volleyball

Good volleyball players must be athletic, quick and be aware of the movement of not only the ball, but the players around them. Because of this, good vision is an important part of being a good volleyball player. Although good vision won’t make you jump higher, it can help you hit the ball in the […]

How We See Our Surroundings Is Affected by Visual Crowding

You’re walking down a busy street when you zoom past someone as they grab on to your arm saying, “Hey, how are you?” You focus and realize it’s a close co-worker who you’ve been working with almost every day for the past five years. So how is it you didn’t recognize them as they walked […]

Pretty Cool Facts About Peripheral Vision

The human eye is an amazing work of nature. It is a combination of muscles and lenses working together to send messages to the brain that come back with perceived images. Peripheral vision is just one part of the overall ability to see, and there are some pretty neat things about this area of eyesight. […]

How to Naturally Strengthen Peripheral Vision

Our readers visit our site to learn about vision care and take our eye vitamins for a variety of reasons, from strengthening near and far vision to slowing down and treating aging vision and astigmatism. Still, out of all those, you’ll likely find a couple unusually popular reasons, like maybe finally getting rid of those pesky […]

What Is Peripheral Awareness and How Important Is It?

Peripheral awareness is the ability to see action or objects that are not in your direct line of vision, but instead taking place on the sides of your vision. Just think about when you are driving and you are focused on the car in front of you because traffic is starting and stopping very rapidly. […]

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