Are You at Risk of the 3 Most Common Aging Vision Problems?

Are You at Risk of the 3 Most Common Aging Vision Problems?

Advancing years can make the body feel a little bit less than what it used to be. That eagle eye vision you were once so proud of may start to fade, and you may find yourself wearing glasses more often than you did before. Aging vision problems can make life uncomfortable. The more you know about them, though, the more you can do to prevent them.

Some people feel embarrassed when they need to upgrade their glasses due to declining vision. They may make you swallow your pride but bifocals are not a serious problem. Unfortunately, there are some serious aging vision problems that you need to protect yourself against. Three of these are pretty common and we’re here to shed some light on those.

The Cloudy Lens of Cataracts

Are You at Risk of the 3 Most Common Aging Vision Problems?Cataracts are caused almost directly by aging. People over 40 are most likely to experience cataracts and they are the leading cause of blindness in people 55 and over.

Cataracts effect the aging population in many different ways. Cataracts can be nuclear, cortical and posterior sub-capsular. The oxidation and oxidative stress brought on by advancing years make the eyes vulnerable to cataracts. Either process essentially damages proteins in the lens of the eye, making it difficult for the lens to guard itself from damage.

Glaucoma Will Cause Blindness

This threat to sight can be found anywhere and people over 40 years of age are most at risk of getting it.

Glaucoma is the result of pressure from fluid inside the eye. This fluid, known as intraocular fluid, is not able to drain out of the eyes efficiently. It will build up within the eye and create pressure which will damage the optic nerve and result in vision loss. The two kinds of glaucoma most commonly known are:

  1. Open-angle glaucoma: Intraocular fluid is not draining fast enough and damages the optic nerve. There is no pain and the damage is slow. It is possible to have considerable vision damage before vision problems are even known.

  2. Closed-angle glaucoma: The intraocular fluid drainage is blocked, forcing a buildup in pressure. Complete blockage can cause rapid damage and is a medical emergency which must be immediately dealt with.

AMD Causes Darkness for the Elderly

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness for the elderly. The central area of the retina is known as the macula and AMD is a bilateral ocular condition which impacts it. The macula processes most of the photopic vision, and lesions brought on by AMD have a serious, negative impact.

The effect on an elderly person is considerable. The independence so often taken for granted with vision goes away. The afflicted person loses the ability to read, drive his or her car, or essentially live what they once considered a normal life. AMD does more than cause blindness. It can also lead to serious mental depression and often comes at a time of life when other maladies are causing health to deteriorate.

Fading eyesight causes high levels of anxiety in any older person. The specter of large medical bills, in addition to ones already incurred, can cause loss of sleep. However, there are some viable alternatives to hospital stays or radical treatments.

You Can Reverse Cataracts

Nature provides all sorts of remedies to cure what appear to be hopeless situations. Triphala tea eyewashes are an example. When patients perform this eyewash several times daily, it can help treat both glaucoma and cataracts. Wheatgrass juice, consumed in addition to the eyewashes, has improved the vision of canines with cataracts up to 40 percent. Humans can also benefit.

The alternatives can range from homespun remedies such as organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water, to the more exotic such as the Chinese shihu-yeguang. Ginkgo increases blood flow to the eyes and cannabis sometimes helps those suffering from glaucoma.

Hope for AMD Sufferers

Even this major cause of senior citizen blindness can be treated with natural medicine. Proper diet is going to help and the daily food intake should include:

  • Orange and yellow vegetables for Vitamin A
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juice for essential vitamins and minerals
  • Blue berries and cherries to fight free radicals
  • Water for the right amount of hydration
  • High fiber foods to keep out toxins

Natural treatment for AMD includes lutein, fish oil, bilberry, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin. frankincense oil has also been said to improve your eyesight. You should place these drops not directly into the eyes but on the cheeks and lateral eye area.

It is just as important to alter your diet. You should dramatically reduce your caffeine intake, for starters. Smoking is definitely something you can do without and you should quit as soon as you can. The more you think about what you put into your body now, the less you will need to worry about AMD later.

Eye Vitamins and Alternative Treatments to Help Aging Vision Problems

Luckily, there is hope when it comes to preserving your vision as you age. There are some non-invasive things you can try to help deter aging vision problems before resorting to surgery or prescriptions. Some more natural-focused doctors recommend yoga as a way to treat cataracts. Aerobic exercise helps lower intraocular eye pressure in certain cases of glaucoma. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of AMD.

As you look at all the recommended alternatives, a large picture of your life ought to be coming into focus. Everything points to changing your lifestyle for the better. It means eating the right type of foods and using natural ingredients as remedies for vision problems.

A healthier lifestyle means that other parts of your body will be the beneficiaries of your decision. Once you start incorporating a diet packed with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, you will discover that you have fewer colds, not as many aches and pains in the morning, and you will generally feel better. The natural way of dealing with vision problems can also reduce your blood pressure and that is a very good thing for your complete health.

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You do not have to resign yourself to hospitals and expensive treatments. Nature provides you superior alternatives and all you have to do is take advantage of them.

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